Wardrobe Wednesday – Stitch Fix Review

I’m so excited to share a fun and new (to me) clothing find Stitch Fix!  One of my favorite mom’s at my son’s school told me about it a few months ago.  I signed up, but wanted to see how it went before sharing it here with y’all in case I didn’t like it.  I’ve been a member for awhile now and I’m pretty hooked on it!  
With Stitch Fix, you fill out a personal style profile, including info about your size (height, weight, bra size, how you like things to fit, etc.), and then they send you five pieces of clothing to try on in the privacy of your own home as often as you want (I get mine once a month, but you can get them every 2-3 weeks or every other month).  You can keep everything or return it all if you don’t like it.  I’ve found the prices are pretty reasonable too (in the $30 – $80 dollar range).  
Have y’all heard of Stitch Fix or tried it?  I swear, I must be living under a rock sometimes . . .   If you try it out now and use my referral link, I’ll get $25 in Stitch Fix credit.  You’ll get a referral link to share if you sign up too.  I’m so curious to see what other people get in their fixes.  Please feel free to share with me!
Here are some of my Stitch Fix items I’ve received in the last few months.  This dress is something I might have passed up in the store- I wasn’t sure how the colors would look on me, but I liked the pattern.  As soon as I tried it on, I knew I was keeping it.  The fit was so good and it’s made of a lightweight cotton material that is perfect for this time of year.  It’s hard to tell in this picture, but it zips in the back.
I’m wearing the dress with my Sam Edelman Alva sandals (they sold out at Nordstrom, but are currently on sale at Zappos).  One of the things I like about Stitch Fix is that, when they send you your box of items, they include a wardrobe card that gives you several outfit options using the things they sent you.  This gives you lots of ideas for how to get the most mileage out of your clothes.  I don’t think they suggested pairing this dress with a denim vest from Marshall’s, but I threw it on and I like how it looks!  

This lace top from Stitch Fix is awesome!  Again, I was a little iffy about how it would look on, but it ended up fitting perfectly.  The cut is great and it has two small slits in the back that give it more charm.  I wore it in Dallas at the Haven conference and would also wear it out to dinner or to church and brunch.  It came with a white stretchy tank top to wear underneath too.   The necklace is the Stella & Dot Avalon– one of my go-to’s.
The jeans are Stitch Fix too.  They are slightly distressed (not too much) and really comfortable.  I love it when I don’t have to alter jeans!  This same outfit would look good with boots and a scarf when the weather gets a little cooler.  And add a blazer.  Nice, new outfit!

Here’s another Stitch Fix top (navy and white stripes) that I wore in Dallas recently.  It’s so easy to wear and would also look great with denim or white jeans.  I like the way it’s cut in the back too.  The strawberry necklace was a gift from one of my close friends years ago.  The shorts are Express and I’ve worn those Nine West wedges forever! 
This Stitch Fix drapey light-coral top is so good!  It’s really soft and the blousy nature of it is pretty forgiving in the waist.  I probably would have passed this up in the store because it doesn’t look so good on the hanger.  And that’s the Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant necklace– super popular.  The white jeans are old from Express.  

It’s pretty fun to get a surprise package in the mail and see what’s inside. My first “fix” I kept two of the five things, and returned the other three.  (They give you a return envelope with pre-paid shipping for you to drop off at any USPS location within three days of receiving the package).
One of the things I returned was a heavy sweater and on the feedback you can provide, I made sure to tell them that I live in Houston and it’s hot here, so no sweater necessary right now (was a couple months ago).  Had it been Fall, I would’ve kept it because it was really cute (rust colored asymmetrical with a zipper).  I also returned a black and gold cuff bracelet in a chevron pattern because I figured I have enough accessories.  And it was $35.  I figured I could probably find something similar cheaper.   
The two items I kept were a black and white striped lightweight long-sleeve top and the pair of jeans above.  The top has become one of my favorite things in my closet.  It has a bit of a frayed edge seam at the neck and cuff.  Those small details are part of what I like with the Stitch Fix clothes.
When my friend was initially telling me about Stitch Fix, we were excited about it because we both find it difficult to get to a store to try things on and sometimes we just want someone to suggest things for us!  I shop mostly online and often order two sizes, in case one doesn’t fit.  Most everything I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix fits, I just have to determine if I like the item enough to keep it and if the price is right.  
When you fill out your style profile, they try to get a read on what kinds of things you like by asking if you you like/don’t like/love a specific type of look and how often you’re dressing for work, casual, cocktails, etc.  But, you can provide feedback and I pointed them to my Fashion Pinterest board too. 

