If I added up all the time I’ve spent washing, drying, curling, styling, spraying, cutting, coloring, discussing, obsessing, loving, hating, and debating my hair, surely it would add up to  . . . more time than I care to admit!  I’ve had all lengths (mostly long) and all colors (mostly blonde) over the years.   Each style tells a story.
December 2007 (long, blonde).  Just married and oh, so in love!
May 2008 (short, blonde).  Ready for a “change” and chopped it to my shoulders.
June 2009 (medium, brunette).  Getting tired of appointments with the colorist and decided it would be better to just do a solid brunette to avoid all that maintenance. 
May 2010 (pony tail always, blondish).  Bummed to discover that the brunette also required maintenance, and faded so quickly, so  . . . going back to blonde- but in the Houston heat, pony tails work best.
James 1-3 months 158
Now– blonde with long layers, courtesy of Jose (cut) and Renee (color)!

In my Academy Awards of hair, those shown below would be my winners.  I often wonder if it’s the hair or the gorgeous face that makes the women look so beautiful.  I’m sure it’s a combination of both. 

Best Short– Halle Berry.  This is how I like her best.  She rocks it like nobody’s business. 

Best Long– Olivia Palermo.  Looks shiny and healthy and perfectly sunkissed (before she went brunette)

Best Bald– Natalie Portman.  Are you serious?  She looks fabulous!

Best Super Blonde– Jessica Simpson.  A blonde bombshell.

Best Red– Julianne Moore.  Super sexy.

Best Brunette– Jessica Alba.  She’s done a lot of colors, but rich brown is my favorite on her.
Jessica alba

Best Bang- Reece Witherspoon.  A classic beauty.

Best Waves– Gisele Bundchen
giselle bundchen Top 10 Richest Celebrity Designers

Best Curls– Kim Kardashian

Best All Around– Jennifer Aniston.  Just looks effortless and gorgeous always.  Beautiful color always.  I don’t know how she gets it so super-straight.  Remember the really early days of Friends- naturally curly?? Brazilian blowout? 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Who’s got your favorite hair?

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  1. Oh I agree with all of these. Loved Olivia's hair pre-brunette. I for one, can never decide if I want to be blonder or darker. And I am so ready for another Brazilian blowout. Your hair looks gorgeous.

  2. Oh yeah Jennifer wins the best hair award hands down! Her hair always look amazing! You look great in every hairstyle and color!

  3. I love your seeing your hair through the years. So beautiful. I think Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Aniston can't be beat. I love how effortless and natural Jennifer's hair always looks. I wonder how much money we would save if we shaved it off! 🙂

  4. Gosh, I love you hair! It's absolutely beautiful. And like many, I also love Jennifer Aniston's hair, it's perfect in my eyes. I also find myself loving Kate Middleton's hair lately as well.

  5. Such a fun post! I think you look great with all lengths and colors…lucky lady! And I agree…Jen has the best hair! I would die for hair like that!

  6. Funny you did a hair post – I'm actually going back to brunette today! I have been blonde for a few months after just having my natural hair colour {that's right, no dye at all} for 5 years. I felt like I needed a change, but I hate maintaining it, so BTB {back to brunette} I go! It will be nice to only have to go in every few months for a cut again.

  7. Other then the two times in my life that I chopped it, my hair has been very long (between ribs and waist, varying). I have tried all different types of colors, but went back to my natural almost-black 5 years ago and havent touched it since. Long layers, healthy and dark.

    I added some highlights in April and while its a nice change for summer (and hubby likes it) I cant wait to go back to dark in the fall!

  8. I'm so glad that you wrote this post. I have been dying for a change with my hairstyle because it's been a year since I did anything to it (eek!) Though I want a change, I don't know what I want…thank you for jump starting my hair brainstorm 🙂

  9. What a fun post- you look beautiful! I love Julianne Moore's hair, and I've always loved how great Reese Witherspoon's bangs look. I have tried in the past, and am never able to get them to look like that. I always just grow them out! 🙂 I am also growing my hair now- ponytails are best in the summer. 🙂

  10. I agree with you on how the gorgeous girl is probably what makes a hair style really rock … you are a gorgeous girl and pulled off all of your various hair styles fabulously! My all around fav is Jennifer Anniston too! My daughter is a hair stylist and I have asked her to "give" me Jennifer's color time and time again, but she said it just won't work on my hair – BUMMER!!!!

  11. Oh good… I'm not the only one obsessing over hair! You are one of those lucky people who look fabulous no matter what style you choose! I'm still getting used to my short bangs… can't wait until they grow out to the length of Reece's.

  12. Everyone of your styles were just beautiful!!! and i have to say Jennifer Aniston is still my all time fave hair! I had the brazillion blow out back in March and I have to say it was the best thing I ever did for this Houston humidity! But i did have sticker shock when my bill was well over $400!! yikes!

  13. Your hair looks really cute! I have very short hair because mine is super-fine & not super-thick. I would have to vote for Ms. Aniston with the length in this photo or just about any way she wore it in Friends. She's got it all. Well, with the exception of Brad…lol!!!

  14. You have the best hair, seriously I wish mine had that much body. I am such a blonde at heart. I tried the burnette route too and I hated it. Now my motto is the blonder the better. Love J Simpson's color and Kelly Ripa's too!

  15. Your hair is very pretty. I love the way the color looks in your pony picture. I know what you mean about maintenance though. My hair faves are Jennifer Aniston, Kim K & Jessica S.

  16. You have gorgeous hair and it works so many ways…I hear you on the time, money and effort it takes to keep it up, what us women do!

  17. me likey all your do's! I don't see a don't in there, prob cause your a mad beauty doll =) ps-i love how effortless j aniston always looks in denim too, the hair and the jeans, xoxo shel

  18. I gotta say – not too many women can pull off shorter hair well, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoulder length hair. It looks very fresh and young on your 🙂 Either way, you look fabulous!

  19. I have always love Jennifer Aniston's hair, so effortless and classic. I cut my hair off about a year and a half ago and am anxiously awaiting the day it is back to its long length! I gave your post "Running" a shout out in my post about starting the Couch to 5K. Thank you for the much needed inspiration/motivation!

  20. You and your hair are freaking gorgeous. Why do I feel like I've seen part of this post before? Deja vu maybe? I love the VS sexy wave look, so I gotta go with Giselle.

  21. "Christine" is a coward to hide behind an Anonymous ID, and Chassity and I get readers of the year for being such good HWH stalkers!!! 😉


  22. You have some amazing hair girl! I wish I had the patience to grow mine long, it gets past my shoulders and starts driving me crazy!

    I've always loved Jennifer Aniston's hair – she makes it look so easy!

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