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I was browsing Pinterest and found a pin from Brooklyn Limestone of this gorgeous girl’s fabulous hair!

Turns out, the gorgeous girl is Kate, a professional hairstylist with a blog called It’s the Small Things.
On her blog, she shows us how to achieve her fantastic hairstyle with a – get this- full VIDEO Tutorial!! Yay!!  And that’s not the only video tutorial- she’s got lots of others.  Or, she’ll teach us how to do these styles:
She also writes about her favorite hair products, offer hairstyling tips and tricks, but also does DIY decor projects!
Check Kate and her blog out HERE!
I’m thinking that when I get sick of my long hair, I’d like to go for Kate’s chic hairstyle!


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  1. LOVE this style! Not sure if you had a ton of hair loss after you had your little one, but i sure did. I had to chop off my hair into a pixie-esque cut because of some crazy bald spots! This is the hair I want SO bad!!! Love her site! 🙂

  2. I need to cut about five inches of my hair and I've been looking for a blog like this!! Thanks! I need serious hair tutorials to do fun things with my hair!

  3. I also saved this as one of my favorites. I'm going to ask my stylist for a longer version of this haircut. I think her highlights make it though! Alas, I'm a brunette…

  4. I came over from Serenity Now because Amanda gushed about you….and now I find this chain reaction – because now I HAVE to go check out this hair blog! I LOVE me some great hair styles!!

  5. I love that first shot. My hair is so wavy and thick that it won't hold that kind of volume without an act of God. No matter how hard I try to get it straight, some sort of kink always makes its way back in. I could use her blog! Thanks for the introduction!

  6. I just featured her last week…she does her 'curly style' the same way I do mine. I love all her tutorials!

    Happy extra day off!

  7. Wow. I need those tutorials. She is darling and I have to check it out. Hugs to you on this holiday weekend.

  8. She's got great hair! I love her haircut in that first photo. I'm in the mood for a messy pony today so I'll see if I can do it following her tutorial. Happy Labor Day to you, Megan.

  9. I found her blog a little over a week ago and I LOVE it! I've already done a couple of her hair tutorials and they turned out amazing (which is saying alot since I have extremely fine hair).

  10. Oh man… these pictures make me wanna cut my hair! Esp since this is the longest I've kept my hair in a while–it's normally been about Kate's length. Oh man…

  11. I love this haircut/style. I have super curly hair {that was chemically damaged about 2 yrs ago} and is currently in the growing back super slow phase. When I straighten it I'd say the length is about 3 inches longer than in the picture but that part needs to be chopped right off! "Have mercy" — this cut is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

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