Organized Paint Supplies & Organized Home Link Party

Welcome to my Organized Home link party!  Y’all know how much I like to keep things organized and pretty at my house, but behind the scenes sometimes looks different.  There are many areas of our home that could use some help in the organization department.

I’ve been spending more time on home projects lately, but have been so annoyed when I’m looking for certain supplies and I can’t find them in the chaos of an unorganized garage.

I knew I needed to take control of my supplies and relocate them to my garage (our house has two separate garages) where I can organize them how I like and also keep them at my eye level.  It’s hard to tell, but in the picture above, I had to stand on my tip-toes to even see what was on the top shelf.

But my garage wasn’t much better. . .

It took less than an hour to pull everything out, vacuum the floor, toss the trash, dust off the spiderwebs-eww!, and take what belonged inside to the house. 

I purchased a 5-tier shelving unit from Lowe’s to hold all my paint and supplies.  I was surprised to see how much spray paint I’ve amassed over the years.

This is so much better!  I love that glorious “after” feeling!  Now I can see the rainbow of colors I have and stop buying more white because I think I’m out- I discovered that  I have about 10 cans of white spray paint!

* * * * * 

Link up any space in your home that you have organized!  It can be a whole room, or just a shelf or drawer- anything well-organized goes, maybe it’s even a system you’ve developed to help your household run more efficiently.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished in your home.  Let’s be honest, it’s not easy!

Feel free to grab my button too.  I’ll keep the party open for a week and then feature some of your posts the beginning of September.  Thanks for linking up with me!

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Also, thank you to everyone who entered the Stella & Dot giveaway!  The winner is:

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  1. I found your blog via Iheart Organizing and LOVE it! My paint stuff is in the same mess in the garage as yours was … so this was the perfect post to give me a little motivation! Can't wait to check out all the fun ideas at your link party. Thanks!

  2. OMG! I thought I had a lot of spray paint and craft paints. Together we're keeping someone in business 🙂 love ur shelf I need something like this in my garage that hubby is banned from touching

  3. Wow! what a difference- so you wanna come clean out my garage? actually I would be so embarrassed and would die if you saw mine! seriously-not-pretty- and kinda teetering on ghetto.

  4. I am really looking forward to all the inspiration to be found in this party! I had to laugh, I had that same magnolia picture and finally just parted with it at my last garage sale! Have a great weekend 🙂


  5. Hi Megan! Looks SO good! I love a good organized "after." 🙂 I linked up two posts of mine: tips on getting and staying organized and a list of all of my organized spaces (too hard to just pick one!). Hope that's ok! I'm a little obsessed with organization. 🙂

    I emailed you a while back (Erin from and asked you about your marble countertops. We are building and I wondered how you feel about them now that you've lived in your house a while? I love the look of marble but hear how hard it is to maintain and wondered if you still love it?

    Thanks so much! And thanks for your fun blog! 🙂

  6. Yay! I just linked up. I'm a tad undiagnosed OCD so this is a perfect first link up party for me.

    But please, PLEASE don't judge me. Anyone want to tell me how to grab that there button to add to your blog??

    Yes i'm a new blogger. Just trying to learn the ropes 🙂


  7. This exact project is on the "Need to Do" list in our house! I can't wait to check out some of the other projects, too … Lots of reading I have ahead of me this weekend!

  8. Hey Megan-

    I can relate about all that paint…lol… I love that you have your own garage. 🙂

    I just hopped online, taking a break from my hot Saturday night taking inventory and reorganizing my craft closet. I've already attacked my freezer, cabinets, kids' toys, and home office in the past two weeks. But haven't had the time with Moose starting school to blog about it.

    Anyway, thanks for hosting. I'll be back to put in some new ideas this week…

    Have a great Sunday,

  9. Your garage looks great!!! Mine is a mess. FIL passed away and we have all of his tools and what not. Soon though, it will be better. DH will be building a shed very soon. I couldn't sleep one night and emptied our bathroom linen and under the sinks. Cleaned it all out and organized it. No pics though. More project like that will be done once the kids go back to school.

  10. I've missed so much!! I'm sorry I didn't link for this! I added two of my projects…love your garage and everything linked up!

  11. I'm a "storage junkie," meaning I love to see how people store things, so parties like this are so much fun for me! I read organization/storage books & magazines — is that weird or what? Well, you did a great job with your storage shelves. I need to re-organize our paint supplies, but that will have to wait for cooler weather. Anyway, thanks so much for hosting, Megan!

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