Dollar Bin Craft | Spring Floral Wreath

Please tell me if you are in the camp that passes right by the dollar bins at Target or Michael’s or if you must stop and see what’s new.  I’m in the stop and see category and I swear, sometimes they have the cutest stuff.  That I have no idea what do with or that I don’t really need.  For instance, these cute tissue paper Spring flowers.  Aren’t they sweet?! Need, no.  Want, yes. 

In the moment, I’m thinking what would I use them for?  They have strings attached so they’re made for hanging and a Spring garland immediately came to mind.  I bought eight (two of each color) and figured that would make a decent size garland. 

But, when I got home, I changed my mind and thought they’d make an easy faux flower Spring wreath.  So, I cut the string off, except from the one I’d be hanging it from and arranged them in a circle pattern.  And I left out the blue because I liked how the pink and yellow colors looked together.  
I used my glue gun to affix the tips together.  No matter how many times I’ve used this glue gun, it never fails that I burn a finger.  Those babies get hot! 
Then, when I went to hang it on the dining room wall, it looked too puny, so I added back in the blue flowers.  Of course, then I decided it would be even better with another layer of flowers to really make a fun statement.  
But, by the time I got back to the store, they were out of my Spring paper flowers. 🙁 So, I have a lopsided Spring wreath.  It’s still kinda pretty though.  ðŸ˜‰  

The first smaller wreath would’ve been cute in a baby’s room.  Or if I would’ve bought more, they would be cute arranged kinda like the photos below. 
It’s also time to announce the winner of my Journaling Bible.  I really hope it blesses someone!  The winner is Libby McCarty! Libby, check your email from a message from me. 🙂 
keep in touch! 

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  1. That is so fun Megan and cheerful! I love the dollar bins. I have to take a look anytime I'm in Target or Michaels. These flowers would be cute on a wrapped gift, too. Congratulations to Libby!

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