GIVEAWAY {Black & Decker Steam Mop}

Just when I had HAD IT! with our bamboo floors, and was actually considering purchasing a steam mop to clean them, the Black & Decker fairy emailed me to invite me to try their new steam mop to review and GIVEAWAY to one of you!!  Sign me up!

Our floors are pretty, but because they are so solidly dark (with vary little variation in color), they show every cracker and crumb, sippy cup spill, and footprint.  Here’s an old photo to show you what our floor looks like.  

I usually clean the floor with a wood cleaner spray, then mop over it by hand.  But this Black & Decker Steam Mop was so much easier to use.  Just turn the dial to your floor setting, plug in and go!  

I was really happy with how our floors looked after using this mop- I can’t believe I didn’t get a good picture!.  The previous way I cleaned the floors worked well too- but this was just a much easier (and less time consuming) process!  

To Enter (leave a separate comment for each):

–          What’s the biggest mess you’ve have ever had to tackle?

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The winner will be chosen via and announced on Friday, August 19, 2011.

And if you like a chance to win an adorable baby or child tutu, check out yesterday’s GIVEAWAY! πŸ™‚

One more thing, my friend Lili (Swanky Chic Fete) nominated me for a Supermodel Mom at Scout- so flattering! Go HERE to read the interview:)

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  1. Great giveaway Megan! I have been wanting a steam mop for my bamboo floors for a long time! Hmmm, the biggest mess I ever had was red wine in the bedroom all over the sheets, comforter and carpet. Somehow I managed to get everything out but it sure wasn't fun!


  2. With two dogs, I need this mop, especially for the puppy. She's such a goofy dog and she's constantly knocking stuff over. Silly doggie! I'd luv to have this mop to eliminate using paper towels all the time and to pick up doggie accident, if you know what I mean.

  3. biggest mess: 2 little ones quietly opened a large jar of petroleum jelly and smeared it all over each other and the bathroom floor and lower walls. took FOREVER to undo this mess.

  4. My husband and I are newlyweds (no kids yet!) and we recently babysat for a friend. We are new at this whole kid thing and ran out of diapers one night. When my husband ran out to the store we let the little 13 month old boy run around our house naked. He did some damage to our hardwood floors!! HA!

  5. Biggest mess I've ever had to tackle…hmmm…I can't think of one right now, but my most recent was yesterday when I spilled two quarts of coffee ALL over the countertop and it dripped down to the floors. Sigh.

  6. I spilled sesame seeds from the oven and they got all over even inside my oven window. A few still reside there to remind me about that spill.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    rtmath at comcast dot net

  7. Sorry this is a little disgusting but my large pup can't control the pee so I clean that up about 5x a day. So gross.

    Thanks for the giveaway – this could be useful!

  8. I spray painted a filing cabinet INSIDE the house–when i took up the tarp there was a big square light spot on our NEW carpeting, but the rest was varying shades of gray and black. oops. otherwise–as a mom of 4, our house sees a varying degree of messes continually.

  9. I would love to try a steam mop on my hardwoods! The biggest mess I ever had to clean up was when I was working at a home improvement store. One of the sales guys dumped a 5 gallon bucket of roofing tar in the middle of an aisle. I spent four hours in a hazmat suit scooping up all the goo and scrubbing the floors with acetone. I even had to pull product off the shelves to take them apart and clean under the racks. Not fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I dropped an entire canister of bread crumbs on the kitchen floor once. What a mess! I also have bamboo floors (mine are a medium honey color). I always wondered if I could use a steam mop on them. Thanks for the chance!

  11. The biggest mess I have ever had to tackle was when one of my children (then a toddler) emptied half a gallon of milk on a large wool area rug.

  12. Worst mess ever? Dropping a jug of Arizona Half & Half (Arnie Palmer) on the kitchen floor and having it split in half. The spill spread the entire length of the room!

    guenevera at gmail dot com

  13. Probably my 10 week old puppy having an "accident" all over my hardwood floors…either that or my husband spilling spaghetti sauce over my new wool rug

  14. Hmmm…the biggest mess. I had JUST finished sweeping and vacuuming and dumped the mess in a box I was going to take to the trash. I moved this box onto the bottom stair while I was mopping. My cat proceeded to knock the box onto the wet floor. I was SO mad.

  15. Chicken Parm right out of the oven. I dropped the dish and hot molten sauce and melted cheese went flying everywhere. It even left a nick in the floor (small nick, but still!).