Have y’all heard of Stitch Fix or tried it?  I swear, I must be living under a rock sometimes . . . My next fix is scheduled to arrive on Friday, July 18!  I’ll Instagram what’s inside so you can see how the shipments come and what I keep/return!  
keep in touch! 

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  1. I've always wanted to try Stitch Fix, but haven't yet. I really need to though because who doesn't love having clothes shipped to you. It would probably save me time then trying to load a toddler in the car and entertain him while I'm trying on clothes.

  2. Isn't Stitch Fix great? I've had two Fixes so far and it was so fun. I don't have much time to go shopping and I love having someone suggest things for me. I kept three of the items from my first Fix and two from my second. I can't wait until the first of August when I get my third!

  3. I've heard of Stitch Fix from some friends but never tried it. I hope to lose a few more pounds, then will give it a try! I've gotten hooked on True & Co for bras! Sounds odd, but it's the same idea where they send you 5 bras to pick your favorites. Love this kind of service!

    1. The only caveat is I that I analyze what's sent to me and ask if it's worth the price or if I could find something similar cheaper (like the bracelet), but I like the detail that most of their clothes have.

  4. I love the picture of you on the bridge! Such a beautiful lady. These outfits are great and something I'd wear as well! I'm always afraid of jumping out of my comfort zone (jeans and a tee) but I love all of these.


  5. I love Stitch Fix! I don't get them every month, but I do order them for special occasions or traveling. I have one scheduled to arrive in a few weeks before we head to San Francisco for a mini vacay. I can't wait to see what fun things they send!

  6. This sounds like such a good idea. I don't have the patience to shop for myself anymore. I also have a hard time finding things I like. This is something that I would like to try.

    1. Based on your comment, I totally recommend Stitch Fix for you! The good thing is, if you don't like what they sent, you can just return it (w/n 3 days!) and also you can communicate with your stylist so they do better for next time.

  7. I've tried them a few times! the first time my fix was horrible! but with some great feedback to my stylist, and adding a few more things to my style profile I've gotten some cute stuff!

    1. p.s. I love the sneak peek of the bedroom you are designing! I'm thinking of doing a similar blue color for the wall in our dining room. It's really pretty!

  8. I've never heard of Stitch Fix before but I'm really intrigued by it now! I need all the style advice I can get and I hate shopping for clothes so this sounds like a dream come true!

  9. I've not heard of Stitch Fix. I love all of those tops and dresses on you Megan! That soft coral top is beautiful on you, the color and the fit. I just read your Haven recaps. It sounds like so much fun. Maybe by next year I'll have my blog up and can attend Haven.

  10. I've heard of Stitch Fix but always thought it would be too glam for me… I love the pieces they sent you! Basic but with a few cute details they look great!! May have to check it out. Thank you for the great review!

  11. I just found out about Stitch Fix a few months ago, but haven't tried yet. Glad to hear such glowing reviews from you! I love the pieces you kept! Super cute! Love that striped shirt especially. 🙂

  12. I've seen Stitch Fix on a few other blogs but I never thought their clothes were that cute until this post! Either you have a great stylist or you just rock their outfits!

  13. I got the same lace top in one of my fixes a few months ago! I found I liked a beige/nude cami underneath better than the white, but I wound up loving the top. Fantastic by itself, and surprisingly professional under a blazer.

  14. I love the white lace top! I haven't ever kept all 5 items yet, but I think they are getting to know me better each time. What is the name of the lace shirt? Thanks!

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