Fiddle Leaf Fig FEVER

Like many other “pinners” on Pinterest, I have fallen hard for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. And after browsing through my new blog crush’s home and seeing all the leafy green plants that add such life to her rooms, I finally ordered my beloved tree.
I browsed the internet to find a retailer that sells the popular plant in my area and came across Houston Interior Plants.  I decided to order one for my office (at work) first and when it arrived, I knew I needed one for our house.
Houston Interior Plants sells them for $129 and delivers them for free in the Houston area. I reasoned that even if I could find one cheaper somewhere else, I don’t know how I’d get it home, so I think the price is worth it. Also, Gloria, the owner is a delight to work with! I found out when I called to order the plant for my office that they service our firm (supplying and caring for the plants at our office)- small world!  
I wanted to put the tree in our living room, in this little corner that’s been taken over by the toys of a certain 2-year old. 

Bye, Bye Brobee!

Hello Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree!

The tree needs a lot of light, so I might have to move it occasionally.  And you’re supposed to keep the soil moist, but not overwater.  I was told to check it once a week and it may need about a quart of water.  We’ll see, fingers crossed!

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  1. I LOVE these!! I was hooked after seeing it on Pinterest as well! I am searching for a great basket and then heading to the nursery. I am hoping that this will be my lucky week. I just hope it is easy to keep alive!

  2. wow! its beautiful! and its perfect in that corner. So good to know there is a local company here that supply's those. I have always just looked at the local Lowes & Home Depots and they do not have that much to offer.

  3. Girl . . it's gorgeous. I love it. Could use one in our family room. What a great change.

  4. I love the fig, they are so pretty! I have two of them and I got mine at Tall Plants off of I-10 and Campbell area. did yours come with a basket and the moss? would you share how you got it to look so nice? I have a similar basket but the moss isn't looking right in mine!


  5. Yeah! I want one! I just need to get myself to the store and get one! It looks beautiful in that room..

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