Girls' Weekend | Packing Edition

You hear bloggers say all the time that one of the best benefits of blogging are the close friendships and connections that are made along the way.  And it’s true! Two of my closest girlfriends are bloggers I met over the internet several years ago (I think it’s going on 5 years now since I always remember I started my blog when James was just 4 months old and he’s 5!) and I talk to them in some form or fashion nearly every day. Whether it’s a quick text or phone chat, we’ve gotten so close, but unfortunately, we are scattered in different cities so we’re long-distance friends.  Today, I’m super excited to be meeting up with both Courtney (A Thoughtful Place) and Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) in person in Dallas at a fashion blog conference.  And the icing on the cake is that, since the conference is in Cassie’s town, I get to pop into her new home!  I’ve been dying to see it in person!  Have you been following along on all the fun decor stuff happening over there?!  
I’ve learned from experience attending several blog conferences over the years that it’s mostly just a chance to get together with friends and have a girls’ weekend.  I hope the boys are okay at home, I know bedtimes are nearly nonexistent when mom’s not around and video games are surely on repeat. As long as teeth are brushed and everyone stays safe, I’m sure they can manage without me for a couple days. 😉  
Since I’m gone tomorrow, in lieu of my regular ‘Weekend Steals & Deals’ post, I’ll share with you what I’m bringing to Dallas (which includes lots of sale items!).  I’m typically a terrible packer  and procrastinate till the last minute because I hate having to choose several days worth of outfits in advance without options.  Last year at the conference, I was in a hurry one morning and burned a hole right through my top while ironing it.  Luckily, I happened to have brought one extra outfit just in case.  I did my best to plan out all the outfits I’d need for the trip this year, so here goes!

travel to dallas 
I’m in Houston, so I decided to skip the air fare and drive myself to Dallas this time.  It should take me about 4 hours to get there so it’s not too bad of a drive.  Our weather (and Dallas) has been rainy and stormy lately, so I hope it doesn’t cause any issues on the roads.  For a day of driving and arriving at the conference, I’m going super casual with my ripped jeans (they go in and out of stock so you might have to check back), favorite u-neck tank ($18) I’ve told you about before (also in black and grey), and my super comfy everyday sandals (on sale). This striped bag is new and perfect for holding lots of stuff (but it’s not huge), including my iPad and it’s cool because you can hold it by the top handles or wear it like a cross body bag.  The cross body straps are removable too.   I always like to bring a scarf just to keep the chill off and it doesn’t hurt when it’s as pretty as this ombre tassel one!    (It’s on sale too). 

Here’s a closer picture of the beaded bracelets- they come in other colors too. 
And ladies!  This Kate Spade watch is on sale right now for $168, it’s a great deal because it’s normally $225.  The lowest I’ve ever seen it go on sale for before is $180.  I wear mine all the time, pretty much daily unless I’m working out.  Snatch it up at this great price!
poolside party 

There is an evening party poolside on Thursday night, so I thought I’d wear one of my maxi dresses- either the crochet back or striped.  Which one do you think?  Y’all heard me gushing over being so thrilled to find maxis that fit right off the rack, with no alternations necessary because they come in petite and regular sizing.  I can wear wedges or flats with either, but I almost always opt for wedges if I’m in a group unless my feet are really sore and need a break.  If I didn’t wear heels, I’d be so so short.  I’m sure I’m self conscious, but I feel like if I’m in flats, people have to practically bend over to talk to me.  
I bought this beige patent leather clutch (also comes in black) because I don’t have anything like it and the size is big enough to fit all the things you’d need for a night out.  Some clutches I have are so small or tight that I can only fit a lipstick andy money, but no keys or phone.  I know this one will work with so many things.  Also, it’s cool because it can be worn several ways since it has a gold chain strap.  You can wear it without the strap, cross body, or tuck the strap under the fold and carry it at your elbow or shoulder. 

crochet maxi | wedges (similar) | stripe maxi | sandals | clutch | necklace | earrings (similar)
brand meetings
Friday morning we’ll be up and at ’em for a few short meetings, so I wanted to wear something on the dressy side that reflected my blog and personal style.  This blush pink lace overlay pencil skirt and black crop top are a good pick, they are even in my blog colors!  
skirt | top | heels (similar, similar) | necklace 
garden party 
Saturday evening there’s a garden party on the lawn and I thought this floral sheath dress would be lovely for that event.  It’s really easy to wear and I have a feeling I’ll be ready to get out of those heels and pencil skirt by the end of the day.  I’ve been wearing this style of wedges by Charles David for as long as I can remember.  They are well made and super cute!  They also come in black, tan, turquoise, and white, but the orange really pops.  The green statement necklace I picked up a long time ago in Nordstrom’s junior department. 
dress (regular & petite) | wedges | necklace (similar, similar)
For sitting around the better part of Saturday day, I chose my very favorite new white jeans. You might have heard me mention I was on the hunt for a new pair of white jeans since mine were so worn and old.  I must’ve tired about 10 pair of white jeans and these won out because they have a thicker weight fabric so they make your legs and butt look really good and tight.  Most of the jeans I tried were too thin and made my legs look like sausages.  And of course these are even better because they’re on sale now.  The leafy top is so cute and I adore the cut outs in the back.  Of course, I’m bringing my soft jean jacket just in case it gets cold in the AC. 
jeanstop | necklace (Stella & Dot- no longer available, similar) | bangles | wedges (similar)
party night 
I’m pretty sure by Saturday night, although it’s a night out, I’ll want to be comfortable, so I’m thinking these black crochet shorts I fell in love with can be dressed up with edgy cage heels and a blouse tank
shorts | top | heels (similar) | necklace | earrings (similar) | bracelet | watch 
I took another picture so you could see the detail on these shorts better.  I love them!  The wide band at the top makes them very comfortable. 
drive home
I plan to wake up early on Sunday so I get home with lots of day left for family time.  I know I’m gonna be so ready to get home by Sunday.  I picked up this awesome double layered tank top and I’ll just wear it with the same jeans I drove up in.  How about this fun bright yellow cross body bag?!  It’s from Target! 
ripped jeans | tank | wedges (similar) | bag | | bracelets | necklace 

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One more thing I’m packing is a workout outfit so I can do cardio one morning (I’m thinking Saturday).  
and of course a bikini in case we get some free pool time!
Red Carter Moroccan Tile top | bottom | sunglasses (similar) | hat (similar here | here)
Hope you all have a great weekend!  You can follow along with me on this weekend’s adventures on Instagram @honeywerehome 😉  
keep in touch! 

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  1. Love all the outfits! I think the black crop top and the lace skirt is my favorite! Btw… welcome to Dallas! 🙂 Unfortunately, it has been raining… but the weekend is suppose to be sunny, especially Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. I would have loved to have read this whole post but some annoy g video ad popped up in the bottom and starTed playing really loud without a way to close it. Do you know about that?? Oh it pooped up again!,, three Times now while I'm trying to write this.

  3. The trip sounds so fun! Girls weekends are the best. I would love to meet all of you sweet girls. Megan, all of your outfits are so cute. Have a great time! I bet James will be so excited to see you on Sunday!

  4. Good Morning!
    I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for all your help in my life. I wanted to let you know, the Target crossbody bag you have featured? I loved it so I linked for it; comments are saying the magnet has de-magnetized credit cards inside the bag! So be careful – perhaps you have a protector sleeve around your cards and it isn't a worry but just thought I'd mention it for you and other readers. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, drive safe.

  5. You looked amazing in everything…as usual! Except I think your cardio came saturday night!! #uptownfunkyouup xoxoxo Love you, roomie!

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