Mini Lace Potted Plants

Why are miniature anything so cute?!  From little baby clothes to mini clothespins, I swoon.  I have a terrible time resisting these little plants when they call to me from the grocery store sidewalk.  So much cuteness for just $1.49.
At home, I put put the plant into an equally adorable mini terra cotta planter that I found at Michael’s.


And then embellished the pot with decorative white lace trim.


The lace affixes easily to the planter with a simple knot tied in the front.
But I also like the look from behind.


I’m keeping mine at the kitchen sink for now.


As I was taking these photographs, the outlet was driving me crazy in the background.  I guess professional photographers could just photoshop it out of the picture (and putting the paper towel holder there wasn’t the angle I was going for).
Me, being tape obsessed lately, covered the outlet with white duct (duck?) tape.
* * * * *
Also, check back with me on Friday- I’ll be announcing a $100 GIVEAWAY in pillow covers from Festive Home Decor!  Thank you Michelle for offering the giveaway!
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  1. So sweet. I love that lace. And great idea with the tape. I need to do that to a couple of my outlets.

  2. Your tape obsession is spreading!! I bought three rolls of washi tape at Target yesterday because of you 🙂 I have no idea what to do with them but when I figure it out I'll do a post on it!
    Hope you and your family are well.

  3. I saw coolest thing for a wall plug…it looks like a flat rectangle (like a regular outlet cover without the holes) and you push it and the outlet pops out of the wall. So like on your backsplash you don't see ugly wall outlets on your pretty subway tiles. *does this make any sense?

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