$100 Giveaway (Martha Stewart Home Office Collection with Avery)

With the holidays just around the corner, it makes me breathe a bit easier when things like packaging and mailing out gifts is made simpler with gorgeous products to help keep me organized. This year, I’m thrilled to have received and be using beautiful and functional holiday and organizational products from the Martha Stewart Home OfficeTM with AveryTM collection.  If you need to get control of your holidays this year too, you can find the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line exclusively at Staples (available online and in-store).  

Since I recently redid my home office, I’m using it as command central for all things holiday related.  Keeping my desk clean and clutter free is priority number one in helping to maintain sanity when things feel out of control.  I’m so happy that the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery collection has such functional and pretty things to help keep my life organized!
I used the Stack+FitTM modular system from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery as “home base” to hold all of my items in preparation for mailing Christmas cards.  I like how the Stack+Fit has three dividers of different sizes so I can customize it to fit what I need.  
I’ve got markers and packing tape (isn’t that the cutest packing tape ever?!) in the small compartment, postcards in the adjoining slot and Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery padded envelopes and printable mailing labels in the large compartment in back. The labels and padded envelope are so festive in their candy cane colors, I don’t have to worry about making my packages pretty.  
I’ve got lots of photos I’ll be printing and sending this year to relatives that prefer printed (as opposed to emailed) photos of James, so I’m happy to have these red and white striped padded mailers to send them in.  I think it’s so fun to receive a gift like this in the mail, and the fun packaging adds to the beauty of the gift inside.  
The Stack + Fit also has a companion pocket that you can hang on the wall to keep important documents and papers off of your table tops and counters.  It comes with matching push pins so you can hang the pockets on walls or corkboards.  If you don’t want to use a push pin, you can use the attached adhesive to adhere it to metal, wood, glass, and tile; the adhesive will remove cleanly from smooth surfaces.  It’s really a lifesaver that comes in various sizes and colors to meet your specific needs.  

I had no idea that Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery was making gorgeous wrapping paper, too!  I love to coordinate presents, and these papers are not only pretty, but durable, too.  The Paper Gift Tags are so cute in their stocking, mitten, and rectangle shapes. You can write right on them and they won’t smudge.  The holiday line is available in-store at Staples.

To see all the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery collection go HERE.
To entered for a chance to win  a $100 Staples gift card, please leave a comment stating one way you stay organized during the holidays.
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  1. This line at Staples totally rocks!! I stay organized by keeping a gift list for people we need to buy for, and how much we plan on spending. This helps us keep our budget in check!

  2. Hi there!!!! I absolutely love your blog and thanks for the giveaway. I love to stay organized during the Christmas season by keeping everything tucked away in a little room in my basement that is home to the gift wrap,bows, ribbon, scissors, etc. It also holds all the gifts and is lockable!!! It is a one stop shop, so to speak!

  3. I try and get as much done in the first week of December! I set goals like get holiday cards in the mail, have all my shopping done, etc. There's always things that unexpectedly come up, so I feel more calm during the hectic season.

  4. I make tons of lists and keep one closet dedicated to wrapping supplies and gifts. When I get a spare minute, I go to the closet, pull out a gift or two, some wrapping paper, tape, scissors, etc. and get to work! Love the Martha Stewart line!!

  5. I stay organized by keeping the house picked up at all times. Holiday's tend to be so busy and it's easy to have stuff everywhere. Having everything tidy helps me stay focused.

  6. I stay organized by starting early–I make my list of gift recipients, gift ideas, and budgeted items in November. If I forget someone, it's easier to build them in (and not blow my budget)!

  7. Lists, lists, and more lists! I also try to keep all the gifts I buy (throughout the year) in one central closet location. My system isn't perfect but it works pretty well.

  8. Lists and making sure everything is organized when I put it away the year before. I also don't buy many gifts but when I do they get sticky notes until they are wrapped so I don't forget.


  9. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all gift-related information – who I need to buy for, the budget, what I have purchased and from where, etc…

  10. Ahhh what a great giveaway! I love ALL the Martha Stewart products! =)

    I stay organized during the holidays with SO many lists. Lists for gifts, lists of stores to shop in, etc etc etc…

  11. I wrap all my gifts as soon as I get them home, and put them under the tree! I keep all my giftwrap stuff in a storage bag. It's so nice to not have to go rummage for tape and scissors and tags every time!

