How To Fix Smashed Couch Cushions

“Fix couch cushions” has been one of those things on my get-to-someday list that I seemed to have never gotten to for about two years.  Although we are still enjoying our Pottery Barn Pearce Sectional (you can read my detailed review here), the one thing I didn’t love is that the two couch back cushions that are most-often used totally lost their shape after a couple years.
I tried solving the problem by putting an extra pillow inside (the couch covers are zippered and removeable), but that was just a temporary fix that didn’t last long.  I’d heard you could order replacement inserts from Pottery Barn, but I just never got around to it, until recently.  After I saw the beautiful difference getting new inserts made, I wondered why I waited so long!


How To Fix Smashed Couch Cushions

After one too many times trying futilely to fluff those back cushions, I made a call to Pottery Barn customer service and explained I wanted to purchase two back cushions for our sofa.  The rep was very friendly and just had to confirm which couch we had and exactly which cushions we needed (right vs. left, arm vs. middle, etc.).
I surveyed our couch closely to decide how many to order.  It’s clear we needed the end two replaced, but the others seemed to still be in pretty good shape.
The cost for the two new inserts was $24 and $29 dollars, (not totally unreasonable), but I also had to pay shipping and processing ($11) and tax ($5.28) = $69.28.  I should have asked if I could pick it up in store to save costs, but I forgot and am not sure if that’s an option.  I had a gift card for my birthday so I applied that toward the cost.
The bummer was that I was initially told the order would take 6 weeks to arrive, but it actually came about 4 weeks early.  Each one arrived in a giant cardboard box and was dented pretty good, but the cushions weren’t damaged.  In fact, they were so full and fluffy, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get them into the pillowcases.  With my son’s help, we were able to stuff the new inserts inside and get the covers zipped.
How To Fix Smashed Couch Cushions
Having the cushions nice and full and taut again makes the whole couch look new again.  We’ve had it for 5 years.
Much better, right?!
Pottery Barn Pearce Sectional with Wedge
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    1. I recently unsewed a seam on the side of my loveseat recliner (both backs) and stuffed more fiberfill inside the channel and kept 'trying it on for comfort', and when I was satisfied, I hand stitched the seam back up. It worked great! Just go to Joann fabrics or walmart and buy some polyester fiberfill, or if it is cheaper, buy a new pillow and use the stuffing from that.

    2. I recently discovered that there is a zipper at the bottom of the attached back couch cushion that you can unzip and refluff or add more filling to get it looking new again.

    3. OMG, I paid WAY more for new inserts!m through PB, how old is this post. For 5 new inserts it was close to $400!!!! Help, what # did you call. We now need new seat inserts!!

      1. I need two PB Basic armchair seat cushions replaced. What did you have to go through with customer service to find your replacements. I am reading it is arduous trying to get them to locate them to even order them! Thx for any help!

  1. My neighbor had the same problem with her Pottery Barn sofa. She has only had it for a couple of years and was a little annoyed to have to replace the cushions so soon. I love Pottery Barn,but am thinking this is something they need to fix!! Love your blog! Good Luck in the contest!! You look amazing!

    1. Thank you! I need to do this too! Can you post a link for the inserts please? Can’t seem to locate on your blog or PB website. Thanks

        1. I tried this and the inserts are no longer that cheap. They quoted me $100 per cushion! The ones that had special shape were even more.

  2. looks great and it's great that pottery barn does that! I wish I had that option. We have the want to be pottery barn version of that couch but not all cushions unzip all the way. So I used a $11 box of poly-fill from Walmart to stuff them. It made such a difference but it would have been nice to have a whole new insert. Great job!

    1. I was thinking there was probably a DIY way to do this and I'm glad you found a solution. I opted for the cushions because I was afraid my poly-fill would have turned out lumpy.

      1. You can buy foam and wrap with poly that you can buy by the yard. You can also cut the foam in the shape needed with an electric knife.

  3. For the past 3 years I've contacted Pottery Barn. The first 2 they said they don't offer replacement cushions to purchase. Then just last year they said they did, however the cushions I needed (the bottom ones) were $125/each. UGH! I think I just need a new couch.

  4. We've had a huge sectional with slipcovers for about 12 years. We can't afford to replace it and I still love it but the situation with the back pillows was driving me absolutely crazy. I finally decided to try and re-stuff them myself. Went to Walmart and got the poly fill (about $10 per bag) and slowly started the process. I don't know how to sew but decided it couldn't look any worst. SO glad I tried! If your thinking about it, just go for it. You will be so happy with the result.

