Pink, Black, and Gold Baby Shower

Good morning friends!  Are y’all on the east coast thawing out?  I’ve been watching on the news all the issues with the snow and travel and I know it’s no comparison to experiencing it for yourself.  If you’re home today, I hope you get to enjoy it!  
I’m waking up 34 weeks pregnant and it’s really been getting harder and harder as I get bigger and bigger.  I feel like this second pregnancy has flown by, but all of a sudden, I’m like, “how can I last 6 more weeks?!”  I’ve been working on my next bump update that I plan to share tomorrow, but first, come on in and take a peek at the sweet baby shower my sis-n-law and girlfriends were kind enough to host for me a couple weeks ago!  I so wish you could have been there in person, y’all have been so supportive and excited about this baby girl right along with me! 
Baby Shower Invite- Pink black and gold

When Stacey first approached me about having a shower, I was really flattered that she wanted to do that, especially given that this is our second baby.  It felt indulgent, like getting two wedding showers, so I wasn’t sure if that was really appropriate, but I already had some friends asking me about a shower too, so we decided to do something small to celebrate James’ little sister.  
Instead of registering for gifts (I’m all set to receive hand-me-downs on some of the bigger things we didn’t keep and still need) and I do still have some baby things from my son that we can reuse, the invite said, “diapers and little girlie things appreciated!”  The adorable invite (from Etsty) above is a mock-up, the party was actually at 11:00 a.m. 
These ladies, Stacey, Ali-Shaun, Angela and Trisa totally surprised me when I walked into the shower and saw the beautiful set-up.  Instead of just a casual, low-key get-together, they really went all out to make the party a very special and sweet celebration.  I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for these women because I know the planning, effort, and time it takes to plan and prepare for a party like this.  I made sure to pick out some hostess gift goodies from Anthropologie as a token of my appreciation! 

Baby shower for a little girl
First of all, they had so much yummy food!  From adorable pink and white donuts to spinach & artichoke dip, baked potato dip, a variety of mini sandwiches, mixed fruit, cannoli dip, cookies, bagel bites, pasta salad and more.  Not to mention the festive mimosa bar they set up in the kitchen (that I didn’t get a picture of. 🙁

Baby shower for a little girl
Everything was set-up and arranged beautifully and the decor was so cute and festive. 

I’m so thankful to have such great friends who gave up part of their Saturday afternoon to drive out to the party (my sis-n-law lives a good 30 minutes away), to celebrate this baby girl.  I offered to host at my house (which is closer) but my sista didn’t want to burden me with the set-up or having to clean up after.  It worked out perfectly and her home is so great for having a party.  She rocks and is so gifted at having people over and being so relaxed about it! 

I wish I got more pics, but only have a handful.  Thanks to my mom and Tisha for getting these! 
Baby girl nursery with light grey and lavender
Our baby girl was truly spoiled beyond belief with the sweetest gifts.  You just cannot deny the cuteness of all those adorable tiny baby girl clothes.  My thoughtful hostesses also gifted me with a pre-natal massage. They said I just need to get my doctor’s approval, which of course I’m going to ask first thing on Wednesday’s appointment! I’ve never had one and I cannot wait to use it- hopefully this weekend!! 

My friends even set up a fun photo backdrop with props for us to take silly pictures in front of!  So fun!

Back at home, I got to put all the lovely and useful gifts into her nursery.  

I’m certainly grateful for all the diapers and wipes and know we are going to need them!

Baby girl nursery with light grey and lavender
My friend Muriel got the funny award with the sarcastic comments she added to her diaper box! 🙂
Funny gift idea for a baby shower!

I didn’t have any girlie bath towels or washcloths, so these will definitely come in handy.  Did you see I’m working on decorating the nursery bathroom?  We now have a gingham ruffled shower curtain and I just ordered a pretty purple runner rug that should fit the space perfectly.

And there are so many baby things I didn’t even realize were out there until I was given them at this shower.  How cute are these soft drool bibs?  
Copper Pearl bandana drool bibs- adore the chic design
I also realized that most of James’ old bibs were too gross to reuse, so these will be perfect! 
I’ve also never had such a beautiful burp cloth, and my friends let me know this is the one you take out in public! 🙂
Pretties baby burpies around - make a great shower gift and you can monogram them!
But oh, all the sweet little clothes!  She will be the best-dressed baby in town. I cannot wait to get everything organized to await her arrival.  I just ordered these pretty closet clothing dividers. I thought about making my own, but took the easy route. 

Swaddling and soft-cozy blankets are also a gift that I know we’ll get a ton of use out of.  And rest assured, I will be taking the bumper out of the crib when she arrives.  Don’t want to take any chances.

Baby girl nursery with light grey and lavender

And more books for her nursery!  We love books over here and now that James can read, he can use these books to read to her in the future.  My sweet friend Melissa even got James an, “I’m a Big Brother” book that he read that night after the shower.  Was really thoughtful for her to think of him.  

Nursery bookshelf with colorful accessories

I’ve just overwhelmed and grateful for everyone who has helped make me and our family feel so special and loved during this pregnancy. You guys included! #grouphug
Fun gift basket idea for a baby shower
I’ve shown our nursery so much and never get tired of it, I’m just ready to bring our baby girl home and sit and rock with her in the glider.  If you missed the nursery tour, you can find it here!  See you tomorrow with the 34 week bump update! 

keep in touch! 
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  1. So sweet!!!! I love the Nancy Tillman book "Wherever You Go, My Love Will Find You" – I almost cry every night when I read that to my little girl.

    I love that your friends made it elegant and fun to welcome your new little one!

  2. What a sweet shower! Baby girl clothes are so cute!!! I was blown away when my husbands group at work wanted to give me a shower…. For our 7th! There really are thoughtful people in this world!

  3. What a beautiful shower. While I am sure you have some things from when James was little, so many of the essentials truly only last through one child. Looks like you are well stocked. I remember my girlfriends begging to throw my 2nd shower, mostly because they all had boys and wanted to buy for a girl! LOL

  4. Truly a beautiful shower! You and your baby girl are so loved. Love seeing you progress and am so excited for your growing family. Aren't the girls' stuff so cute? She'll be the best dressed in the neighborhood!

  5. Beautiful shower.. Do you happen to know where they baby's clothes were purchased at that are hanging on the fire place. I am expecting my 1st Grand daughter and love those sweet outfits. I love the idea of pink, gold and black for the shower. So sweet. I can not wait for my 1st Grandchild..

    1. Hi Michelle! I don't know, we actually accidentally left those at my sis-n-laws house so I don't have them home with me yet. Big congrats to you and your family on that sweet little baby on the way!

  6. Great post ,, this is an amazing baby shower, thanks for sharing…I am hosting a baby shower on next Saturday for my sister in law and i’m very confused how to start what to do .. I would like people to leave thinking the food was great, and they had a good time. after reading your post some my questions got answered ..thanks for helping me.., you saved so much of my time.

    1. I was so blessed by this shower- feeling the love of friends surrounding you is the best part! I’m sure your shower will be amazing!

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