Popular Pins // Easter Edition

Have y’all made any Easter plans?  I mentioned earlier that I am so excited to be having my Grandma visit from California.  We are so close and talk often (she even reads my blog!). She hasn’t been here since my son was about 1 year old, so I can’t wait for them to get reacquainted. It will be even better since they’ll be able to talk to each other and hang out. For Easter, we’ll be going to church and then having family over for lunch and an egg hunt.  No idea what’s on the menu yet . . . 
I already decorated part of my dining room, but want to add more Spring touches to the house.  For simplicity’s sake, maybe I’ll just add some green patterned pillows to the living room, a Springy throw, and tulips. That’s an easy way to incorporate the season without going crazy. I browsed my Pinterest account to see what the most popular Easter pins lately are and found some good ones.  So many unique ways to decorate your eggs too.  
Here goes:  

This looks so good and Cyndy also makes these mixes for other holidays.  
Amazing what a little gold leaf can do!
I bet this is so popular with the kids and really easy to assemble. 
Don’t want to mess with stinky dye or paint?  Markers to the rescue!
This site includes a free printable template.  So cute to just add a cotton ball tail on the back.
Pretty genius, the heat of the just-cooked eggs melts the crayon- be careful of your hands though! 
I love a pretty Easter table.  This is a fun idea to make a little bird’s nest with an egg personalized with your guests’ initials. 
This is a free chalkboard art printable that comes in 8×10 only.  I love that there are talented people out there sharing their creations with us!  Just print and frame = instant art for free!
My personal favorite via Made By Girl– eggs painted in the same vein as the art she sells in her shop. 
Getting some good ideas? Easter is in 2 1/2 weeks- April 20th!
See more Easter ideas on my HOLIDAY tab.
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  1. Fantastic ideas. I remember the girls always being so excited for Easter and all the crafts involved with the holiday. I am loving teaching my littles about the Easter story at Bible study each week. We rode donkeys into Jerusalem with Jesus today singing Ho Ho Ho Hosanna, Al Al Alleluia, He He He He saved me, I have the joy of the Lord.

    I haven't commented yet regarding your entering the bikini contest. I guess I have mixed feelings. I am proud of YOU for your dedication and hard work. Just not a fan of the "sport". As a mother of two girls, both of whom at times have struggled with self image (unfairly, unnecessary)…I tend to stay away from things like that. I don't want them to think it is necessary to look like "X" in order to be accepted and beautiful. I truly think you look AMAZING the way you are. But, totally understand your wanting to challenge yourself to compete at the next level. For me, I personally have to find where I am comfortable, and yet feel like I am setting a healthy example for my daughters.

    1. Your kiddos (the girls and the littles you are teaching now) are so blessed to have you! James is excited for Easter this year too. I totally get the mixed emotions about the bikini stuff. 😉 I've always wanted to see if I could do this (rather, I knew I could, but would I put in the dedication and effort it takes?) Now is the time. I can't wait to get to the gym each day and I'm feeling stronger and stronger. It's a positive thing in my life- helps me deal with a lot of stuff I can't control.

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