Fall is in the Air

You know fall is in the air when Starbuck’s puts out their specialty fall drinks.  Or is that just how I know it’s fall??!!   Maybe it’s because our leaves don’t really change colors and our temperature barely drops.  Anyhow, this weekend I tasted Starbuck’s new

It is Yumminess!!  I love the little bits of sea salt you taste throughout the drink.
Being curious, I looked up the nutritional info (or the info that tells you how fattening their stuff is) and it’s not bad enough to keep me from ordering it once in a while.  I got the tall without whipped cream:

If you go with nonfat milk, you’ll save 30 calories and 4 fat grams- not that you need to be worrying about that while enjoying your tasty beverage.  Your $4 tasty beverage!  Ouch!

What signals fall to you?  Do you even like Starbuck’s- don’t answer that Amanda!! Ha!  For those SB drinkers, I’m always curious what your order is??

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  1. My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I do so well the rest of the year and make my own coffee at home. Once fall comes, it seems like I loose all will power! I have to treat myself a few times a week
    Angela @ thenestedhome.blogdspot.com

  2. so glad you posted this because i have been wanting to try this so badly! i love mochas- white choc more than regular but this sounds so good i def need to get one!
    (think i would have to get the whip tho :-))


  3. Tall, non-fat latte with whip! Although it may be changing since I'm now following your meal plans in my attempt to lose 5+ lbs. I made the turkey meatballs this weekend. Not bad!! Thanks so much!!!

  4. I normally order a double tall non-fat latte…in the fall a sprinkle of cinnamon or one pump of pumpkin spice latte is perfect! Definitely want to try the mocha! 🙂

  5. Darn it! You got me! 😉 I don't know whether to be flattered you remembered, or slightly embarrassed that I have blogged about my love of a good espresso drink too much. 😉 I've tried their SC Hot Chocolate, but not the mocha. I just might give it a shot! I'm still waiting for the Peppermint Mochas…those say "Christmas" to me. 🙂

  6. Starbucks openend in Brussels only in April of this year & only at the Central Station. So when I have time I get off the train go & get myself a Tall Vanilla Latte before getting on another train to my station on the way to work.

  7. Oh this new one sounds delish! I will be sure to try it on my next SB run (which is this afternoon!)
    I usually get a tall non-fat Toffee Nut latte. Although the seasonal flavors get me every year.
    on hot days, a venti sweetened Passion Tea is super refreshing!

  8. For as long as they are around, I go for the Pumpkin Spice Latte with Soy! For some reason, the soy gives it an even better flavor (my opinion) – I've gotten my friends and family hooked on soy for the PSL even if they won't use it for anything else 😉

  9. My all time favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Latte! But, I have them make my "own" version with just adding the pumpkin syrup to their regular coffee and topping off with some steamed ff milk. It saves a TON of fat and calories and actually tastes the same! You should try it!

  10. The Eggnog latte was more my thing, but now that I am milk-free, they are a no-go.

    The more I learn about nutrition, it's not the fat grams we need to concern ourselves with {6 grams is paltry}, but the massive amounts of carbs and sugar. 40 grams of sugar is more than a can of Coke!

    FYI: we all need 30 grams of fat for our bodies to function.

    I'll send you some leaves from Chicago… 🙂

  11. Lately, I have been ordering a hot chocolate from SB. Loaded with tons of sugar I know but makes such a great treat. I had to give up coffee but this has become a nice alternative. In fact I could go for one right now. This whole post got me in the mood for SB.

  12. Yummy! I really like Starbucks and love to treat myself to coffee throughout the week. If you want to try what I love, I order a non-fat stirred Caramel Macchiato. Try it and love it!

  13. This is my new favorite drink. I go once a week and sit and do some client work with this yummy drink. The funny thing is that I am a tall drip girl, but this one has taken me to the dark side!

  14. I'm addicted to Pumpkin Spice lattes. I recently heard Dr. Oz saying that drinking 2% is better than non-fat milk because taking the fat out increases the sugar? Have you heard this?

  15. I tried this one, but it was too syrupy for me… maybe 1/2 sweet would be better. I usually get a 1/2 sweet vanilla soy latte, but in the fall I definitely go for pumkin spice (1/2 sweet, soy, no whip!) Yum.

  16. I like it but Pumpkin Spice is still my favorite! I found a short vs a tall gets me just enough to curb the craving and cuts 80 calories for the Salted Carmel Mocha and 70 calories for the PSL.

  17. As good as this sounds & looks I won't be ordering because I'll become addicted & then I'll gain all the weight back that I lost & I'll go broke in the process!!! My drink of choice at SB is a Venti Iced Green Tea Unsweetened. Boring, I know but I add some Splenda or Truvia & it's great!! Very refreshing!!

  18. Mmmm…I tried this as a frap a couple weeks ago. So tasty, I wish I could afford to get it more often (from the calorie perspective first and financial second…ha!)

  19. I love a Venti nonfat chai latte! I was so happy when I found this drink because now I can join all the coffee drinkers in the world even though I don't like coffee! It is a little piece of Christmas every time I take a sip!

  20. The pumpkin spice latte screams fall to me. I will have to try this one however.
    Too funny about Amanda! Oh, and now she has me looking forward to Christmas ALREADY…love peppermint mochas!

  21. I used to be a Starbucks barista and you wouldn't imagine the crazy stuff we used to come up with! We were also drinking on average six shots of espresso a day….

    Did you know you can customize your Starbucks beverage ANY way you want? You can edit the number of pumps of syrup you get (I always get one less pump when I'm ordering a mocha-flavored beverage because it's so rich and a little chalky), so that's a good way to cut out some calories too.

    I'm doing a Starbucks: Decoded series over on my blog, if you want to check it out!


  22. I saw that today when I was at SB and thought about getting it, but went with something else (non-fat latte), but I will have to try it next time! It was so tempting!

  23. Yes! My husband and I can't wait for those fall Starbuck flavors. It's our favorite season and the return of the Pumpkin Spice says 'fall is absolutely here." Love it. Haven't tried that new drink yet but will most definitely do that next Starbucks run. That thing is calling my name! Happy Fall!

  24. That drink looks delicious! I don't go to SB's, but I might just stop in and try this one. You are just like me, temps don't change here much, and we don't see the leaves change and fall until around Christmas time.

  25. I had one of those the other day and was not a fan. But, maybe it was who made it, I've realized that matters. I usually drink raspberry mochas or pumpkin spice lattes when they're in season and during the summer I drink iced black and white mochas. The prices are steep so I've started using a card that I can preload and once it's out, it's out (until I reload it). But, I bought the red card (I liked the pattern) and I realized 5% goes to AIDs research (I think) until 12/31/2011, so that's a plus.

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