Updating the Guest Room (Orange & Aqua)

Over the weekend, I finally got started on cleaning up our guest room.  This was one of those rooms with left over, mismatched furniture, project remnants, and art that couldn’t find a home elsewhere.  We recently moved our old king bed into the room and put it where the queen bed had been.  But our king bed has a tall headboard that was blocking most of the window, so I knew we needed to switch up the placement of the furniture. 
Here is the embarrassing “before” picture.  I feel so bad for my poor inlaws for staying in that ugly room!
And below is how the room looks with the bed on the adjacent wall- now the window can breathe:).  The room is still in progress, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of how it’s coming along.  I used mostly items I already had (the orange and white duvet cover from WalMart and my aqua lamps that were in my office).  I plan on adding drapes, but haven’t chosen the fabric yet.  
I moved the white dresser to the opposite wall (I’ve had it since I was 18!) and added a new runner (from Z Gallerie).  The styling needs work, I’m still trying things out.  
I already had a funky orange elephant and orange lamp from Homegoods.  I also had the tray from Z Gallerie. 
The lamp was one of those purchases where you’re in the store, see something you love, but have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do with it since it’s a departure from your typical style, but you have to have it:) 

I’m excited about how fresh the room looks compared to what we started with.  I still have art to hang and I need a mirror for over the dresser.  
My room is largely inspired by the gorgeous room designed by Tobi Fairley with orange and mint.  I’ve loved that photo for so long, and finally decided to go for it.  Right now, I’ve got mostly the orange going on, but the art and drapes will bring in more of that aqua/mint color.  
Our dark bed isn’t ideal for the light, airy feel of the photograph, but we’re working with what we have.  
Slowly, but surely, this house is coming along!  
And note to inlaws: Come back soon, we’ll have a new room ready for you! 🙂

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  1. Loving the color combo! Glad you went for it! I seem to buy things that are not my typical style, hang onto it for a while and eventually find the perfect spot for it. You can read my most recent post to see what I mean. 🙂

  2. Good morning from L.A.!

    Megan, your blog is a delight to read and I'm so happy to have found it. Thanks for oodles of inspiration on a daily basis.



    PS~I mentioned you on my blog today since an older post pointed my daughter and I towards Cozamia's prints. Thanks to this discovery my sweet girl has an amazing birthday gift on the way!

  3. I can't believe that orange and white duvet cover is from Walmart! I love the orange and aqua together.

  4. Fabulous! Moving the bed makes a huge difference. I also really like the runner on your dresser. Great job!

  5. I too love the changes! I've fallen in love with your blog and it's now on my daily must reads. One suggestion if you want to lighten up the leather bed is to sew a slipcover for it. I have a similar bed and by simply using a twin flat sheet, I was able to sew a slip cover. It was SO easy and looks great. I can email instructions if you'd like. 🙂

  6. I love it already! and I need to go check out the table linens at z gallerie!!! they're opening a new one 7 mins from my office! woot!

  7. Its lovely!!!! I love orange & turquoise. May I offer a suggestion for drapery? How about a simple white trimmed with a band of orange? I'll email you a pic so you can see an example.

  8. It's looking amazing. I love the color combo. That has always been one of my favorite rooms of Toby. So pretty. My niece has that duvet and I have always had my eye on it:)

  9. It looks great!! We're working with the same colors in our nursery and I just love the pop of color!

  10. I bet you could EASILY make simple slipcovers (white duck cotton?) for your headboard and footboard based on their shape…and voila, instant update. Love the color combos!

  11. I like the color combo in this room. I probably would have never put this together, but it's beautiful!

  12. Love the colors and the styling of the dresser! I'd love to see a soft blue paint color and perhaps for drapes, you could purchase the same comforter as the bed and use the side with the brighter orange color for the drapes. I've had drapes made from comforters before-you just want to make sure you line the drapes.

  13. It looks fantastic, Megan! I love this color combination and that duvet is fun. I think it's wonderful that you are working with what you have. I'm trying to do the same with one of our rooms.

  14. nice! and i love that inspiration photo. it's amazing what you can do with working with what you have and a little re-arranging. can't wait to see which you do with the drapes.

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