Painted Mudroom Door – Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Our mudroom door has now been painted Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.  As you can see, Comfort Gray isn’t really gray, but a light blue with green undertones (in person- not sure how it’s showing on your screen).  It’s the same color we painted our dining room (although we lightened that paint by 75%), and I’ve been itching to use it somewhere else ever since.  I had the sample quart still, so that’s what I used.  After three coats, I still had some left.  

I posted a sneak peek on Instagram and got a few questions about how to paint a door, so I’m showing you my steps below.  I started with this plain door and left it on the hinges, just taping over them and the doorknob, which I ended up removing to get a smooth finish there.  I skipped sanding because I didn’t do that with my other painted doors and they turned out fine. 
Before painting, I added Floetrol
to my paint to decrease brush and roller marks.  Using a good Purdy
brand angled paintbrush, I painted the paneled part first, going from top to bottom.  

I lined the paint pan with foil because I didn’t have a liner, and wanted to save the pan.  It worked wonderfully, so I’ll do this again to save money on disposable pan liners. 
Then, I realized that I’d need to tape the molding around the door to prevent paint from getting there- but I didn’t actually tape the door.  It was easiest to paint with the door slightly open.  Below is a diagram of the direction I rolled the foam roller, and I went from top to bottom. 
The paint dried pretty quickly, so I waited about 30-45 minutes between coats and painted three coats the same way.  Brush, then roller, top to bottom. 
I ended up removing the doorknob because I could tell I was’t getting even coats of paint in that area  and removing it is as easy as unscrewing two screws.  
I also painted over the stripes on the wall against the bench seat (Sherwin Willams Divine White- the same color as our cabinets and trim).  Not sure if I’ll add another color or leave it alone yet. 
I still need to paint the pantry doors and am thinking of using another one of the samples I already have, although it will be a different, but hopefully, complimentary shade.  Maybe Slow Green or Sea Salt? 
I ordered the two rugs from yesterday’s post and I’ll show you how they both look when they arrive.    I’ve learned it’s better to buy multiples sometimes and then return- you just have to be careful of the return policy. 
keep in touch! 

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  1. Love how it turned out. I have been thinking of painting the door that leads to our garage a different color. We have 3 doors in that hall, and everyone is always asking which one leads out to the garage. Thought if it was a different color people would know! LOL I like the way it looks now with the pantry doors blending in. It makes your entry door stand out. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. It looks great Megan. I love the light blue and grey look and the rug looks awesome there. Job well done. Oh by the way, I love the tip about lining the tray with foil ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great tutorial and very timely as I will be attempting to paint my front door soon. When I paint my front door, the inside will be a different color from the outside. How do I know which color to paint the edges of the door (top, bottom, and sides). Should they be the inside color or the outside color? Your help is much appreciated since I am a novice (as I'm sure you can tell from my question). Your information was very helpful.

    1. Your choice! I didn't paint the inside edges on this door. But, for you, I'd probably paint the edges the inside color and tape the edge of the front so you don't get the inside color on the outside. Also, since you're only painting the inside (I assume), that's another reason to paint the edges that color- that way you don't have to get another paint color and supplies out. Does that make sense?

  4. Looks great! I love the Comfort Gray! I have it in my kitchen and nook, but this got me thinking about my door. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm also loving the rug you have in there. Where'd you get that one?

  5. Hi – love your blog! I just came across this post and was wondering if you could tell me about the fabric on the bench cushion. Where did you buy it? Thanks!

  6. That looks fabulous! Comfort grey is starting to really grow on my. I’ve been seriously considering repainting my office in that color, but I digress … the door compliments the wall color beautifully! What is the main color on the walls?

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