  5. We have the exact same sectional as you and replaced the inserts in the same cushions as you about a year ago. I hate to say, they are right back the way they were. I'm very disappointed in the quality of the inserts as we are not even hard on our couch.

      1. We are hard on our couch. 5 dogs and 2 kids that do tumbling on it. I bought cheap pillows on sale at Walmart then pulled out the filling and stuffed them instead of the inserts and it was much better! If you want a really smooth look, buy foam sheets, firm ones and cut to size. Then in middle stuff lots of the filling. We have hand me down furniture. And this sectional is now 12 years old and still going!! ?

        1. Totally agree to use a combination af foam and ploy. Foam comes in different densities and ploy fills have different weights or density as well. I used a very firm goal cut to fit in side the top of my cushion, and pushed up and compacted the existing poly fill against it. Then added purchased heavyweight poly at the bottom where cushion zips up. Have also carefully detached back cushions using a seam ripper. The cushion inside should be contained in a Muslim type cover. You can open a bottom seam and add the foam and or poly to stabilize it again. Learn a basic needle stitch to close your seam and repair cushion backs and couch where they were detached. It’s so worth it to get another 8-10 years use of a good quality, hardwood frame couch.

  6. I bought an HGTV couch less than a year ago and the cushions have done the same. So irritating. The couch wasn't real expensive, 1100$, but shouldn't have smushed down so fast. Also the fabric has piled up badly. No more HGTV furniture.

  7. Next time I would talk with a local upholstery company. They will likely be able to re-stuff the existing cushions or wrap them with a sheet poly-fil (not lumpy like the bagged kind), or even make new using high density foam wrapped with poly-fil. Most likely will be cheaper than ordering replacements.

  8. I have the same sofa and when I called Pottery Barn they didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for replacement cushion inserts. Is there any chance you have a SKU# or a product number or anything like that so I can order some too? Thank you so much!!!

  9. I have the same couch, and when I called Pottery Barn the customer service person didn't know why I was talking about when I asked for replacement cushion inserts. Is there any chance you have a SKU# or product number or anything like that so I can tell them what to look for? Thank you so much!!!

  10. I was disappointed in this post as it is not actually "how to fix" the old cushions. Seems more like a very specific Pottery Barn solution. But your new inserts look amazing, and that is an epic couch!

  11. Do you have any idea what is inside the original inserts? I inherited a PB sofa and I love(d) it, but it was already middle aged in 2009. At this point, the back cushions (which I got "naked") that lived inside it's part of a three-part third-party slipcover operation have exploded, essentially! So, I took it off and am making due while the whole back of the couch, basically, is sitting here with no purpose. I hate to throw it away. I am sure someone could use all this feather/fill for projects. It weights a ton. But, I don't know how to describe it to ask if anyone wants it. I am sure it's not down. But it's far from fiber fill. I tried looking on PB website. No luck. I wish I had known how affordable the replacements were a long time ago! At this point, the seats are sinking and I plan on getting a new couch after I move in the summer. If you or anyone knows what's inside these darn cushions, please let me know. This stuff is SO outside my area of knowledge!

  12. I am having this problem. Looked for a solution saw this, low and behold mine is the same exact sectional as yours. I got them from a friend of a friend and would looove to order new inserts. Could I by chance have the name of the couch so that I may order some?

  13. This is the Pearce sectional. If you want to order replacements you have to know the basic build of your sectional. I only have three pieces, left arm chair, wedge and right loveseat.
    I found the price to replace the cushions (not seat, back cushions) ranging from $150 for the big wedge cushion to $30 for the end loveseat cushion with no explanation why some are so much cheaper than others. It was a strange experience. Not loving pottery barn one bit. The sofa still looks tired to me.

  14. I bought a Pearce sectional not even a year ago and the wedge bottom cushion is horrible…sinks in so much it’s like sitting on the bottom of the frame…not happy after paying as much as I did for my couch…need a foam cushion I think for the wedge as the wrapped down has held up! I thought pottery barn would hold up much better…my old couch a cheap on with foam cushions lasted 8 years before it started to sag…

    1. Me too!!! Only, our wedge bottom seat cushion is already completely flat after only 3 weeks of use!! So irritated, especially since this is after the two steps of the sectional (the two seater attachments) had to be replaced because they had HOLES in the fabric unpon arrival. VERY disappointed in my PB experience!

