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What comes first: the bathing suit or the warm weather?!  Over here, its the bathing suit!  I’ve got the cutest new bikini picked out, now I just need the temperatures to cooperate or someone to whisk me off to a sunny location (preferably with swim-up bar service and umbrella drinks!) Oh a girl can dream.  We are off for Spring Break soon and although we’re going skiing, I’m sure the hot tub will be calling my name after some time on the slopes. I’ve only been skiing once (like 10 years ago), but I do recall my legs being so sore after a couple days. Even if you think you’re in good shapes, those hills have no mercy on your legs! And thank God for friends with parents who have vacation homes!  We’ll be sharing a house with two of my favorite families and I can’t wait to take James on his first ever airplane ride!  
Do you have any Spring Break plans?  Even if you’re staycationing, you might be in need of new swimwear.  And if you don’t ‘need’ it, you might just ‘want’ it! 🙂 We spend so much time at the pool during the summer that a suit might only last me a couple summers before it’s faded or I’ve just worn it out.  If you haven’t started checking out the swimwear already, I’ve rounded up some adorable bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups for you from Nordstrom.  They have the cutest styles and I’m especially loving all the color and patterns.  
Red Carter Moroccan Tile top | bottom | sunglasses (similar) | hat (similar here | here)

Do you prefer a one-piece or two piece?  Any of those above calling your name? If you order online, make sure to order a couple of sizes if you’re unsure.  Returns are free and easy (a return shipping label comes with the package)!  
If you have tips for flying with a 5-year old for the first time, I’d love to hear!

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Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  Thanks for the sunshine that is surely headed our way soon! 
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  1. I wear both bikinis and one-piece. It depends on the mood I'm in that day! My biggest tip for flying with a 5 year old is let him pack a fun bag (a backpack he can carry on with things he likes). My son does this every time we travel and he is an angel on the plane!!

  2. such cute swimsuits! Some tips for flying: bring a few pairs of ear plugs so you can share with your seat neighbors. Also, pack a bag of fun airplane only surprises and giftwrap everything! Unwrapping takes up time, after all, and it makes a new coloring book all the more exciting. Wrap rice krispie treats, etc. in colored plastic food wrap.

  3. I prefer two-pieces, and I love the black ones you picked. I love Nordstrom's awesome shipping and return policy, especially for these things. Swimsuit shopping can be a nightmare, but doing it at home can actually be fun.

    Enjoy your ski trip–you're going to have a blast, and the hot tub will feel great on those tired legs. As for the plane, my kids (including my 5yo son) like taking their own backpacks, and I fill them with snacks and activities–coloring books and colored pencils or crayons, little toys from the dollar store, matchbox cars, and books. I'm not a big fan of screen time, but the airplane is an exception–and bring headphones. Also, a special pack of gum to chew during take off and landing–helps with ear popping. You can also let the flight attendants know that its his first flight, and they'll likely let him meet the pilots 🙂

  4. I prefer a two piece unless I'm chasing kids around or playing at a water park! 🙂 For flying…bring lots of snacks, variety of activities and space out what your bring so you have something "new" every 30 minutes or so. He is at a great age to fly!

  5. Our girls have flown since they were infants. He is the perfect age! A backpack (like his for school) is perfect. Big enough to stow a few distractions/snacks, but yet HE is able to carry it!! With technology today flying with young children is a breeze. We did NOT have ipads back in the day for them to play games and watch videos. I would go to the dollar store (or Target's dollar spot) and pick up a few new things-coloring books, travel size game (magnetic games are great, no lost pieces), a fun snack (be sure it is solid-as even applesauce/peanut butter is not allowed). But, the one thing I would say for sure is to tell the flight attendant as you board the plane that this is his first flight…they will make a HUGE deal of it, probably have the pilot say hi and give him his first set of wings!! They love the attention. I also always had gum or lollipops to help with the ears.

  6. I love one pieces because I am always out in the waves with the kids (we live near the ocean) and I don't have to worry about modesty. As far as flying…ditto on what everyone else has said. I would add in that I purposely don't feed my kids a big meal at home before flying. I bring them to the airport a little hungry (I know that sounds cruel but it's not). Then when we get there (early) we go visit all the places they can buy food to go and they each pick out a meal to take on the plane. There is something about the novelty of buying airport food for them. As soon as we take off, I drop the treys and the dig in. We can easily be in the flight 30 minutes before they are finished with their meal and then we dive into the backpack.

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