DIY // Duct Tape Snakeskin Mouse Pad & Tray

One of my favorite stylists and graphic designers, Fabulous K, created a very cool snakeskin frame by wrapping an inexpensive wooden frame with “Pretty Snakey” duct tape.  So cute! You can find the duct tape at Target for just a couple dollars.

I took the idea in another direction and made a mouse pad for my desk and a tray for my bedroom.  I simply covered each item with the tape- easy peasy!

Thanks for the inspiration Kelly!
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  1. wow, I didn't even know they offered duct tape in different colors/patters. This just blew me away! Also, thank you for not spelling it "duck" tape : P I saw this yesterday 2x, no joke.
    – lauren

  2. Ok how cute is that. I never thought duct tape would look so cool! It's like redneck-chic decor! HA!

  3. Get out of town. That tray {wrapped box} is crazy genius. What?! So copying this. And may wrap every shoebox I have. So smart. So cute.

  4. I'm freakin' doing this! I've been looking everywhere for snakeskin paper to cover a mirror. Never thought about duct tape!

  5. Ok, I'm not even into snakeskin but you just might of changed my mind! Those turned out so good, you really ran with her idea! Love them both.

  6. I saw this on Instagram and HAD to pop over to see it… genius! And with all the wonderful duck tape patterns out now the possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing!
    Heidi 🙂

  7. All these comments and not one of you is creeped out over the snakeskin? Ha ha! I'm afraid I would give an involuntary shriek each time I came near it, sort of like what happens when I almost step on a snake in my garden. Pretty imaginative for duct tape though!

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