Memorial Day Ice Cream Social

Have y’all made plans for Memorial weekend?  We are staying in town and didn’t have any special plans, so after ruling out an overnight road trip, we thought it would be fun to host a neighborhood ice cream social on Monday afternoon for those who are staying in town too.  We’ve got great families with lots of kids in our neighborhood, but we don’t all get together too often unless we run into each other on an evening walk or at the local park.  On the couple occasions we have gotten together, it’s been a great time.  We’re also inviting some friends from school since we’ve gotten so close throughout the school year.   Thankfully, we’re supposed to have perfect weather this weekend.
I sent out a text and Evite to our school friends, but wanted to give a paper invite to our neighborhood friends that my son and I could hand-deliver.  I printed out the Evite and put it with a patriotic pinwheel for a fun invitation.  If our neighbors weren’t home, we left the invite on the mailbox.  
Our street is very quiet, so we plan to set up some folding tables and chairs in the front yard and just hang out while the kids play.  (Our friends who are driving will bring a chair if convenient).  It being an ice cream social, we’ll get a few flavors of ice cream with lots of fixins so everyone can customize their treat how they like it.   
I’m thinking we might make a few other goodies too, like these dipped Oreos displayed in the shape of the American flag.  So cute, and my son is a big Oreo fan.

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of having these types of get togethers because they can easily spiral into, “Well, maybe we should make it a BBQ too, and have drinks, and we need lots of American-themed decor and a bounce house, and  . . . ”  Before you know it, the party is so expensive and can feel more like a burden than a celebration.  

via Oh, Hello Friend photographed by John Lauren
Keeping it, “it’s just ice-cream” lessons the stress of it all.  People can eat lunch at home, then come and go and they please.  A great way to celebrate Memorial day and the freedom we all have due to those who give so much.   

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  1. Ice cream is always a fun idea, and super easy. We have thrown cul-de-sac dessert parties as well. Everyone brings their favorite. Easy for everyone involved.

  2. You have to be the sweetest neighbor on your block. What a great and fun idea to get to know your neighbors better without all the work of a big party. Love the toppings in the mason jars…

  3. love this idea!!!! sounds like a fun afternoon! we had an ice cream bar for j's bday last year…everyone had so much fun making their own sundaes!

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