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Hi all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I just returned from working with one of my first clients organizing her clothes closet.  It feels so good to see the excitement on her face as we pretty things up and make the space more user-friendly for her.  We worked for about two hours, and are almost done!  I’ll be sure to post the before and after pictures soon (she already gave me permission. 🙂 This week wraps up our series of wonderful guest posts regarding getting ORGANIZED in 2011.   I love today’s post from the talented Chris of Just a Girl.  I found her blog this year and was hooked after I read about her, of all things, laundry room!  It’s so clean and well-organized and she is so open and funny with the way she writes about her life.  So endearing to read. Without further ado . . . image ********** Hi there! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Megan’s organization series! I adore everything Megan does, and I jumped at the opportunity to share some “secrets to organizing”. I chose to share a post about my laundry room and how I keep it organized. I will admit that the driving force behind keeping my laundry room in order is the fact that I HATE doing it! I keep fooling myself into thinking that if I make the laundry room tidy and cute, perhaps I’ll actually like doing laundry. So far…not so good. But it is pretty! I’m warning you.  There’s a lot of pictures in this post.  It was a beautiful day, I had the window open in the laundry room (don’t tell my husband—the air was on too), and I was appreciating my newly organized cabinets. image To be honest, they kind of already looked like this. However, all the turquoise bins used to be yellow.  I was over the yellow. Thank the heavens for spray paint! image I’m pretty sure I’ve declared my love for bins and labels before, before, and before. Oh, and before.  And before.  Gees. image I typed up all my categories on some thick cardstock, punched a hole, and threaded some coordinating ribbon through.  Oh, how I love some cute ribbon. IMG_2949 IMG_2931 You may see a couple of bins with no label on them.  Everyone stay calm. There is no need for alarm.  I have since labeled them all and everything is right with the world again. IMG_2932 I mean, had I not labeled this basket “cleaners”, no one would ever know that there are, in fact, cleaners in there.  Right? IMG_2947 All of the bins came from the dollar store—including the yellow change basket below.  He must have been hiding from my spray paint.  I’ll get him.  Don’t you worry. IMG_2934 IMG_2945 IMG_2936 When your complexion is so fair that your skin starts to boil within 10 minutes of exposure, and when your backyard is an apartment complex for mosquitoes, you too will have a bin dedicated to summer.  And you still won’t have enough supplies. IMG_2938 IMG_2941 Just when I was thinking no one was around to enjoy the fruits of my labor, a friend of mine called and asked if she could do a load of laundry at my house (no joke!—she’s here from out of town). I {gleefully} said yes.  As she was opening the cabinets for the detergent, I was standing there feeling pretty darn cool about myself. IMG_2928 As I walked into the other room, my husband looked at me and said, “You’re feeling pretty darn cool about yourself right now, aren’t you?”  Husbands. image

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  1. I love it! My laundry room is a hot mess and I'm looking forward to dedicating some time to it in the next couple of weeks.

  2. I am a huge fan. I even copied her style when I did my laundry room cupboards. She is such a talented girl.

  3. I think Chris and I are kindred spirits with our fair complexions and mosquito apartments in the backyard. 😉

    Love the pretty turquoise bins. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Perfection! Great guest post, Chris. 🙂

    I have really enjoyed this series, Megan! (and not just 'cause you let me write for you) 😉

  4. How jealous am I at the moment??? This is amazing and I love how everything has its own pretty tag. Sigh…need to get some organzing done stat-this is definitely inspiring!

  5. Chris I am impressed beyond!! Megan thank you for the feature. I am feeling a trip to the bargain store for bins and spray paint coming on!!

    Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign……


    Art by Karena

  6. I *heart* that you like Organization it is such fun! You did a great job with the baskets, I will have to try the spray paint to uniform all of mine, thank you for the idea.

    Oh, and I use Shaklee too! Love their products! My favorite is the dish detergent.

  7. Awesome and totally jealous. Our laundry room is more like a 'Garage/Tool room'. Mainly because it's located in the storage room, in the garage [which holds all the tools… ick].

    BUT this gives me the inspiration and longing for the day we close it off and have a separate laundry room! 🙂

  8. Oh I love this one! Laundry is something I know most out off, and making a pretty space makes it more motivating! I love the the tags for labels!

  9. I am loving this! I have the same baskets in my master bathroom to organize all my beauty products and such.

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