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Back in the day, when I had time to spare and shopping was a fun thing I loved to do with my girlfriends on a weekend afternoon, one of the best parts of spending the day together was the immediate sharing of new finds with each other.  “Oooh, look at this!”  “Isn’t this adorable?!”  “You could totally wear that with jeans or dress it up for work.”  Now that my shopping is primarily done on my computer in the comfort of my own home, by myself, I’ve found that sharing my fashion finds with you is the next best thing!  Showing my husband the cutest pair of shoes I found online just isn’t the same!
So, today, I get to share some good finds with you.  You are my people, you get it!  I’m pretty sure I found what might be the perfect tank top and a great cardigan that you can wear several ways, not to mention affordable, super comfy skinny jeans AND great white skinny jeans.  That’s a lot of faves in one post! Let’s get to it!
First up, the perfect tank top!  It’s literally called “The Perfect Tank” – now 40% off! and has earned it’s name by being great at holding you in, while still keeping you comfortable.  It’s 95% cotton and 5% spandex, a great combo for helping to conceal that leftover baby bulge or the cookies after lunch.  You might look at the pic below and say, “what baby bulge?” Well, trust me, it’s there under this tank!  Don’t get me wrong, the tank isn’t going to do what your Spanx will for ya, but it did help me feel more confident and smooth when I’m wearing just a tank.


The tank comes in regular and petite, and I wasn’t sure which size would fit me best, so I bought XS (shown here in ‘spiced rose’) and I got the XSP in white below.  I actually think the regular XS fit the best because the petite is a little shorter and I like my tanks a bit longer.  This tank fits perfectly for hiding regular bra straps too.
You can still cover up a bit or add more color by adding a pretty scarf.  I looped this one around my neck and draped the sides in front.  This outfit has ‘lunch date’ written all over it.


Speaking of white jeans, I tried on several affordable pair to compare and ultimately choose this pair. They were the best fitting, no gaping in the back and not too tight on the thighs, with just the right amount of stretch and small front pockets that your shirt would cover.


My next favorite fashion finds are this cardigan that you can convert to wear 4 different ways and the skinny jeans that are so comfortable, you’ll literally be reaching for them everyday.  They are a fantastic price too at $69.  Okay, here’s how you can wear this cardi 4 ways:
1 |  open
Just let the cardigan hang open for a casual look.  With the cardigan draped open, I opted for a longer necklace.  I’m wearing the “spiced rose” cardi, but the “aquarium” is gorgeous too.
tank (XSP) | cardigan (XS) jeans (26) | sunglasses  (price-matched 25% off)
sunglasses | similar necklace | floral heels | watch  (price-matched 25% off)


Here’s a good pic of the coloring on these non-distressed, non-ripped skinny jeans.  Peeerrrfect!!


2 |  tied

For the second look, just loosely tie the ends of the cardigan together and voila!

You could also tie the ends again into a knot for shorter pieces hanging down.


Man, aren’t these blue mirrored sunglasses just begging to be worn with a swimsuit at the pool?!  Gonna have to grant that wish soon!  p.s. The sunglasses are still price-matched 25% off at Nordstrom.  And if you missed the Ray-Ban secret ‘fit trick’, check it out here.  I never knew I could wear aviators until I learned the super-easy solution.
3 |  criss-cross

The cardigan has tiny button and loop closures on the inside so you can criss-cross the top and button each side into place.  A shorter necklace looks good with this style.

For a 4th style (not pictured), you can do the tied look from above, then button the ends inside for a modified criss-cross look.


Do you have a favorite cardigan style? 
shop the looks


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keep in touch! 
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  1. Love that tank and have been looking for more summer basics! I'm also a firm believer that you can't have too many pairs of white jeans. I'm currently loving my DL61 Instasculpt ones. They were a splurge, but totally worth it. I'd like to spend less on my next pair and would love to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a hard time finding tanks that aren't too short or too long, most of the time they're way too long. I love how many different ways you can wear that cardigan.

  3. Love the white jeans and cardigan post! Our weather has been all over the place and a light cardi is perfect. Love the wall of jasmine! Don't you wish the internet had scent sometimes!
    Sara Oberton
    Haute and Humid

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