Kids Party Favor Gift Bags

He wanted a Power Rangers party, complete with costume so we obliged.  We’ve been to several kids birthday parties at the “bouncy place” and that’s what he requested.  We invited the two PK4 classes at his school, along with friends and family and had a great turnout.

We wanted to give his friends a small treat bag, but I’m always stumped as to what to give because I hate to give a gift just for gifts sake, instead of something the kids would actually enjoy.   At this age, they do practically enjoy anything though.  So, I waited to go to Party City until we could go together and I could get his opinion on what he wanted to give his friends. 

I pointed out some options, and he liked these mini lunch boxes and he also chose two small toys (a rubric’s cube and camera that flashes different pictures in the viewfinder).  As the litmus test, I asked him, “If you went to a birthday party and received this as a thank you for coming gift, would you like it?” “Oh, yes!”  Perfect! 🙂 
Then, while we are at the store, I let him choose the theme (they had all varieties of lunch boxes from different cartoons), and he counted them out and put them into the cart.  We needed 30 in all: 15 boys and 15 girls.  He also counted out the toys.  
Back at home, preparing the gifts was a team effort as well.  We separated the process into 3 stations (like they do at preschool) and he was so into it!  Station #1 was for stuffing the boxes and he did that, making sure to put the two girl toys into the girl boxes and the two boy toys into the boy boxes.
Station #2 was a little more complex.  I showed him how to use the big tag punch to make the gift tags, then use the hole punch for where the ribbon would go.  Finally, I tore the washi tape into small strips and he affixed it to the bottom of the tag.  We decided together that the tags would say, “thank you for coming to my party” and I wrote that for him. 
Station #3 was cutting the ribbon into long pieces (his role) and tying the tags onto the bag and curling the ribbon (my role).
The lunch pails were $2.99 and the toys were .60 each (2 each), so each favor bag ended up costing about $4.20 x 30 = $126, so not the cheapest in the world, but I had a coupon so that helped defray the cost to under $100.  You could put the two little toys into a cellophane bag and that would also have been cute and less expensive.  The handmade gift tags still make the gift feel special.  The kids seemed happy with them and James loved passing them out to his friends.  
Since the party was 9-11 am, we had a family back to our house afterward for BBQ and to open presents.  It was a very happy day.  

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  1. Happy birthday to your little one! Very cute party favors! I enjoy making party favors myself for my daughter's parties and for her class on special occasions. I'm always excited to see the kids' facial expression when they see their goody bags. 😉



  2. Sounds like a fun party! I love that you involve James in the decisions, the shopping and the prepping for his party. You are an amazing mama Megan.

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