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Good morning!  Today I’m excited to share a giveaway from one of my new sponsors, The Grocery Shrink.  I hadn’t heard of Angela or her shop before we partnered up, but when I read her website and learned how she’s been helping families eat well for less money for years, I was very intrigued and impressed.  With her plan, each week you’ll get via email a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 7 days, which includes a shopping list an action plan to make things super simple for you!  
We all know how difficult meal planning can be, so if you’d like some help in that area, The Grocery Shrink is for you.
Today she is giving away a one year subscription to Grocery Shrink Plus, a $60 value!  
I’m very happy to highlight and support female business owners and I hope you’ll take a peek at what Angela (The Grocery Shrink) has to offer.

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Here’s Angela in her own words (Isn’t she and her family adorable?!- They have 6 kids:) 
Hi, I’m Angela Coffman, a mom to 6, aged 12 to 1.  As the owner of The Grocery Shrink, I’ve spent years helping families eat well for less. I love food, and presenting a well prepared meal for my family makes me happy.  But life is busy and things don’t always go perfectly.  
Have you ever had a little panic attack when you realized that it was almost time for dinner and you still didn’t know what to fix? Or spent all day working on a huge sewing project and served cold cereal and milk for dinner?  When the family eats all the dinner and there’s no leftovers, are you stuck with boxed macaroni and cheese for lunch the next day? On budget meeting day, are there ever little fights about the amounts from restaurants and grocery stores on the debit or credit card statement?

You’re not alone. And I’d love to help.  You’re busy, not lazy.  There’s only so much time in the day and mothering, working, and ministering to the needs around you takes a lot of that time.  Having a menu plan would relieve the stress; you know that already.  But menu planning is time consuming too—and sometimes the meals end up the same, week in and week out.
I’d love to tell you about a new service called Grocery Shrink Plus.  Every week GSP emails out meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 7 days.  You get a shopping list and an action plan that you can print out for your fridge.  Once you have a habit of checking your action plan, you’ll never forget to start your slow cooker in the morning or marinade your chicken overnight again!

GSP uses natural foods such as brown rice; and whole grain flours.  You’ll learn how to make Greek Yogurt at home to save money.  And you’ll learn how to make your own whole grain bread too.  But if you don’t have time for these things, no worries.  The shopping list will tell you what to buy instead.
We know that many of you are suffering with dietary restrictions, so there are money conscious adjustments provided for gluten free and dairy free.  And if you are on a fitness plan, there’s a special section for each meal to help you get plenty of protein and control your carbs at each meal too. 

Large family?  Small family?  Each recipe comes with a chart with amounts for families of 2, 4, 8 and 12. Several of our mothers are handing an older child the menu plan to cook from as training for their future family. Other mom’s are finding that now that they are more relaxed they are more able to let their younger children join in the food prep. And Dad’s enjoy knowing exactly what to do when Mom is sick.

On a budget?  Grocery Shrink Plus is an extention of our Grocey Shrink business which focuses on reducing food bills.  Our plans use low cost foods and when you use the pantry system for shopping, you’ll save even more.
You may be shocked to learn that GSP only costs $5 a month!  It’s a huge time saver and stress reliever, but because we have so many subscribers we can keep the price low for you.  GSP isn’t for everyone.  If you have an egg allergy or choose to eat vegan, you’ll find some of the recipes challenging to adjust. 
If you’d like to find out more visit to download a sample recipe and find out what our subscribers think of the program.  We also have a facebook page .  It’s free to come and join the discussion and see what all the excitement is about!

In addition to menus, subscribers receive monthly bonuses for renewing their subscription.  This month it will be a free copy of my newest ebook Homemade and Healthy To Go: How to pack a lunch the Grocery Shrink Way.  It will sell for $10 on my blog.

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I just couldn’t resist one more picture of this sweet family!

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