  12. I keep a constant "to do" list and a "to buy" list and a "need" list. If I don't, I will always forget something.

    amyallen76 at gmail dot com

  13. I make Looooong List! I have lots of little picky people in my family so I get them all the same things, like pajamas, socks, crafty things different designs but everyone gets the same thing. Works great and if they want to switch thats up to them πŸ™‚

  14. I like to make list for everything, and for Christmas I have lots of little picky people to buy for so instead of "his is better than mine fuss" I like to get them all the same thing! Like pajamas, socks, crafty things I may get them in different designs and if they want to switch after unwrapping than its fine by me, but they all get even gifts πŸ™‚

  15. I make lists on every scrap of paper I have! Also, Martha Stewart Notebooks come in so many great sizes that they are perfect for list making!

  16. I have a book that contains the list of to whom I send Christmas cards and their addresses. I have a book with list for each week for what needs to be done and then I also list for whom I am purchasing gifts or making gifts. I also have a gift closet.

  17. I keep all my wrapping supplies in one location near a good wrapping surface. That way, when I have to wrap something unexpectedly, I don't have to try to pull everything out. I just keep it all out in one organized bin until the holidays are over.

  18. I didn't even know about this collection! Thank you. I just make tons of lists. But really, it's not crazy. Just writing it down helps me remember. πŸ™‚

  19. I like to organize all my presents for people by putting a sticky note on them with their name on the present and placing them in a special place in my guest room closet. This way when I go to wrap everything is in one place!

  20. The only way i've figured out thus far, is to make a list in my iphone and write ideas for peoples christmas gifts as they pop into my head. Then when Christmas comes, I don't feel so scatter brained!

  21. I keep organized with lists! Since we are building our home this year things are not quite as I would usually keep them. We are going to streamline and send New Year/We're Moving cards in one (no Christmas because of the move)!

    As for gifts, we both have small families and I only buy gifts for 2 of my best girlfriends. Altogether, totaling 14 gifts. I make a giant batch of biscotti for the office and my other friends. We'll see what happens as the move in date approaches sometime in early December!

  22. I usually am a list/budgeting person. Since we are finishing up construction on our home, I am not as organized as I usually am. This year to streamline, we are doing Happy New Year/We've Moved cards because Christmas will just be too hectic with the early December move.

    When it comes to gifts, we have small families so there are only 12 gifts total and I get my 2 best girlfriends gifts. Otherwise, I make a giant batch of Christmas biscotti to hand out to everyone else in our life.

  23. I keep a list on my phone of gift ideas and the list of people I need to buy gifts for. It is always with me. I also keep an envelope of coupons in my purse to use while shopping!

  24. I keep a list on my phone of gift ideas and people I need to buy gifts for. I also keep an envelope of coupons to use while shopping this holiday season.

  25. I stay organized by making my shopping lists earlier in the year and then shopping in store or online in november when the deals r good. Don't wait till last minute!

  26. What a great giveaway! I stay organizing by making a budget and a list for each person. I also looooove wrapping gifts, so I try to do that all at once instead of pulling out the wrapping supplies repeatedly.

  27. Love MS's line of office/holiday stuff. We have a notebook with names/gifts received or ordered and have all of our wrapping stuff in one long xmas box. I LOVE to wrap so it's one of my favorite things about the holiday!

  28. I make a list of ideas for presents for everyone – then I usually end up losing the list so I start a new one on some scrap piece of paper in my purse πŸ™‚ I do buy and wrap early so I can relax and enjoy long lazy days with our kids when they get out of school for Christmas..

  29. I love to stay organized by making a list! I start with each person and then write down the first things that come to mind. Then, I categorize each item and decide where to purchase based on the best pricing!

  30. So festive! What a great collection. I stay sane by using checklists like a crazy woman and checking them twice (or really many more times). I live by my lists for gifts, groceries, addresses, christmas cards, and so on.

  31. These are the cutest products! Love them all.

    I keep a running list on my phone, where my kids won't stumble over it and labeled something boring (to them!) like "blog ideas," with ideas and purchased items, as well as the amount spent so I can stay on budget. Or close to budget. Ahem.

  32. for gift giving my best friend is Excel & color coding, red for need to buy, white for an idea, yellow for purchased, green for wrapped blue for given… I do it every year, makes it all so much easier. For my homemade gifts I use the Avery make your own labels… Makes me look professional & expensive!

