Introducing . . .

our beautiful baby girl, Jordan Nicole.

We’re still in a cocoon-like state over here, just loving on her and getting to know each other.  It’s like slow motion, letting this process unfold and discovering each other a little more each day.
I’m taking it easy and really paying attention to her little cues and messages about what she needs. So far, she’s very calm and relaxed.
She’s a beautiful, sweet, sweet baby and the minute they placed her on my chest, I fell in love hard. She’s so teeny and perfect and my heart feels like it’s outside my chest half the time.  The same feeling I have with James everyday.  Y’all were right about the love not dividing, but multiplying.
It took us a long time to finally decide on a name, and it wasn’t official until after she was born.  I’m fond of having two ‘J’ kids’ names, now James and Jordan.  #ohmygoshIhave2kids! Jordan also lends itself well to nicknames like JoJo (my mom’s name is Jo) and has the significance of the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized, which is so special.  It’s already occurred to us that we’ll have to explain sometimes, “she’s a girl Jordan” since when we took her to her first doctor visit, they assumed she was a boy. oops.
Above is the outfit she wore to big brother’s birthday party this weekend.  It’s seriously so fun picking out teeny baby girl clothes.  She only fits in newborn sizes now, the 0-3 months are swimming on her.  I hope to share some pics of the Star Wars party soon! 🙂
keep in touch! 


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  1. Longtime reader… congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I am so happy for your family of four. Her name is just perfect and don't worry about the "having to explain boy or girl" thing. My daughter's name is Carrington and we've had people assume she's a boy – my husband likes it because he says that a gender neutral name makes it less difficult to put any bias as her as she gets older, applies to jobs, etc. 😉 Hope you continue to settle in well!

  2. She's beautiful! And I've learned that almost all names are becoming gender neutral anyway. My son's name is Noah and I've heard that Noa is a very popular girls name in Hebrew. And Blake Lively just named their daughter James, so no one is safe lol!

  3. Congrats Megan! She is perfect! Your comment on your heart multiplying, not dividing warms my heart since my #2 is due in 15 days.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it made my pregnancy seem easier this time around.

    My little Madelyn (11.5 months) was in newborn clothes for a LONG time and I was sorting through and cannot believe how tiny they are!

    Enjoy your new little one!

  4. She is so precious and your son looks like he is going to be the best big brother and so protective.

  5. What a gorgeous little girl to a gorgeous mama. I love the name, and oh my word, the hair!! My 2 month old baby is as bald as Bruce Willis. We keep wondering when he will get hair! Best wishes for this special time.

  6. Your post brings happy tears to my eyes. Baby Jordan is so precious and beautiful! What a sweet little miracle! I tell my angels (3 and 6 months) that only God could create something as perfect as them…I never could have dreamed up anything so extraordinary. Treasure every moment with your sweet darlings!

  7. Love the name that you picked! I'm Jordyn with a a "Y" and while yeah, y'all might have to explain to people that she's a girl-it'll be fun to have cute little nicknames 🙂 I still get called JoJo to this day! She is absolutely precious and I'm so glad that your little family has grown 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. My daughter's name is Jordyn Faith, so I love the name. Congrats! She is beautiful. The boy/girl confusion is truly a rare occurrence for us.

  9. Such a beautiful little girl…and I love the name!! My son is Luke and my daughter is Lauren and I love that they both start with the same letter – it just rolls off my tongue when I'm calling them. When we were pregnant with our daughter we had decided that if we had a boy we would name him Jordan after my grandfather, but then she arrived so Luke and Lauren it was! Glad to hear you are taking it easy and following her cues. Enjoy this precious time xx

  10. Megan! I love the significance of the name. She is so gorgeous. I need to hold that little nugget. So happy for you all. And I have a Riley who is assumed to be a boy at doctor's appointments, too! It's never bothered her. All good, little Miss Jordan!!!! xo

  11. LOOOOOVE her name! I just had a Charlie (girl) 7 months ago & also have a Quin so I'm used to people getting confused. I think it's funny & always a good conversation starter. According to my husband, all girls who have names that could be a boy's name are gorgeous! Good luck transitioning to 2…give yourself time!

  12. Congratulations- I just checked your blog today to see your progression and see I am late as your daughter is over a month old!

    Such a lovely baby! I adore her name as I named my daughter Johrdan!! She is often called JoJo at school (she is 11). She actually looked a lot like your Jordan, she had a head full of dark hair at birth too.


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