Nailhead Wingchair

The wing chair in our master sitting room found a mate!  It’s a match made in heaven.  I was so pleased with the first chair- the cream color, shape, nailhead trim, and price that I wanted to add a second one.  The chair is pretty comfy, although we don’t sit in here super often, maybe just when my hubby is hogging the t.v. downstairs! 
Styling spaces and photographing them is one of my favorite  hobbies. I’m always rearranging things and accessorizing.  If you look closely, you’ll see I switched the flower vase. I thought a shorter arrangement looked better after I saw it photographed. 
I switched out the side table for a larger one (just moved it from our living room).  For now, we’ve got a gold geometric jewelry box, mercury glass lamp (similar), candle, flowers (always!), and books in a pretty color palette. 
The rug is still a favorite.  It’s so plush on my feet and I haven’t had any problems with shedding- even when I had it in the entryway downstairs.

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  1. Looks fantastic Megan. Sadly, we returned our rug to PB after 3+ months of unbelievable shedding!!! Maybe we just got a bad one. But, since we have hardwoods it would end up everywhere. I was not about to vacuum 3-4 times a day to keep a rug. Hoping to find a replacement.

    1. We don't have that shedding problem at all- I wonder if it's because ours is sitting on carpet?? Maybe we aren't noticing it? But, it also doesn't get a ton of foot traffic.

  2. Are the chairs comfortable? My husband wants a recliner (ugh) but would settle for a non-recliner chair if comfortable and I'm having a hard time finding cheaper chairs since I need two.

  3. LOVE those chairs Megan! It looks so beautiful. Isn't it funny how seeing decor in pictures can help you with decorating? That happens to me all the time. Such a pretty space. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love you color in your home. I painted my master bedroom and bath Accessible beige SW with white trim and really like the colors. I wanted to paint my bath vanity a color other than white. I tried Mega greige and it was too brown made my white and gray marble look dingy. What to do think of Anew Gray?

  5. I love your paint colors in your home. I just painted my bedroom and bath Accessible beige SW with white trim and really like the color. Would like to paint my vanity a color other than white. Tried Mega greige and it was too brown it made my white/gray marble look dingy. What do you think of Anew Gray on the vanity?

  6. Question. I'm about to purchase these chairs, but the dimensions on Overstock seem to be off. Would you mind measuring the width of the chair from arm to arm? I know random question and thanks for your help advance!

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