  33. for gift giving my best friend is Excel & color coding, red for need to buy, white for an idea, yellow for purchased, green for wrapped blue for given… I do it every year, makes it all so much easier. For my homemade gifts I use the Avery make your own labels… Makes me look professional & expensive!

  34. Excel is my best friend for the holidays, especially for gift giving, I write all my recipients into categories, then I color code them by highlighting each cell. White for the idea, yellow for purchased, blue for wrapped, green for delivered! Makes it all so much easier & I can keep track of everything with so much else going on!

    I actually use the Avery labels for my homemade gifts, it makes them look more professional, less Holly Hobby and expensive HA

  35. I have a small notebook in my purse where I keep a list of all the people we need to buy for and ideas for gifts. I also keep all different kids of lists in my notebook so I have it with me at all times.

  36. I keep all my wrapping supplies neat and tidy in a box that I retrofitted. I also keep a running list of everything that I have bought along with prices.

  37. We have a section in our basement where we have all the gifts. We take everything out of the bags, so it's very easy to see exactly what we have. Our kids are young enough that we can keep them out of the basement, so it works!

    2u3mommy at gmail dot com

  38. My bedroom becomes my "command station" at Christmastime. Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, scissors and tags are all right there for anyone to come in and use at any given time. Every time I wrap a gift for one of my kids (I have 5), I have just used a plain notepad to jot down what the gift is and how much it cost so that things stay even! (Same number of gifts to open, same dollar amount spent.) By Christmas morning – it's a MESS!!! I LOVE these products! It would sure be nice to keep things a bit more tidy this year.

  39. I use my husband's office to spread all the wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, cards, etc. . I like it because the office is attached to our master bedroom and it gives me double privacy πŸ™‚
    Wish I could add a workstation for myself and I could use this beautiful organizer
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I keep a small notebook in my purse where I jot down gift ideas as I think of them. I also write down purchased gifts and amounts so I can keep track of what I am spending.


  41. I had no idea there was gift wrap as part of this line either but I have to admit I am loving it and might have to make a detour to Staples! LOL.

  42. Lists, Lists, Lists, and I am a total fan of organizational drawers and folders. I seem to have a drawer or folder for everyone in the family!

  43. One way to stay organized is keep a list and budget written down in a notebook, or home management binder. My binder is essential in keeping me organized all year long!

  44. I start making the list the day of Christmas for the year before. Then I create reminders on my calender, on my phone. This helps prod me along. It really helps with remembering those great ideas for gifts you dont want to forget.

  45. I love it all!!! I would have too much fun (like, an embarrassing amount of fun) having a shopping spree at Staples. What does that mean?!!?!

  46. This year I started my Christmas shopping early. I'm 90% done before Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚ My next goal is to set up a wrapping station in my basement and get everything wrapped Thanksgiving weekend. That way I can focus on all the birthday's we have in the month of December as well as all the Christmas traditions my family looks forward to. With a newborn this was a must this year!! Love the new lines!!

  47. I don't stay organized during the holidays. Im usually pretty stressed out. I was supposed to have an extra bedroom, made into a craft room but it didn't happen. Oh well. Maybe next year. Guess I will be wrapping gifts on my dining room table again. I sure could use those pretty Martha S.desk organizers.

  48. As a teacher and a mom, I love LABELS and organization! During Christmas time I love making lists and crossing things off. Working in a very low income school, I buy gifts and little presents for all my students and Martha's labels and neat supplies would be wonderful!

  49. The only way I stay organized during the holidays is by keeping a list…a list of who I need to get gifts for, what to get and check it off the list when complete. =)

  50. I use a large stand up storage container to put all of my wrapping paper in and there's a little spot on the top that holds all of the ribbons. I definitely need to get more organized with my cards though – I didn't see these when I was running through Staples the other day!

  51. I make all year gift ideas for people so I don't have to run around in December for a gift. I don't have the patience to be on line. I am working on organizing my home office but it just not coming out right. I could use some help. Great giveaway.
    God Bless.

  52. I keep multiple lists – one for each family, and another list for teachers, Christmas cards, bus drivers, etc. Love marking things off!

  53. Keeping all Holiday decor, wrapping items, everything to do with the Holidays in labeled storage containers-with like things together. Makes decorating much easier and less time consuming looking for items you want to use…

  54. I clean out all of my children's toys and donate them so that it won't be mass chaos when they receive their new gifts. And the kids enjoy the idea of knowing they are donating toys to children who need toys.