  16. My Boxer Coco decided she wanted to play in my makeup bag. She tried on and/or ate all kinds of lip gloss, lip stick and pencils, blush…. everything. The carpet stained pink! The walls smeared orange! Her white paws were red! (And I won't even describe the colors I saw that came out of her a few hours later.)

  17. Biggest Mess- When the puppy was acting crazy and knocked over a glass vase, cut herself on it, and then decided to keep running while blood was going all over everything! Can we say disaster?!

  18. The biggest mess I've ever had to deal with was when we lived in our old apartment and had just gotten our puppy. We came home one day to find he had turned over one of my potted trees and spread the soil all over the light beige carpet. We had about half an inch of potting soil covering our living room carpet. It was a huge mess and took us days to get the carpet fully clean. That was when we bought our steam cleaner (which we still use quite a bit since having kids!)

  19. Biggest mess – 3 sick kids, a sick dog, and one tired mom who ended up crying over the spilled milk (in addition to the other messes). I won't go into details about the sick kids and dog, just know that it was not a pleasant day.

  20. Re Black and Decker Steam Mop Give a way: Biggest mess I've ever had to clean up is not pleasant to discuss. Our dog was unwell and during the night while we were asleep he had diarrhea, in several places on kitchen floor. The poor thing was so upset. It was not an easy mess to clean!

  21. biggest mess i have cleaned up? gosh, i couldn't narrow it down beyond the 2 worst – a bottle of ranch dressing poured all over the floor by a 1 yr old, and a dozen eggs broken – my two oldest children were trying to find the hard boiled eggs and kept cracking eggs on the floor, hoping they'd find a hard boiled one. (they were 2 and 3 at the time. . .)

  22. Already a follower…I clean u huge messes all of the time since I am such a klutz. I would say the biggest was an entire can of coffee grounds, or maybe the vat of icing that hit the floor in the kitchen. Just a regular day and this mop would be wonderful to have!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  23. I think my biggest mess was when my then two-year-old had a potty training accident (#2) on the carpet, stepped in it, then tracked it down the hall, all while I was pregnant. I still gag just thinking about it.

  24. I think my biggest mess was when my then two-year-old had a potty training accident (#2) on the carpet, stepped in it, then tracked it down the hall, all while I was pregnant. I still gag just thinking about it.

  25. The biggest mess was probably cleaning up after my 2 year old. She was potty training and she started to potty in the dining room and it trailed through the living room, hallway, master bedroom and finally into the master bathroom. What a huge mess!

  26. The biggest mess I have had to tackle is pretty much every time it rains. My husband and dogs don't bother to wipe their feet before walking around all over the house.

  27. Biggest mess…when one of my muddy pups brought in mud that was caked all over his paws and trekked it through the hall into the kitchen where he promptly laid down and I realized he had mud all over his belly. NOT FUN!

  28. My biggest challenging task I have ever had to clean up was our dog got so excited and made a stinky mess on the floor and stepped in it and then took off when we were trying to get him cleaned up leaving more of a stinky mess all over the pergo tile and carpeting. Darn dog. He's house trained now.

  29. Biggest mess? A quarter gallon of green paint that my friend knocked over onto my light beige carpet. It took hours!

  30. The biggest mess I've ever had to clean up involved a Kentucky Derby party, fried chicken and mint julep glasses everywhere!

  31. Biggest mess…..hmmm….I think spilled soda pop is probably the worst. Just when you think it is all cleaned up, you let it dry, and then you find your feet making sticking noises as you walk across the floor. Bleck…

  32. The biggest mess I have ever had to tackle was when my son decided to empty a carton of eggs on the floor while I was going to the bathroom. He also mixed in some other ingredients,although I cannot remember what they were.

    prizeentry @ wesharewithyou dot com

  33. Biggest mess…when I taped/preped the ENTIRE house for painting – and then the painter's tape left sticky residue in lines in the carpet – so it looked striped with dirt everywhere. Oy.

  34. I won't go into details… but let's just say the biggest mess I've ever cleaned up involed wall to wall carpet, chees tots from Sonic and a child with food poisoning.


  35. the worst mess I ever had to clean up was when someone dropped a large jar of mayonaise in my kitchen and the lid flew off and mayo flew everywhere even on the ceiling!!!!….what a mess to clean up!!!

  36. Biggest mess…hmmm, there are many with my 2 year old. I would have to say the largest one was when he dropped a plastic cup filled with orange juice and it hit the floor so hard that the juice catapulted all the way up to the ceiling! It was raining orange juice and, man, that stuff is sticky. I was cleaning it off of the ceiling and the floors. Total nightmare.

