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Today (Thursday) marks Day 7 of our 40-day Fat Loss Challenge.  I measured in on Day 1 at 24% (calipers) and today was at 22%!  Woo-hoo!  A 2% difference in 1 week is a big deal!  I’ll show you some progress pics soon so you can see what it looks like.  I’m also using my heart-rate monitor (twice) and have been surprised at how little amount of calories it says I’m burning during my workouts.  I’ll get into more detail on that in another post soon too.
Today, I’m sharing one of the meals I’ve been eating- a Grilled Chicken Salad and I always make multiples at a time so I can just pull the assembled salad out of the fridge and I don’t have to spend time reprepping.  
Step 1 is to always have grilled chicken on hand or prepare enough for several salads.  If I’m just cooking 4-8 chicken breasts at a time, I use a grill pan.  Spray that pan with cooking spray, and heat to medium-high heat.  I pound my chicken breasts a little so they are thinner and cook evenly.   My seasoning of choice is Mrs. Dash, which I put on both sides, then cook for about 4 minutes per side   or so until they are cooked through, and let rest before eating so they stay moist. 

I measure my chicken to 4 ounces and show you below what that looks like if you don’t have a kitchen scale.  See the bell pepper beside for reference.  

A super simple salad I enjoy is with prewashed spinach/kale/romaine, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and a little fat free dressing.  Buying the prewashed lettuce is awesome and they tend to stay pretty fresh in the bag, but I find my salads stay fresh in the tupperware too for several days.  
One of my favorite things to do is chop veggies and I’m not sure why.  To chop my peppers, I cut off the top and bottoms, then slice them open, removing the core.  Then chop into strips and finally, a smallish dice. 
Grab a big handful of greens and add in the other ingredients.  I leave the tomatoes whole since they’re small and so they don’t start getting my salad all wet.  I think these tupperware containers hold 3 cups.  If I’m eating this meal for 2, 3, or 4, I might add a small side potato or 1/2 cup of rice to bring in more carbs so I’m more satiated. 
When it’s time to eat, I always transfer the salad to a nice bowl because I really don’t like eating out of tupperware unless I have to and I did that a lot when I was training for my competition.  Had to eat in the car or at my son’s swimming lessons or wherever. 
If I’m eating this meal for 2, 3, or 4, I might add a small side potato or 1/2 cup of rice to bring in more carbs so I’m more satiated.   Even though it may only save a little bit of time, making several salads at a time ends up being so much more convenient during the day than having to prep each one individually.  I’d say my grilled chicken can last up to a week in the fridge, but I try to eat it all in 5 days to be on the safe side.  
What would you like to know about meal plans, prep, training etc?  I’d love to hear and use your comments for future blog posts.  🙂
keep in touch! 

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  1. Megan, thanks for sharing in detail. Your blog is an inspiration! I was wondering if you could elaborate on the specific exercises you are doing during the training hour? Thanks!

  2. Love a great salad! Do you use cooking spray versus olive oil for calories/fat content purposes? I am not a fan of the can and chemicals, and olive oil seems like a healthy "good" fat alternative. I too switched from plastic food containers to glass for the same reasons.

  3. This looks so good!! I would skip the tomatoes though and maybe add in some pine nuts or something 🙂 I might have to eat this this week 🙂 I am currently trying to find recipes to fit my macros and still be yummy! I love your site <3

    1. I'm thinking of trying this. However at work I will not have enough time for the hot potato to cool down. What other carb might you suggest?

  4. I am loving the meal prep posts. They definitely inspire me to prepare my family's weekly meals ahead instead of ordering take-out on the fly out of desperation. I am a vegetarian and would love any high-protein meatless recipes you can offer!


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