Calling All Coffee Lovers – Nespresso Review & Sale

If you are a coffee lover, or know someone who is, you’ll probably appreciate this post.  It’s a review of the Nespresso VertuoLine and Aeroccino+ Milk Frother that I’ve been trying out for the past week or so, and I give it two thumbs up.  Those who know me know that I’m a huge coffee drinker.  I’m the type of person who, at night before bed, is already looking forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning.  It’s bad I know, but it’s truly a delight for me.  

I’ve tried lots of different kinds of coffee and coffee makers, so when I was asked to review the  Nespresso VertuoLine and Aeroccino+ Milk Frother, I was pretty excited, but I’ve become somewhat of a coffee snob, so I was prepared to give my honest feedback. A great cup of coffee is a thing to enjoy and savor, but a bad cup of coffee is so disappointing.  I’ve heard of Nespresso and have friends who love theirs – they rave about the pods and the convenience of the machine, but I’d never tried it for myself.  I didn’t even really understand what the pods were or how they worked.  After trying out the Nespresso for myself, I can honestly say I love it! 
First of all, it’s small and compact, fitting perfectly on our kitchen countertop, leaving lots of room for other things.  As a person for whom organization and kitchen decor is important, this little Nespresso machine fits our home perfectly.  It’s actually a cute and sleek coffee maker.  
The Nespresso is a single-serve coffee and espresso maker that prepares the perfect serving at the touch of a button. The coffee and espresso comes in capsules (pods) and are color-coded to distinguish between the different flavors and caffeinated vs. decaf.  This machine uses Nespresso VertuoLine pods only- not the Nespresso OriginalLine pods.  I keep mine in a large bowl right next to the machine. 
So far, I like the blue pods the best (Odacio), but all of the flavors I’ve sampled are awesome.  Here’s the variety they have to choose from: 
Nespresso offers 12 capsule varieties including 8 large cup coffees (8 oz.):
– Stormio – Rich and Strong
– Odacio – Bold and Lively 
– Melozio – Smooth and Balanced
– Elvazio – Delicate and Fruity
– Hazelino – Hazelnut Flavor
– Vanizio – Vanilla Flavor
– Decaffeinato – Round and Malty
– Half Caffeinato – Sweet and Velvety
And 4 espresso varieties (1.35 oz):
– Diavolito – Highly Intense
– Altissio – Full Bodied and Creamy
– Voltesso – Sweet and Light
– Decaffeinato Intenso – Dense Flavor
To purchase more pods, you can: 1) go to; 2) go to the retail finder page using your zip code; or 3) call the Nespresso Club customer service line at 800-562-1465. 
With this machine, it’s nice that you can see exactly how much water you have in the unit before you make your coffee.  
And it couldn’t be easier to use.  You just choose your coffee or espresso flavor, insert the pod, close the top and turn the lever to the left, then press start.  
When you open the lid, the pod will automatically eject into the capsule container. 
And the coffee tastes delicious!  Seriously!  Oh boy, come to mama!
Curling up with a magazine and cup of coffee on the weekends is blissful.
In the winter months especially, I also love to make a hot cocoa in the evenings.  You can use the Aeroccino+ Milk Frother not just for cappuccino and lattes, but for hot cocoa as well.  
You just pour the milk into the frother to the fill line inside, close the lid, and push the start button.  
For hot milk, it takes about two minutes to heat and froth.  But, you can also choose cold froth by holding the start button for two seconds.  I like the Private Selection brand cocoa powder for hot cocoa. 
When the Aeroccino+ Milk Frother is finished frothing the milk, I use a spoon to hold back the froth and pour the hot milk into the cup.  Then, mix in the cocoa powder and stir until it’s all dissolved. 
Finally, top with the warm froth.  And you have a delicious, frothy hot cocoa. 
Just in time for the holidays!  I’m excited to have friends and family over because I love to offer coffee, but sometimes people decline if they feel like you’ll be making an entire pot just for them.  This way, the pods make it so simple to brew someone a fresh cup of coffee or espresso with zero effort.  And you know it will be perfect every time.  
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Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring today’s post and for delightfully enabling my coffee addition. 

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  1. I just bought this same model via Amazon for my husband's birthday. Can't wait to give it to him tomorrow! For full disclosure, with the aeroccino, it's actually about $260. The $224 price is just the coffee maker but no aeroccino.

  2. Did you ever have a Keurig? My Keurig broke and I'm in the market for a new coffee machine. Just curious if the pods are more expensive, coffee is better, etc. I'm for sure more of a latte girl at Starbucks-ha!–I like my coffee to taste like a milkshake, so I feel like this might be a good fit:)

    1. I've never tried the Keurig, so I can't compare. The pods are $1.10 each, how much are they for the Keurig? I love my Starbuck's too- usually a white mocha this time of year.

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