  37. Biggest mess I ever had to clean up was when my hubby's dog had diarrhea and she walked all through the house. We got up to check on her, and my hubby stepped in it. This was during an ice storm, and we did not have electricity, plus my hubby had hurt his back and could barely walk. So I cleaned it up while he held the flashlight. GROSS!

  38. Holy Batman need this! I don't even want to tell you the biggest mess, because there are so many! I Have a 212 year old boy, need I say more??

  39. We have daily messes but what I dislike the most is when I drop a raw egg (or a dozen) they are so hard to clean up. Well the dog helps but would really like to try this Black and Decker Steam mop!

    jackiesnews64 at yahoo dot com

  40. My biggest mess… when we bought our home 2 years ago… to put it politely there were 2 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit and 4 humans living there and the floors were so soiled I thought I would never get them clean… Ammonia works wonders but I have been wanting a steam mop for years!

  41. My apartments laminate tile floors – They are so old they absorb all the dirt. I have to get down on my hand a knees to clean them every time..ouch!

  42. Golden retriever + muddy rain puddle = huge mess in the kitchen!!
    (Why does he always manage to find the one puddle in the whole backyard?!)

  43. The biggest mess – my then 2 year old daughter playing with hot pink nailpolish in the living room! It was a nightmare! All over the place…

  44. The biggest mess I have ever had to clean was when I accidently knocked over an entire jug of milk! I was big and pregnant. Needless to say, I definitely cried over that spilt milk. It was horrible trying to clean it up!

  45. When my giant glass canister of flour dropped and exploded throughout my kitchen and livingroom. what a mess!

  46. I have three kids and every day I sweep the floor and there are enough crumbs to feed a fourth child! πŸ˜› The floor is always my biggest mess.

  47. I always have a big mess. Someone thought white carpet my dining room – the room with the gorgeous french doors to our backyard – the room my dog uses to get in and out of the house – was a good idea.

  48. the biggest mess…that's a tough one! i would have to say once when i was cleaning the flour went EVERYWHERE out of my kitchenaid. it was all over cabinets, fridge, me, floor- seriously everywhere! it was a pain to clean up! πŸ™‚

  49. We have bamboo floors throughout and pets so I am constantly trying to clean. Yesterday I decided to make homemade bread and dropped the whole sack of flour all over the floor! What a mess! I would love to win!

  50. One morning, while I was still asleep, my cat got up on my nightstand and knocked my pepper spray over and unto the floor. The spray nozzle broke when it hit the floor and unloaded the entire can of pepper spray all over my bedroom. It took hours to clean up the mess, professional carpet cleaner had to be called and, to top it all off, pepper spray all over your face is not a pleasant experience. Attention Cat Owners: I highly advise against pepper spray on the nightstand.

  51. Just moved and had to do a move-out clean on my own. This would have been really helpful for the wood floors!

  52. A pot of tomato sauce I had just made -it spattered everywhere – I found it places weeks later.
    slhaydon at hotmail dot com

  53. Man, do I need this! The biggest mess, well…the time my daughter vomited all over our kitchen, her little sister (at the time in a bouncy seat), all over herself, and into my husband's mouth. That was pretty nasty. I ended up re-cleaning everything about an hour later, just in case!

  54. The biggest mess I've had to clean is not one but TWO large house plants knocked over by the cat. We have two cats and this has happened on two completely separate occasions… still not sure which one is the perp!

  55. The biggest mess I've ever had to tackle was cleaning up drywall, insulation, and water after a pipe burst in our attic – causing our VERY newly remodeled ceiling to collapse and require 4 weeks of MORE remodeling to our home!

  56. Biggest mess was my kids shooting baby powder up into a moving ceiling fan while supposedly napping. The wild giggling should have been a clue!

  57. biggest mess…this is so gross but cleaning up after our dog who has now decided to poop in the house! seriuosly gross and i need a dog whisperer stat!!!

  58. Technically, I didn't make the mess, my dog did. But he ate one of those things that you heat in the microwave and put around your neck and I am still, 6 months later, getting the rice out of the carpet. Sigh.

  59. The biggest mess I ever had to handle was when a very large bottle of fish oil broke on the kitchen floor.

  60. My biggest mess happened when I was canning blueberry pie filling. My jar suddenly and surprisingly cracked in half and blueberry went all over the counter-top down the cupboards and on the floor. It was blue, hot sticky goo everywhere.

