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Hi all! I hope you had a lovely and productive weekend.  I was quite busy with a couple of projects, including an advent calendar that I plan to show you this week, and home stuff.  I did get together with my girlfriends and it was so nice to hang out and talk, enjoying the weather and some wine.

Later that day, I went to High Fashion Home to find fabric to make dining room drapes.  For over a year, our sad dining room has had only a table and chairs, no other decor at all.  With the holidays approaching, I’d really like to get this room into shape for when we have family and friends over.  Here is the current state of things:

Remember, I said I was looking for fabric like this?  Well, when I got to the store and found the fabric below (Dwell Studio Vintage Plumes Peacock), I couldn’t walk away from it.  Even when the salesperson told me how expensive it was- ug!  I think it will be the perfect punch of color and add interest to the room while still being elegant.  I’m really fond of the colors in the fabric, the blues and gold, and think they’ll compliment the colors in our living room.


I’m going to have the drapes made so that I don’t mess them up myself.  The fabric has a bit of a loose weave that I’m not comfortable trying to sew or no-sew into drapes.

I also ordered a natural fiber rug from Pottery Barn, which should arrive soon.


I still need a buffet, perhaps a pair of lamps, and either a large mirror or artwork for the wall.  Still deciding.  But at least some progress has been made!

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  1. Gorgeous fabric! My dining room is in need of serious help. I can't find what I want to do. Cannot wait to see what yours looks like finished!

  2. Love your home and your blog! But I have to say that purely from a design perspective, and from what I have seen of your home, that fabric will look out of place. It doesn't look like "your style" to me. I think maybe you get caught up in showing off how much "expensive" stuff you buy (we get it already, you have money to spend) and sometimes lose sight of what truly looks good vs. what will be good to blog about. ("I totally bought this REALLY expensive ugly fabric today but did I mention it was REALLY expensive? So it will be AWESOME!") I do like the PB rug though.

  3. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend! That fabric will be gorgeous. Would you believe I ordered the exact same fabric for panels in my dining room a couple months ago? I haven't had them made yet, but I know what you mean when you say you just couldn't walk away from it. That fabric is so beautiful in person.

  4. Gorgeous fabric – it will look amazing. I'd be nervous to sew expensive fabric as well.

  5. You won't regret it! We just used this fabric in my mother-in-law's new condo… it's gorgeous!

  6. It's going to look great! That rug from PB is wonderful. I have a similar one in my bedroom. Can't wait to see the buffet you choose!

  7. Love the fabric! Fancy with a wee bit of whimsey.

    Seeing your first photo with your measurements on it reminds me of a great iPhone app that I have. (If you don't have an iProduct there is likely an Android equivalent) It's called "My Measures". Basically it allows you to draw dimension arrows with measurements all over your photo. VERY handy for home decorating. I recommend it!

  8. Its a great fabric! and you can pull so many colors from it. And I totally have to disagree with the Nancy H comment- that fabric is classic and you can pair it with more modern fabrics OR traditional. Wish i would have know you were wanting to buy that- I would have totally ordered it for you using my discount.

  9. I love the fabric, and the sisal is going to be a great contrast. The room is coming along!!

    And can we talk about your advent calendar?!?! so cute!!! what made you tackle that already?!!?

  10. That fabric from Dwell really is beautiful. Just an FYI, I agree that it's a little on the loose side for doing no-sew with. Also, Fabric.com sells the fabric for less, but it doesn't seem to be the same quality – and is often printed a little "off." I just wanted to share that in case you ever considered ordering the Dwell fabrics there to save $.

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