DIY {Flashcard Name Sign}

Amen it’s Friday!!  It’s been a long week here, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend:)  Today, I’ve got a super simple, quickie project for ya.  I spelled James’ name in flashcards and hung them in his bathroom with the cutest teeny tiny clothespins.
I found the flashcards at Anthropologie, but they also sell them on Amazon for about $11.
Each flashcard is really cute with a  letter, word and picture. 

And here are the mini clothespins I got at WalMart.  (Oh, p.s. those are my new (real) shellacked nails!  Thanks for the recommendation guys– I love them! It’s been almost 2 weeks!)

I used a foam adhesive to stick on the back of the clothespin. 

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And put ‘er on the wall.  Easy. 

Have yourself an awesome weekend!


  1. March 9, 2012 / 12:52 pm

    Love this! Off to Amazon to order some flashcards! Have a good weekend!

  2. Dream Mom
    March 9, 2012 / 2:30 pm

    What a cute idea!

    Your nails look great! Glad you like the Shellac.

    After reading it on your site, I tried it too. I purchased the light from Amazon and the CND Shellac Polish from Premier Nail Source (Amazon had many different vendors for each CND color so you'd pay multiple shipping fees; I ordered from Premier Nail Source and got free shipping for a $100 order.). Love it! I purchased the removal wraps and they were fantastic (I did one hand at a time.) In addition, one Amazon reviewer mentioned that you can use the Shellac base coat and then the top coat (curing both as required) and then put your favorite polish OVER it. I did the CND Shellac base coat, one coat of CND Shellac pink translucent color, one coat CND Shellac top coat (all cured and done with the rubbing alcohol), then put on Zoya Miley (lavender)over that with a Seche Vite top coat. After a day or so, I decided to change the Zoya color and used non-acetone remover and removed the Zoya color and viola, I was back to the Shellac nails, just as perfect as if I had never put the Zoya color over it. Truly a game changer! Sorry for my excitement but this was the first time I did this and I am excited!

    I hadn't planned on putting the Zoya color over it but when I ordered my Shellac colors, the Clearly Pink color, which was supposed to be the same color as the bottle, was not a light pink but a translucent color that was clear with a slight pink tint-so slight you'd swear it was clear, lol. So I had to improvise and add the Zoya. Now I need to purchase some more Shellac colors!

  3. natasha {schue love}
    March 9, 2012 / 4:24 pm

    How adorable! Might need to steal this idea for Baby Schue's room! 😉

  4. Wendy
    March 9, 2012 / 7:37 pm

    Great idea! We have similar alph cards and I used tac (something like putty) to create an art wall out of them – in the playroom. Have a great weekend!

  5. March 10, 2012 / 4:23 am

    OOOh thats super cute!
    Ive actually tried something similar, the only bummer is my sons name has two e's…Jeremy
    So I need to buy two of the sets of letters, or use a 3 for one of the e's…
    Also, my son was almost a James! 🙂

  6. Allison
    March 9, 2012 / 10:29 pm

    That's adorable! Your nails looks great, too! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. {Hi Sugarplum!}
    March 11, 2012 / 5:17 am

    Cute project, mama!!your nails look great! Do you just ask for shellac at the salon? How long does it last?

  8. March 13, 2012 / 7:19 pm

    The pins are so tiny and cute! Love it!

  9. March 19, 2012 / 1:23 am

    super cute! i love how you used them to spell his name. I pinned the amazon link, they'd be the perfect shower gift!

  10. March 22, 2012 / 1:08 am

    I know I already posted, but just wanted to let you know I am featuring this project on my [so cheap, so easy] series tomorrow. I will link back to your original post. I ordered the flash cards, and I love them–even though I have nowhere to hang them!

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