Kids’ Valentine Craft – Personalized Gift Bags

My son’s preschool class will be having a Valentine’s party and, over the weekend, we completed a quick, inexpensive Valentine craft for the kiddos.  We made personalized gift bags for everyone with muslin bags, an ink stamp, and red marker.  I got these 4×6 bags at Amazon (25 for $5).
I figured there will be plenty of sweets (I’m bringing cookies) at the party, so we filled the bags with goodies instead- bubbles, kazoo, and foam heart sticker.  

We got a little off track while stamping the bags . . . 
But that’s part of the fun, right?!  The ink washed right off with soap and water.
I used a red sharpie to write each child’s name.  (I put a piece of paper in the bag so the ink wouldn’t bleed through while I was writing).  Then stuffed each bag. 
I hope they like them!
Each child is supposed to decorate a shoebox to collect their Valentines in.  I wrapped James’ box with red polka dot paper left over from Christmas (from The Container Store).  

To personalize the box, I spray painted mini chip board letter and James stuck them on.  He also added the red heart stickers.  
I think we’re ready for the party! 
* * * * * 

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  1. SO cute! Every V-day I get nostalgic remembering decorating a shoebox and cutting the little slot in it so that valentine's could be delivered to our "mailboxes" on our little desks. Oh and I stole your v-day nails on instagram and did mine up this weekend too. 😉

  2. These look so cute Megan! Now I feel sad about Sterling's Valentines. I did make homemade pretzels but the cards are Scooby Doo store bought(lame, right?! Pinning this idea for next year!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Such a cute idea for a kids party. My son's preschool class will also be having a party and I have been searching for idea on little things to create vs the standard box of cards.

  4. These are so sweet. I love this time of year with the kiddos and watching them get so excited about the Valentines.

  5. those are so so cute! love his polka dot box. wait, that sounded weird. We decorated S's box this weekend, too. Wow, even weirder. 😉

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