  61. Oooh! I'd love one of these! The biggest floor mess was when we moved into our current home. The floors were so dirty that our socks were brown no matter what I did! It was layer on layer of filth after being neglected for years. {shudder}

  62. Not really the same kind of mess, but I once started cleaning out my father-in-law's office, which could easily fill an entire season of Hoarders. I put in over 24 hours of work and barely made a dent.

  63. The biggest mess I have ever had to tackle was a diaper blow out in the car seat that was so bad that somehow the "mess" got onto the back of the seats as well. Yuck!

  64. I made a blackberry cobbler in a glass dish and when I took it out of oven and placed it on top of the oven the dish cracked. Glass and blackberry cobbler ran down the front of my oven and went all over the floor.

  65. In our first apartment we had used gorilla glue to hold up a wine glass rack under the cabinets.. well it worked great for a few months until the middle of the night when we were awoken to the sound of 12 wine glasses crashing on the kitchen floor! Ooooops silly young newlyweds!

  66. The biggest mess I've ever had to tackle… has to be when we have new puppies! We cage them into the kitchen while house training them and constantly clean up little puddles. It would be great to have this mop to help sanitize things! Thanks!

  67. i was unpacking from a move and was in the kitchen in winter in my fluffy white christmas present robe. i had 2 bottles of a marinade in my left hand that i pulled out of a box. somehow the botoms clinked together just right while i was looking the other way. all of a sudden i smell a stench and i look and i have this chunky spicy soy sauce marinade stuff all over my robe, my fake uggs, all over the walls, the stove, inside the bottom drawer of the stove, the floor, the sink… everywhere possible! we kept finding pieces and mess from it for months!

  68. The biggest mess I've ever had in my new house, thus far, was spilling a 2 lb glass jar full of sugar…..The glass shattered everywhere, as did the sugar. I didn't know how to clean it up and plain water just made it worse. It was honestly like a 3 hour clean up job.

  69. Biggest mess I've had to clean was from the mess from moving and movers who didn't use drop cloths. Uggh! Thanks for the chance!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  70. My biggest challenge is our white kitchen floor with is terrible to keep clean with two boys and a daddy around who love to be outside!!!
    kwebb618 (at) gmail {dot} com

  71. Yuck – I dropped a big glass jar that held a bag and a half of flour. The glass broke; the flour was everywhere…plus the prior owners had installed those prefinished hardwood floors over the gradiant heating in the kitchen but they're not very tight together so there was flour stuck in every crevice!

  72. I had to clean up my own blood off of the wood floor after I stepped on a rake barefoot and it went through it. I was about 14 at the time and man did that hurt. I think my Mom didn't realize how bad it was since she made me mop the floor. I spent the next week in the hospital due to a staff infection πŸ™

  73. the biggest mess would probably be…when my dog was a puppy and he had diarrhea in his cage and it went all over, including outside the cage. we came home to it after a night out with friends. *shudder*

  74. I liked black and decker on facebook. I really hope I win! I have a baby who is just itching to crawl and am a mama whose a clean freak! πŸ™‚

  75. We were watching my childhood dog a few years ago and she had a major accident, and then walked through it during the night. Let's just say, it stunk! Good thing I loved her! Eww!

  76. I don't know about the biggest mess I've ever had to tackle, but with 3 young boys I am always cleaning up something. Today it was melted popsicle followed by orange juice and fried rice.

  77. We just got bamboo floors and this sounds like it is perfect for cleaning them! The biggest mess I've ever had to clean up was a frylator that spilled out oil everywhere….ugh. I didn't even want to eat fried foods for weeks after cleaning that up!

  78. The biggest mess I can think of was when our dog got a hold of toilet paper and shredded it to a bunch of tiny pieces!

  79. Biggest mess is a pooptastic one, but that wasn't on the floors! Biggest mess on the floors, two simultaneous cereal bowls dumped, not fun. I hate wood floors because of the daily maintenance, but our whole first floor is wood. Would love this.

  80. One of the biggest messes was just the other night, my son dropped a glass jar of taco bell encilada sauce and although it did not break, the bottom hit the floor and all of the sauce flew straight up….all over the cabinets, counter floor and the ceiling!!!! What a mess!!!

  81. Yesterday my 2 year old took off his dirty diaper during nap time. He smeared, smashed, threw poop in every place imaginable. He was covered head to toe… Ugh grosses me out just thinking about it!!

  82. The biggest mess I've had to clean up was when my dog (an Aussie) tore up the Christmas wrapping paper along with my spiral notebook! I was so livid; but couldn't stay mad long, he was just a puppy.. πŸ™‚