  55. I keep track of lists in Google Docs that I share with my husband. I have him plug in the gifts he wants to get for friends and family and we cross them off as we finish – there's nothing as satisfying as crossing something off a list around the holidays (even if it's electronic)!

  56. I keep all of my wrapping paper (and wrapping accessories) in a big glass vase. It is a visual when it almost runs out, I know to buy more. Nothing worse than wanting to wrap and finding no wrapping paper.

  57. What a great giveaway!!! The first thing I do to get organized for the holidays is make a list of what I need to do or get. That list stays with me for weeks, until every item is crossed off.

  58. What a wonderful line of products. I would love some help to become better organized with my desk. I'm a big list maker. I also tend to do holiday shopping throughout the year and have a small closet designated just for gifts. The last couple years this has worked well for me. Thanks for the opportunity on your giveaway!

  59. I set up a wrapping station and wrap the gifts as I bring them home. I have a complete list of what is wrapped and what I need to purchase. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  60. I stay organized by making lists and checking them twice (ha ha!). I always have my lists with me so I can keep track of what I need and already have. This line from MS is too cute by the way!

  61. I use a To Do List for what needs to be done and notepads to jot down ideas for gifts. I love the gift tags and color coordinated paper. My family is trying to simplify this year and these products would definitely help do that.

  62. I keep a notebook with a list for what gift purchased is for who, and then wrap the gifts in certain paper (i.e., my family gets these 3 kinds of paper, husband's family gets these 3 kinds of paper, friends are this one, etc.) and then put them in storage totes so we grab the right one when we travel.

  63. I have a Christmas notebook for my many lists, a million totes with specific things in them. Mostly I just try to do everything before December so I can enjoy the family time. πŸ™‚

  64. I keep a list with me at all times to record things that I see in a store or online that would be a good gift and who it is for when it comes time for shopping I keep an envelope with me to keep receipts and lists and everything so that it all stays in one place.

  65. I stay organized by not just going out and shopping for random christmas gifts but pre planning and doing as much online shopping as possible (where the price is right).

  66. I think keeping up with the mail is a great way to avoid adding more clutter to your house, so as I open mail, I recycle, file and hang up cards on my card tree branch

  67. I think that it is essential to keep mail organized and under control as it comes in the door, especially during the holidays. I open mail and toss it to recycling (can at door), file, hang cards on a card tree right in the front hall.

  68. I make lists for everything!! What I made/bought for everyone, mailing information for Christmas cards,charity donations, and so on. Great giveaway. Love the wrapping paper!

  69. I keep lists of the people I need to buy for and gift ideas for each person. When I am running errands and I see something I can get it and cross it off my list. It's easier to shop purposefully as I go rather than scramble last minute!

  70. I keep a list of those I need to buy for and gift ideas for each person. When I am out running errands and I see something on my list I get it and cross off my list. It's easier to shop purposefully as I go rather than scramble last minute!

  71. I enjoy making the lists as much as crossing them out later on.
    Lists, labels and organizers help me release stress as everything is written down and done ahead of time. I would love to win this giveaway!

  72. I enjoy making lists as much as crossing them out later on.
    Lists, labels and organizers help me in my way to a more "stressless" life.
    Hope I win this giveaway!!!!

  73. I have it on my desk at work and it just makes my old wood desk look clean and organized. For the holidays, I keep everything I need in one bin with organizers that way I can pull everything out at once and put it all away together.

  74. I make a list of what I want to buy and then store the gifts in our guest room. I also keep all of our gift bags, tissue paper and gift boxes organized in drawers so I always know what I have on hand!

  75. I write everything down in my planner and keep it with me always! It's so helpful to have it there so I can't forget anything!

  76. Last year I designed a wrapping storage station on the back of a closet door. I love it and am looking so forward to having everything organized for this Christmas season!

  77. We stay organized by making one master list and keeping it in a prominent place. We tackle a few gifts each weekend between Halloween and Christmas.

  78. I keep a list in my phone so I know who I need to buy for and what I purchased for them. That way it is always with me.

  79. I not only use my every day planner during the holidays, but I also have a top-secret Christmas planner book that I purchased on Etsy which has all the lists, receipts, ideas, traditions and notes that I need. It's also fun to look back at what I did in previous years, it always changes a bit. It's amazing what you think you will remember that you don't. This book is a lifesaver for me to keep on track, my planner has events and activities and normal day to day but my Christmas organizer is much smaller and fits in the zip pouch of my purse. It's cute too, of course, if it's handmade from Etsy.

