Honey We’re Home 2012 Recap

One of the things I like best about home blogging is that it’s a chronicle of your life, a record of what you’ve been up to on the home front.  As the year comes to an end, it’s fun to look back and see the visual reminders of what happened throughout the months.  2012 marked the second year in this house and we definitely made some improvements.  I picked one post from each month to show some of the progress/projects throughout the year.  You can click on the picture to read the entire post.


I stared the year by restyling our media cabinet in the living room.  I painted the back Jamestown Blue when we first moved in, but the shelves were mostly monochromatic until January when I added in more books (some for $1 at Half Price books), and some other decorative objects and photos.

I get a lot of questions about the media cabinet, where we got it, etc.  This unit was built in with the house and designed by our builder.  I plan to show you behind the doors and drawers in the near future.  Handy things like diapers, crayons/paper, and television equipment lives in there.  Hopefully, diapers will be obsolete around here in the near future.  Tips anyone??

In February, our master bedroom got a whole new look with new upholstered bed and bedding.  The bed is from Overstock and I still love it- although a taller headboard would be more dramatic.  We previously had a dark brown leather headboard and this change makes the whole room feel lighter and brighter.  
(Surprisingly, this was one of the most popular posts on my blog this year.) 
I was feeling a little crafty in March and punched out about 400 mini hearts and made some paint chip art on canvas.  These boards hung on my office wall for many months, but have since been replaced by a large silver mirror.  
One of my favorite new additions to our home was the fiddle leaf fig.  It was so pretty and looked so good in the living room.  Sadly, the tree died.  I had one in my old office that thrived (the office got a ton of natural light and there was a professional to water it).  If you’ve kept your fiddle leaf fig alive, I’d love to hear how!
I added a cowhide rug to the living room after eyeing it for months.  I liked the layered look, but have since moved the rug to my office.  
In June, I showed you our master bathroom.  I like to keep the counters pretty bare and use the drawers and cabinets to store everything. 
I updated our summer mantle with a large aqua and white chevron vase from Kirkland’s that people really liked.  I also changed out the mirror from a heavy wooden square to this larger gold one.   
One of my favorite projects of 2012 was painting our kitchen cabinets dark grey (Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams) after being inspired by Emily A Clark.  The dark paint and white accessories made such an impact in the kitchen. I only wish I’d done it sooner!
Being passionate about healthy eating, I launched a health and fitness blog, Honey We’re Healthy.  The blog features recipes and workouts, including the routine I’m currently doing and my progress.  The most read post this year was actually a post from 2011 “My Eat Clean Meals” and another top post was  also from 2011 “Losing the Baby Weight“.  Having seen such interest in these posts helped me decide to start a second blog so I could develop those topics more and keep Honey We’re Home mainly about home/decor.  
A favorite room makeover this year was my home office.  The simple act of turning my desk to face the window made a huge difference and then I painted the walls white, changed out the drapes and rug, and lined the Ikea Expedit bookshelf with a flat sheet.  
Another quick update to our home was achieved when I painted our interior door dark grey.  I love the result.  
Finally, I showed you how to make your own Christmas card with the free online photo editing tool, PicMonkey.  It’s so easy and fun to use- I’m always playing around on their site. 
I also wanted to thank my top ten blog referrers of 2012:
Most of all, I want to say THANK YOU to Honey We’re Home readers!  A few months ago, I mentioned I might have deleted some reader emails before responding when I intentionally cleared out my inbox in an effort to simplify my personal life.  I have felt terrible about it ever since and have begun to filter emails so I don’t miss any of your messages from now on.  Thank you for sticking with me and supporting this blog with your readership.  
I appreciate you. 
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Meet Megan

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  1. I love these recap posts. Doesn't it feel great to look back on all that you have accomplished in a year? You sure got a lot done! Your home is just beautiful! If you get any advice on the plants, I will be reading it…I do not have a green thumb! Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  2. You have accomplished quite a lot Megan! You should be proud. Juggling two blogs, a very active toddler and work is no small feat (and don't fret about clearing that inbox). Can't wait to see what the New Year brings for you guys. Good luck with the potty training. As you know, we have two girls, but I have trained many a boy while teaching preschool. Biggest advice, be patient and don't rush things. Oh, and spring and summer are easier months to train…less clothing to hassle with!!

    1. Hi Amy, the sofa is from Pottery Barn and yes, it's very comfy. My only complaint is that the back pillow cushions get all mushy and bent out of shape- not so pretty! Ours is microsuede, perhaps another fabric would hold its shape better?

  3. Love the recap! Do you move a lot of things into the office? the rug, the fiddle leaf? I got my fiddle leaf in November and it's still alive but I realize that's not saying much. It's such a gorgeous 7 foot beauty and I'm scared to death of loosing it. I have it next to a window with light, I spin it once in a while. Haven't figured out how much to water it, about once a week maybe 3 ikea glass fulls. No idea how to care for this thing but I'm trying!!!!

  4. Great recap, Megan. What a busy year. I am with you. I play around on that pic monkey all of the time. Such a cute shot of James.

  5. Nice recap! As a "newish" reader I spotted a few things I had missed. I've been trying to talk my husband into an upholstered headboard forever. He's an "everything should be made of dark, heavy wood" kinda guy…Grrrr. Happy New Year!

  6. Pretty house.Could be please share where did you get your coffee table/ottoman in the family room?My sectional is exactly like yours:)

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