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Come Sunday, June 15th, it’s time to shower the men in our lives with some extra love in honor of Father’s Day.  Today, some of my favorite bloggers are sharing their Father’s day picks with us, as well as their gorgeous family photos.  I’m seriously impressed with these gift ideas because I feel like I’m much better at shopping for women than men.  I think I have a good idea for this year though- a Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.  I hear they are awesome and you can use them with your iPod, iPad, or iPhone- at the beach, hotel room, pool, or just at home or in the garage.  They come in mini and large and an array of colors.  Guys like stuff like that, right?!
And here are our favorite bloggers’ picks for Father’s Day . . . 
For the dad that misses the old days – Old School Map.  For the tech geek dad – Fitbit Flex. For the dad on the go – leather weekend bag.
It’s fun buying gifts for my husband and this Father’s Day I’m buying him a few new outfits and this Gucci cologne for one of our summer vacations. 
Chubbies shorts for the dad with great legs and soccer fans would love a World Cup tee
Filson bags, as they say themselves, are “practically indestructible…witnessed by the fact that they have been passed down from fathers to sons to grandsons.” Now, what father wouldn’t want a bag that he could pass down to his son?!?! Not to mention that the bags just look good. It’s perfect for overnight hunting or golf trips.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are getting a close shave everyday, like the old timey barber shop gives you? My husband likes Jack Black beard lube and this brush the best, because it’s less expensive than the others and he can’t tell the difference.

My guy is corporate by day, but casual living at heart.  Gifts geared towards his outdoor enthusiast lifestyle (which he’s already instilling in our daughter) are always surefire wins: classic-comfy Rainbow Sandals to kick back in, between the mountain biking/climbing/surfing/skateboarding etc.

We spend most of our summer weekends at the pool and the beach. So Todd usually knows on Father’s Day he’s going to get a new pair of swim trunks. If I am being honest, that is all I usually get him. I know, I am a slacker!

This year I am upping my game though 🙂 He’s getting new swim trunks, new flip flops (because his are falling apart), and something sentimental. I am most excited about the sentimental gift because I know Todd will always treasure this. I am having my dear friend Ann custom paint a portrait of the picture below. This pictures melts my heart, and so does the man in it. I can’t think of a more loving daddy in the whole wide world. We consider ourselves pretty lucky to call him ours!
Ack — this was hard! I’m really bad at Father’s Day gifts and usually end up with something kind of lame.  I have DIYed a lot…you can find those in my Project Gallery. 😉  I’ll go with RayBan Original Aviators and Mr & Mrs Cocktail Set.
These have been hits with my hubby in the past!  Wooden Bowtie and Custom Initial Cufflinks (would be so cute to do with your kid’s initials).
photo credit pink sugar photography
I’m planning to give Sean one of these fun and stylish Surf boxes for Father’s Day. They’re a great way to contain those loose coins and cards which inevitably end up scattered atop our dresser. 
The kiddos and I basically just thought about Dad’s favorite things (golf, coffee, a good BBQ sauce, cocktails, and the kiddos, of course), put them all together in a little basket and added some fun labels with a favorite family photo.

Jenna: The problem with my husband AND Dad is they’re both the type that if they want it they just buy it! So on holidays you’re left scratching your head wondering WHAT you could get the guy that has everything! I always end up finding something unique to their interests or hobbies. So for my husband  a new color of ski helmet and my Dad the ciivl war buff, a beautiful canvas of war uniforms.  They’re pretty useless ‘practical’ gifts but they’re something unexpected and unique to them which makes it special!

Nicole: We always like to make Fathers Day gifts very specifically from the kids. We have so many other opportunities to buy gifts for the dads in our lives, that i like to keep this one geared towards what these babies want to gift their dad. Sometimes a craft, sometimes a day out. Sometimes a really gross concoction they serve him as breakfast in bed. Coming from them, anything is a hit! However, if its from me, I like to make it something I know he wouldn’t buy himself, but would enjoy having. A fantastic Robe or Slippers

Emily: My husband is the cheapest guy on the planet, but he still secretly wants nice things, so holidays are that one chance a year where I can get him something I know he’s wanted but wasn’t willing to pay for. I love adding to his dress clothes collection with boots or a trim fitted dress shirt. My dad is impossible to shop for, but has a tender heart so enlarging a family portrait (Im signed up for Amazon Deals and they usually have enlargement deals for $30 or less!) or a heart-felt letter is a winner!

My husband, Scott, and I usually try to mix Mother’s and Father’s Days with time relaxing and time spent together as a family, since our daughters are what made us parents in the first place!  Scott is a big Boston Red Sox fan, and I know we would all have a blast going to a game together.  If you’re local to the Boston area, you can purchase tickets online HERE.  It’s so fun to step outside of your ordinary routine and go an outing like this together.

Scott could also use a new Red Sox hat – the one he’s been wearing for years has seen better days.  I found this one online and love the worn look, like it’s a well-loved hat that’s been around for years…only less gross than one that actually has 🙂  Nordstrom has lots of other team hats too, so check out the pickings for your guy’s team!

Thank you so much for sharing these picks with us!  Hope you, your guy, and the whole family has a happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

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  1. Ooh, that Jawbone JAMBOX–didn't even know such a cool thing existed. Fantastic gift guide, Megan!! Love how you did the roundup. Any father would love these gifts. Thanks again for including me 🙂 Happy Father's Day (and sending thoughts & prayers to your dad)!

  2. Love how the post came out Megan! There are so many great gift ideas here and I love to shop for my hubby so thanks to all the girls for their ideas! Happy Father's Day! XOXO

  3. Thanks for having me, Megan! And I totally need these ideas, father's day really snuck up on me this year!! eeeee.

  4. Lots of great ideas for Father's Day! Thank you Megan and thank you to everybody else who contributed!

  5. Great family pic! (Your husband is really handsome:) I think you need to add another brother or sister for James; your family is adorable.

    Lots of nice gift ideas too.

  6. What a fun post!!! Thanks for inviting me over Megan. I definitely got some great ideas from this inspiring bunch of ladies :).

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