    I'm so excited about MS holiday line, I didn't know she had a holiday line. In LOVE!

  80. I not only use my every day planner during the holidays, but I also have a top-secret Christmas planner book that I purchased on Etsy which has all the lists, receipts, ideas, traditions and notes that I need. It's also fun to look back at what I did in previous years, it always changes a bit. It's amazing what you think you will remember that you don't. This book is a lifesaver for me to keep on track, my planner has events and activities and normal day to day but my Christmas organizer is much smaller and fits in the zip pouch of my purse. It's cute too, of course, if it's handmade from Etsy.

    I'm so excited about MS holiday line, I didn't know she had a holiday line. In LOVE!

  81. I have a Christmas planner I purchased on Etsy for all my ideas, notes, receipts, traditions, etc. I also use my regular day to day planner for activities and other events but my Christmas planner is top secret and fits in the pouch of my purse. It's also fun to see what I have done in previous years, you think you remember but it changes every year.

    The Christmas planner saves me! I love the MS Holiday line! In love!

  82. I'm staying organized with my awesome binder of planning. I created it last month and it is really coming in handy to know what's going on, what food to make, when to get decorations ready, and Christmas lists and shopping lists.

  83. I keep lists of what I am buying or making for each person. Also I keep a list of family activities that our family loves to participate in. Can't wait for Santa!! I love Martha and I just purchased a new planner there last week.

  84. I stay organized with a ton of lists! My blog is actually called La Vida LISTA because of my love of a good list to stay on track with everything- ha ha!

  85. Hi Megan. I love the colors and it would be so nice to have everything organized at my finger tips. I look for the best papers and tags after Christmas and put them up for the next year. I'm good about keeping everything together so it's easy to find when I need it.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I'm crossing my fingers on this one.
    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  86. I set up a gift wrapping station to keep all my supplies handy so its quick and easy to wrap up a gift. I like to shop after Christmas sales to replenish my supply so I always have pretty tags, ribbons etc. to wrap with.

  87. One way I'm planning to stay organized this year is to wrap presents for my husband's side of the family in one wrapping paper and those for my side in another wrapping paper. I think it will be a huge help when loading up the car for our holiday travels.


  88. I stay organized by having separate cloth bins for each persons stocking stuffers and gifts, and by wrapping them all in one evening. It's much much easier that way!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  89. I set up a small area in my basement that I have all of the wrapping supplies. As I buy presents (either at stores or in the mail), I take them down to the basement and wrap them immediately. Sometimes I still have my coat on from coming home from shopping! If I wrap them a few at a time like that, it isn't overwhelming and only takes a couple of minutes. If it's something I've ordered online, it generally gets wrapped in the box it came in, so it's easy in that respect too. I'm all about keeping things as stress free as possible!

  90. I keep a small note book that I carry in my purse and jot down gift idea's for each family member. I keep organized by checking off each gift that I purchased and a little note on where I hide them.

  91. Oh Martha How I Love Thee – She is the queen of style and organization. How do I stay organized? I have a spreadsheet on my cell phone that lists each person who I need to buy for, how much I am going to spend on that person, and the name of the item with the store listed (if I already know what they want). Then once the item has been picked up, it's highlighted in a different color that way I know it's been taken care of.


  92. I use google calendar and documents to keep track of our holiday schedule and tasks. For physical bookkeeping these martha stewart products look awesome, I love the hanging folders, they have nice colors for the wall and gives me extra space. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  93. What a great giveaway! I love all of the Martha Stewart for Avery products! One way that I stay organized during the holidays is by making lists for EVERYTHING (gifts, meals, packing lists, etc).

  94. Ha! Your question assumes that I was ever organized to begin with! Really, though, lists and planning ahead keep me sane. I'm so proud of myself that I've got everything purchased AND wrapped already!

  95. Having a planner and note paper is the best way for me to stay organized. Otherwise my schedule would be a mess and I would forget too many things.

  96. I keep a gift idea list on my phone all year long. That way whenever I'm spending time with friends and family and I get an idea for a gift for them I can easily add it to the list before I forget. Then, come shopping season I can refer to the list before I start holiday shopping!

