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Over the last year or so, I’ve been slowly editing the contents of my closet and rearranging things.  I’ve gotten rid of clothes I never wear and items that no longer fit.  It always helps me to let go of things when I know I’m giving them to someone who will get more use out of them.  And now that our weather has changed to cooler temps, it was the perfect time to take a good Fall inventory.  My goal is to be able to walk into my closet and have only options in there that I know I will wear and feel good in. No scratchy sweaters or too-tight jeans.  No closet-full of “nothing to wear”! And now I can find out what I’m “missing”, like a good well-fitting 3/4 length coat and a faux leopard fur vest! I’m also working on organizing everything in a way that makes sense and is easy to upkeep.  
To freshen things up in my closet, I painted the island a very light high gloss pink (a color so pale it was barely discernible in photos) almost exactly a year ago.  After living with it for some time, it really grew on me and I had left over paint, so I painted the inside shoe shelves in the same color, mainly to cover all the scuff marks inside.  I’m hoping the glossy paint will prevent against scuffs in the future and be easier to wipe clean.
The pink paint is Sherwin Williams Venus Pink, acrylic, high gloss.  See how light it is? 
Having lived with teeny-tiny closets the majority of my life, I really appreciate having more space to store my shoes.  When I designed my closet, I counted how many pairs of shoes I had and it was about 40, so I made sure this shoe shelf could hold about 50 pairs, thinking I don’t need to own more than 50 pairs of shoes.    Have you ever counted yours?  Care to share your “number”?  

When we were living in our townhouse I used something like this expandable shoe rack on the bottom of my closet and it worked pretty well.  I put two side by side and they were sturdy enough that my shoes weren’t falling down.  A girlfriend of mine has one of these over-the-door shoe racks and she loves it.

Many houses are really lacking closet space, so how do you organize your shoes?  

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a GIVEAWAY for 100 Minted Holiday cards!  So excited for this one! 


On Honey We’re Healthy, you can read about Finishing the Year Healthy and Strong. Tomorrow, I will be reporting my progress and sharing a healthy Tex-Mex Casserole with Egg Noodles.  I’m addicted to this meal lately.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. You can see the pink, its very pretty. I am guessing I have 50-60 pairs of shoes, but I stick with a few pairs per season, if you saw my closet you would understand why, mine is a MESS! The one area of my house I will not allow anyone to see because it is an out of control disaster.

  2. Your closet kills me. KILLS ME!! I just bought a couple of shoe cubby organizers at The Container Store recently and they're working well for me. Also, if you're still looking for a leopard vest, check out my post today on the sale at Banana! It ends tomorrow and they have a killer faux leopard vest! 40% off!!

  3. Oh swoon. I just love your closet. And look at that boot collection. A girl after my own heart!

  4. Currently working on turning an extra bedroom into my walkin closet/storage room. You shoe wall is sheer perfection…and full of cute shoes/boots. I am afraid to count all of my shoes…I'm guessing way more than 50. This is the perfect time to start purging. I have already taken several pairs to the consignment shop…and made some $$…to buy more shoes! 🙂

  5. Looks fantastic Megan. And yes, the pink is very subtle. We are still trying to figure out a better system for our closet…it is tiny! I keep most of my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store right now, but was eyeing a new system at Ikea the other day.

  6. I love your closet! Adding the subtle pink gives it a warm feeling.

    I have 27 pair of shoes, at least that is the number that my shoe rack holds. I have small feet and order most of my shoes from a specialty store so the good news is that I only order once or twice a season but when I do order I buy at least three pair to save on shipping.

  7. Oh how I wish we wore the same size and I could be on the receiving end of your closet purges!!!! Love the pale pink…and all those gorgeous boots!

  8. at first i was all, "oh man, 50 pairs of shoes, i'm SO jealous!" but then i counted mine…whoopsie! i'm getting up there too. they're not NEARLY as cute as yours though 🙂 stoked for the tex mex 🙂

  9. Oh, how I envy your closet. Especially since I gave up a huge closet when we moved in this house. I have a much smaller closet now. I have shoes on two metal shoe racks that go across one floor of my closet, an over the door rack, and two under the bed containers for my tall boots.

  10. Your closet is really beautiful, and well organized. Good Job !
    I probably have less than 20 pairs of shoes, and honestly only wear about 10 pairs throughout the year.
    And that's stretching it – I probably wear less in reality……

  11. You're like a movie star with all those shoes! I used to have tons of shoes but my closet is not so big in my house so I don't really buy as many as I used to. Great organization!

  12. Your closet looks beautiful & love the pink and how your shoes look like art on the shelves! I was gifted with a California Closet gift card by my hubby today for our 18th anniversary for my walk in. Since we are sharing numbers…ummmm…well…I have 72 pairs of shoes and 19 pairs of boots…yikes. But I seriously do wear them all 😉 its a serious addiction for me but I'm ok with it LOL! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. I just love all your space Megan. I have a bunch. Not sure how many lol but I do the same. I have shelving that I use in the closet. Best thing I did when we bought our house. I love my closet!! !

  14. You have the most fabulous closet Megan! I love the soft and subtle pink. It adds just the perfect hint of color…nice and feminine. Wow! A great selection of shoes!

  15. I just do what my grandma did. I place all my shoes in their original box, or a clear storage box, and organize by color. She always had purses to match, but I am not as chic as she was!

  16. Love your color-coded system! I've counted shoes before and had at least 50 at one point. I suspect it's less now because I did a similar audit to what you mentioned (and realized that I was lacking leopard heels!).

  17. Our master bedroom closet is pretty small, even though it's a walk in. But it's a shared closet, so I have to keep my stuff pretty contained. For lack of any other way to organize my shoes and boots, I have my shoes (53 pairs) on the floor under where my clothes hang, and I hang my boots (12 pairs) on pants hangers and hang them up. My flip flops, ballet flats, and flats sandals all go in a hanging shoe organizer that is behind the closet door. Not the greatest system, but all I can do with the lack of space. :/

  18. Adore your shoes and love that they are arranged by color! I did this with all of my tops and it made the biggest difference in the world in my morning routine 🙂

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