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I’m surprised I’ve had this blog so long and haven’t talked athletic shoes with you!  My all-time favorite running/workout shoe is ASICS.  I’ve been wearing them for years because they are so well constructed, fit my foot perfectly, no weird arch, and plenty of cushion.   I’m crazy for this new design series (GT) in bright pink and orange. 

My current shoe is the ASICS Women’s GT-1000 in silver, purple, and aqua.  I found mine at Academy, but they also sell them on Amazon.  At about $100 ($62.60 on Amazon with free shipping), I consider this type of shoe an investment because if my shoes are uncomfortable, don’t fit well or wear out too easily, it affects my workout negatively.  I do run in these shoes, but I’m not training for any marathons (although I think you could with these shoes). 
What athletic shoe do you love?
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  1. When I used to run outside all the time I was really committed to my Asics, but now that I do more in the gym stuff I like my Nike Frees a bit more. Still have a pair of Asics for the rare run outdoors.

  2. I love my Nikes! I've always wanted to try Asics, but the price tag has always scared me off. I never thought to try Amazon. I'll have to try them on next time I'm at the store and then price compare. I'm a serious shopper when it comes to trying on athletic shoes, so much so that it embarrasses my husband with my pseudo run in the store. I also have to bounce on them and decide if I feel like Tigger, lol.

  3. I do all beachbody dvd's at home so I need a good, flat, training shoe. I'm really liking my new Reebok sublite TR shoes. Fun colors, motivational sayings on them, and they help me get my squats super deep. I've noticed a big difference in my workouts since switching shoes!

  4. I have the Asics GT-2000 (I wanted the pink and orange, but it seems like that's last seasons because I couldnt find them!)

    They are great for a low arch- my podiatrist recommended them!

  5. I've been looking at this running shoe. Glad to hear that you like them. I wear New Balance now and I don't really like them. Time for a new shoe!

  6. I wore saucony running shoes for a while and then a few years ago the ball of my foot started aching. I now use sketchers running shoes. They are very comfortable and light weight. I always try to get them at an outlet store if I can. I'll give asics a try if I run into (ha! no pun intended) any issues with my sketchers.

  7. I love the way asics and nike shoes look but I was fitted for running shoes and asics and nike were not on my list. I love Saucony Omni for a running shoe. I have a wider foot and saucony and new balance are made for a wider foot both were recommended to me during my fitting.

  8. It's so hard to find a shoe that fits and is comfortable and also looks good. Color is so important to me. I realize that the sales reps at the stores tell you fit is the only thing to worry about but when you need to run errands after a fun with your friends – you don't to look silly. Let's be honest – most of us live in our workout clothes all day.

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