  97. As it's my first Christmas with my little guy, I knew I didn't want to be stressed out looking for gifts at the last minute, so a couple of months ago, I started a list on my iPhone that I would add gift ideas to whenever I thought of them. It has definitely made me feel more organized!

  98. I honestly need help staying more organized during the holidays. Cute paper and organization items from Staples could help me stay motivated to stay organized with lists and reminders.
    keshacagle at yahoo dot com

  99. I have used a gift list on my computer for the last 4 years. It has been awesome. I am done with my shopping now and enjoying the holidays! I also include what I've given as ideas to the family members, so I don't have a repeat.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  100. I keep all my gift wrapping supplies in one closet, pretty well organized. All my gift bags hang on a hanger, with another one for wine bags. All my ribbons are on a pants hanger and all my tags are in a box with pens. It makes wrapping so much easier!!

  101. I love to be organized. My favorite way to do so is to make a list every night and stick to it the next day. During the Holidays, I keep a running list of people I have to buy for and take three days out of the week to shop. It has always worked for me. This is such a great giveaway!

  102. I stay organized this holiday by cleaning up clutters one pile at a time. Gotta fix them along the way as they appear.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  103. I love this line! I love using Google Docs to keep my holiday spreadsheets organized – I like to have a paper planner on hand too, but I be sure to keep my electronic copies updated so I can easily reference back to any past gifts.

  104. I keep a Christmas notebook with lists! I am obsessed with the Avery Martha Stewart line. I could go to Staples and just stare all day along πŸ™‚

  105. I am not usually organized during the holidays, and as a result, I don't really usually enjoy them. I decided that THIS year something had to change. I focused on sending out Christmas cards…something I don't usually get to! I decided to make a Numbers Spreadsheet for the addresses on my mac so I could print labels. Avery has a website that walks you through making the labels. Once I figured it out, easy peasy! I am excited about the holidays already!


  106. I create a google document with gift ideas for friends/family so I can access it from my phone when I'm out and about.

  107. I use a great app on my phone called Clear to create and organize all my holiday to-do lists. My lists are always close by and it's easy to add new things and check off the things I've completed!

  108. I use a great app called Clear to create and organize all of my holiday to-do lists. They are always close by and it's easy to add new items and check off the ones I've completed!

  109. Get a lot of my shopping done online on Black Friday! I also stock up during the day after Christmas sales for wrapping paper. Last year I got all of my wrapping supplies for this year at Target for 90% off.

  110. I recently started my own craft,quilt,sewing,Jewellery,refinishing,painting decor business called The Final Touch By Nicole.
    I got a 6 and a 9 shelf unit in expressio by
    Martha Stewart with Teal, lilac, and black fabric drawers with label pocket they are great durable
    And hold a lot, my jewellery supplies and tools can really use a better system than the pladtic boxes with partitions, i unfortunatly have no
    Holiday plans as i now live alone. I love Christmas though and this would be a great gift.

  111. I am old school the most modern update is a
    Eight and a Nine shelf Martha Stewart drawer
    Unit with label pocket. I love the tea, lilac, and
    Black fabric drawers. I would love a system other than trays with partitions, round towers
    In boxes, to organize my massive Jewellery making supplies and tools it would be a great
    gift to myself I usually ignore the holidays and work since I live alone.

  112. Christmas excel doc containing: wishlists, decorating to-dos, Christmas card lists, budgets and more. I also rely on a physical planner to keep track of all my appointments and event. Couldn't survive Christmas without them.

  113. I actually just bought the new Martha Stewart daytimer in my favorite color – turquoise! No better way to stay organized than by writing things down. That & using my new secret Pinterest board to pin gift ideas. Happy Holidays! xo

  114. I use the old-fashioned "lists" with people's names and what I've bought etc….it's quite antiquated, but works! πŸ™‚

  115. Lists, lists, and more lists!!! I also like a dry erase board on the refrigerator πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. One way I stay organized during the holidays is my card list. Every year after the holidays, I make a list of all the people who sent me cards for that year. That list becomes my card list for the next year! VERY easy way to keep track of who to send cards to every year!
    14earth at gmail dot com

  117. I keep notes on my I-phone and sync it up with a spreadsheet to keep track of all the people and presents! Would love to win this awesome looking line of products πŸ™‚

  118. I stay semi-organized with my lists. I have multiple copies that I keep in several locations so they are always handy.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

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