About a month ago, I got to spend the weekend with my girlfriends in Dallas for a blog conference.  We all know each other through our blogs and live scattered across the U.S., so most of our conversations happen online for via text.  Having the chance to get together for three days in person was better than ever.  And since we’ve all had the chance to meet up on other occasions, it made reconnecting all the more fun.  Just hearing Caycee’s sassy Southern accent made the trip worth it! 
I don’t think I got to share these few photos with you because as soon as I got home, my Grandma came for a week to visit and life got a a little busy.  πŸ˜‰ 
TOP Left to Right:  Sheaffer, Courtney, Me
BOTTOM Left to Right:  Carly, Cassie, Caycee, Natalie 

Mirror selfies are more fun with a friend! 

Courtney & Me
Hanging by the pool with this cutie was a highlight of the trip!  When else would we ever get to relax together like this?!
Veronika and her adorable family
Imagine going all the way to another city to meet your neighbor! That’s what happened with Veronika.  I’ve followed her blog for years and knew she was in my town, but we’ve never had the chance to meet.  Now we’re figuring out when we can go to brunch! 

This picture cracked me up because it takes me back to grade school when you did sleepovers with girlfriends and played with each other’s hair!  Carly does the best, most effortless looking top knots and I wanted her to do one on me.  After she did it, I asked Shaeffer to snap a pic so I could see what it looked like from the back, so I could try to replicate it later.  I love that in this picture, Cassie is back there taking outfit pictures of Carly! Totally normal, right?!  So fun to room with these girls! 
Left to Right: Carly, Ashley, Cassie, Me 
I can honestly say I’ve never partied on a bridge before.  We danced the last night away until I nearly had to take my shoes off.  If you know me, you know I hate putting bare feet on a dirty floor! πŸ˜‰  #airportsyuk!
In hindsight, I wished I’d taken more pictures because there were so many other people I got to meet and hang out with, but it was nice to mostly just relax and be in the moment and have fun.  

Let’s get right to the GIVEAWAY part now! Another cool part of attending the blog conference was that several retailers were represented and gave away Swag Bags with products and/or gift cards.  I realize that my blog wouldn’t be half as fun or worthy if it weren’t for the readers who choose to stop by and check in, be it everyday or even once in a while.  I know your time is valuable and I don’t take it for granted that you chose to spend a bit of it here.  Even after nearly 5 years of blogging, I still get giddy that anyone visits, leaves a comment, and enjoys what we share.  
So, to celebrate YOU, I thought it would be fun to give this big ‘ole bag of swag to one lucky reader. I only wish I had one for every one of you!  You mean that much to me in a mushy, big group hug kind of way! 
So, what the heck is in this swag bag giveaway?!  Everything pictured above, which is also linked below. 

Barrington Bag 
Customized to Your Choice ($200)


Beaded Tassel Necklace ($54)
(similar to these bracelets)
Sunglasses (not online)

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Matches Fashion Gift Card ($150)

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Powerstaion  Mini ($60)

River Island
Tote (not pictured- oops!) ($140)

(2) Nail Polish $12  
Blush ($14)
Lipstick ($12)
Travel Mug ($18)
Tote Bag ($4)
Notecards ($6)
Gift Card ($100)
I’m super excited to be giving away this big ole bag of swag to you!  And, my friend Cassie is giving away her swag bag too – you can enter to win her swag bag on her blog here.
Enter my Giveaway here! 

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Have a great day friends!
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