      1. I will never, ever, ever buy anything from Pottery Barn again. Spent a fortune (for us) on a sectional and have had bottoming out issues since day one. Called numerous times with different answers, basically had to use it for it to “fluff” up, then out of warranty. Also told either down or foam, but we have both. Bad customer service, bad sales rep knowledge. Apparently a common issue.

  15. I have the same problem with my Pearce sectional (the wedge piece). Obviously pottery barn has a real problem with the Pearce cushions not holding up. Although I am happy to hear you can order replacement cushions, I’m disappointed with Pottery Barn that this is apparently an ongoing problem.

  16. You are so lucky! I’m sitting here trying to find the cheapest place to get replacement cushions for my sectional. I need the seat cushions though & it’s an Ashley Brand sectional. The two small cushions are $125/each & the large one isn’t $215 (these are just the cushion inserts w/o the covers); there are a few holes in 1 or 2 of the covers/pillows from someone we had house-sit had the audacity to not only smoke in my house but on my microfiber couch & burnt the crap in places.

    1. No! I’d be so mad! Now, I’ve realized I can add more poly fill to the inside of the cushions, but I know that won’t help the outside cover.

  17. Have you found that the replacements have held up as well? We have the same couch and I am planning to do the same replacements

    1. Our replacements have held up, but I have also found a less expensive option and cut open the cushion insert and added more poly filling to fill them out. 🙂

  18. So I called and ordered our replacements, all 6. What’s crazy is the normal no arm cushions are $24. The cushion with right arm for the chaise is $29. The middle wedge (corner) cushions are $95 and $94, but what really is weird is the left arm cushion is $145. All in like 400 bucks but the sofa was 5K when we bought it so I guess its ok.

    1. The right arm and left arm cushions are reversible and interchangeable. Should have gotten two of the cheaper ones, and turn one around. Both are same size on mine.

  19. I just tried to call to order inserts and they are telling me they are not available. I love our Pearce sofa. It’s 14 yrs old and everything has held up so well except the darn inserts.
    Thinking I might need to go buy some foam. Can you please give more specifics on how you did this? What you used, etc?

  20. I’m thinking the Pearce sofa has quite an issue with this. I called to replace the same inserts and they told me they are $89 and $91 each. Sounds like they aren’t even consistent with the cost of the replacements or so many people have called to order and they raised the prices.

    1. That’s such a bummer. Getting the replacements really helped our couch look and feel new again. It’s been nine years now!

  21. I found your blog while researching reviews on Potterybarn sofas as we need new ones and I’m about to spend $4000 on the comfort style upholstered…however now I’m not sure and may shop elsewhere as I’m reading a lot of negative reviews and not so many positive. I don’t think you should have to replace the pillows after such a short time and if you did potterybarn should do it for free! This reals bad quality! Our current sofa is 17 years old and the pillows have held up well it was feom Bassett I may go back there now.

  22. We have this sofa just the smaller version with 4 bottom cushions total. We’ve had this sofa less than 2 years and already need to replace the cushions. While in the shore I asked how often they replace the sofas with so many people sitting on them so I could get an idea of how the cushions ware but they told me they just keep the same one put for months and months and they have had no issues with the fabric or cushions wading down. I’m so disappointed. I will have to try the fiber fill option as $99 per cushion is not in my budget to replace what should have been a perfectly good sofa.

  23. Hi, can you tell me what the item number was when ordering the replacement cushions ? Pottery Barn rep can’t seem to find them for me to order. Thank you!

    1. Hi Erica! I don’t recall the item number, but if you tell them what sofa you have, they should be able to figure it out. I would try calling back and ask to speak to someone else. I’ve had to order two now and they were always able to get it right with just the name of the sofa.

      1. Megan – would you by chance be willing to email me your order number? The reps I have spoken to have no idea.

        1. Hi Chris, I’d be happy to, but it’s been so long that I don’t have it anymore. So weird that they haven’t been able to help! Maybe they don’t sell the cushions separately anymore?? I’ve also been known to rip into a cushion and refill it with more polyfill, that’s worked too!

  24. Thanks for sharing this awesome project! We just picked up a free couch and we want to restore it. Your cushion tip helped us out like crazy. Next, we’re going to fix some of the tears in the fabric and then we’re going to bring in a professional upholstery cleaner to get it nice and sanitized before we start using it.

  25. Does anyone have a sku / item # for their pottery barn pearce sofa? I”m unable to order the back insert replacements without it!

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