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Hi friends!  Hope you had a great weekend!  After a major deep cleaning on Saturday, I was hanging out in the living room realizing that I never shared our “grown up” coffee table with you.  Like many of you with small children, we had the easy-to-clean, safe faux leather ottoman as our coffee table for years.

It was from Overstock, fit our living room perfectly, but most importantly, was baby friendly.  I even put ugly rubber bumpers on the leg corners to be extra safe- yeah, first time mom:) 
After a couple of years, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it because it was just too bulky and boxy.  I tried to camouflage it by putting a decorative tray on top, but was waiting for the day when I felt it was “safe” to put a round, glass-top coffee table in the space.  
My dreamy coffee table was from Ethan Allen, but was pricy (of course it’s on sale now), so I kept looking.  Also, it was 38 inches in diameter and 19 inches high, which I thought might be a little tight.  
I found a similar alternative at West Elm for about half the price (the Foxed Mirror Coffee Table), which I couldn’t find online, but they do still have the same side table.  It’s oval instead of round, and mirrored instead of glass. 
Also, it might be a tad small for our living room, but I wanted to be sure we had enough room to walk around it.  
The above photos are from awhile ago, and I’ve since moved the cowhide rug to my home office.  
Most of the time, during the day, the table top is full of my son’s cars and trains and it hasn’t damaged the table.  
Do you have any “baby furniture” you’re ready to be done with when the time is right?  I admit to holding onto our glider- I still rock my son in it at night!  
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  1. This new table is gorgeous – definitely very grown up! I like how you styled it and even though it's big enough to have books and flowers on it, you can still walk around it. It goes very well with your overall style and decor.

  2. My leather sofas aren't my favorite. I didn't even want to buy them, but they still look new after nine years and three boys. I clean up spills and peel crusty things off them daily. At least it comes clean! One day I'll have a fluffy white couch…

  3. I have these horrid, ugly slipcovers on the couch. They're brown so they won't show the dirt and I hate them. I should have just gotten ones I like and risked the stains…so I can't wait to be rid of them in a few years!

  4. When my daughters were young, it was all about them. The furniture had to be scrutinized before it was brought in to make sure they couldn't crack their head on a corner. I moved the coffee table to the wall until they were close to Kindergarten. We do, as mothers, what we have to do. Your living room looks fantastic!

  5. I freaking love it. Gorgeous & the perfect size (I'm not a fan of monstrous coffee tables that one can land a plane on).

    You must have read my mind b/c I've been agonizing (drama queen, wonder where Quinn gets it from) over a "grown-up" coffee table too but w/ a toddler tearing thru the house, it's a battle of safety over design-worthy. Worth the wait! (Coffee table & child, ha.)


  6. Love the new table! I am all about safety for little ones, but I was also that parent that refused to move things just because we had children. They need to grow up respecting things, and learn what is off limits. I wanted to be able to take them to relatives and friends homes and not have to worry about them breaking things or horse playing where it was not appropriate.

  7. You're space is beautiful. I love everything! Is that paint in the back of your built-ins? I have a dark entertainment center & have been thinking of changing the backs with a lighter color via wallpaper or material.

  8. I love the new table! I am just starting the baby proofing here so my journey into soft, cushy leather ottomans is about to begin! My little guy just turned 1 and already peels the rubbery things for the corners off so it's time for the soft ottoman. I really like the size of your old one, do you have a link for it?

  9. I love the mirrored look! I would have loved to get mirrored end tables when we moved this past summer, but with small children (and I don't foresee an end to that any time soon 😉 I was nervous to commit to that! I've seen many broken mirrored pieces in Homegoods, so just doesn't seem like something so practical 🙁

  10. Yes, hold on to that glider! My Chloe is almost four and she just asked us to move the glider back into her room. She loves sitting there on her own, 'reading' a book.

    I like your new coffee table and its delicate proportions. Such a nice grown up space.

  11. I think I will cry when we get rid of our glider…spit up stains and all.
    Oh and that Ethan Allen table so swoon worthy. You did a nice job duplicating the look for less.
    Your newest follower,

  12. I really like it, Megan. It adds such a light and airy feel to the room. It's always bittersweet replacing the "baby" furniture.

  13. Your new table looks fabulous! Coffee tables have been on my mind lately, as we still have the Pottery Barn "train table" to store all the toys. Even though I painted it, it still feels juvenile to me. Now I just can't decide between an upholstered ottoman or an actual table. I bet you love having something PRETTY instead of childproof. 😉

  14. I tried to sell my daughter's rocker but she said she wanted to keep it in her room forever. It is pretty cute – pink chenille – but I thought maybe she had outgrown it at age 6. Guess not – she still lets me hold her and rock her from time to time.

  15. So funny…I was thinking that we need to get an ottoman soon for when E starts walking! Though I would LOVE to get this beauty instead!!

  16. I did like the ottoman, but the new table is very pretty and opens up the space. I could not tell it was oval until the close up picture. I have no more baby furniture, mine are getting ready to turn 8 and 10. I still rock my littlest in our recliner when he needs extra love and attention.

  17. Nice choice! Kids can learn to be gentle. As long as they have their own space where they can be rough and tumble, then they can act with more care in the "adult space." That's my policy anyway. 🙂

  18. haha, such a timely post! I've been searching for a new coffee table for our living room and am debating about something "baby friendly" , it's such a hard decision!

    I love how the pretty round, adult coffee table looks in your space, it's perfect!

  19. Love the room. Your style is impeccable! Any idea who the manufacturer is on the leather ottoman? I need to toddler proof for my crazy man! I love the non tufted style. Thanks!

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