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I’m so thankful that Desiree of Chic Coastal Living wanted to participate in our Getting Organized series!  Even with a busy weekend at her place, she managed to clean out and organize her kitchen cabinets and drawers with beautiful results!  And congrats to her on her recent 100th blog post!  If you haven’t met Desiree, don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful!  Ha!  She is a sweetheart with a relaxed “coastal” design style that I think you’ll find very charming. image I’m so excited to be here doing a guest post for Megan’s, Honey We’re Home, blog! Don’t we just love her! We’ll I was thinking about what I can do to contribute to her, Getting Organized 2011 Series.  Where should I start?  There’s so much in my home that I need to get straightened out!  I decided to share with you a cabinet that I keep my the food storage containers in and a set of small drawers in my kitchen. My husband, God bless his heart, is an unbelievably organized person.  He has never been off one penny in the checkbook his whole life….but, when it comes to the food storage containers that’s a different story! He laughed when he saw me taking everything out of the cabinet and taking pictures! Here are the photos before: The first thing I did was wipe down all the shelves and shelf liners with a damp cloth.  I purchased these liners over 5 years ago. They are the Martha Stewart plastic shelf liners and what I love about them is, they haven’t discolored and still look brand new! These liners have kept my shelves clean and stratch free. All I did was cut them to size and lay them in.  (They are not the sticky kind, in case you were wondering) This is how my hubby puts the Rubbermaid containers away. 🙁 This is what the cabinet looks like when I put them away. 🙂 I still have plenty of room to store other kitchen items on the top shelf.  I put all the miss-matched containers into bags and will donate them to Goodwill. Looking good! Now, off I go to tackle the small set of drawers that I had to have in my kitchen. I keep all kinds of little knick-knacks and textiles in them. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: In this drawer I keep all the birthday banners, decorations and extra napkins from parties that we have had.  You never know when they will come in handy.  Every time it is someone’s birthday in my home, I whip out the decorations! I’ve saved so much money reusing them. Check out the pictures at the end of this post! After:  I store each birthday banner or set of decorations in their own zip-lock bag.  I like to keep the decorations in this small drawer so that I can get to them in a snap. All of these baseball decorations came out of one small drawer! And, there you have it……a little organization from me to you.  Desiree image

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  1. Great job Desiree!! I love those little drawers. And, you are smart to keep all those party supplies to reuse. At least your hubby puts the tupperware back in the cabinet. Mine when unloading the dishwasher leaves them on the counter for me to put away as he doesn't want to "mess up" my drawer!! LOL

  2. I love the tip on storing party paraphernalia! If it's not close by and neat I'll never use it so this is great!

  3. I find the picture of when your husband puts away the tupperware hilarious, and then when you put it away. Ha! I should start taking pictures of how my husband puts things away, then maybe he'd realize he's not so clean after all. 🙂

  4. Looks great! I have been meaning to do the exact same thing… plus the pantry. It needs it verrryy badly. This makes me excited for the day that it gets done!

  5. Way to get yourself in gear! Loved the guest post! Oh and the kitchen!

    I just did this same thing last week. I threw out bags and bags of trash that I was keeping in my drawers. For shame!

    It looks so much easier to get around in there now.

  6. Great idea to clear out the storage containers! They do seem to multiply. A great tip I recently got from a dear friend…look in your fridge to see how many storage containers are in use. Reduce the number of storage containers you keep on hand to the number in use plus a few more. Works for me!

  7. I have those little personal glass butter dishes too-so fantastically cute! Although I must admit I don't use them for butter-I like to put filler (like rice, dried split peas, dried pintos, etc) in with a tea light candle and then put the glass top on. It's so pretty and I've gotten tons of comments-great alternative for some pretty decorations and can easily be exchanged to match the season (red cranberries for Christmas, green goes pretty much any time of year, little red hots for valentine's day, etc).

  8. All my drawers look like te before! I need to get organizing! I did just clean out a bunch of plastic tupperwear, its hard to store it all! Great tips! And btw I hated Halle's dress! Her body looked amazing but that dress was too slutty for my taste!

  9. I love all the peeks into the drawers! makes me feel like a naughty house guest!

    And is anyone else STILL having problems with Google Stats? Mine still don't work!

  10. This is great! My mother does the same thing with leftover birthday decorations. I'm sure she still has some N*SYNC plates from the mid-90s!

  11. I love Desiree!!! Ok. . . can we just say it. The before photos are not that bad, girl. But everything looks great. Such a peaceful feeling when it's all in place. And how lucky that the husband is so tidy! Wow!

  12. Omg that cabinet could be in my house. The location next to the fridge, the contents, the husband! I have organized ours a million times since we moved in and whenever my husband puts them away, he just chucks them in there disregarding my squares on one shelf, rounds on another shelf rule!

    And I have no clue how I've ended up with mismatches!

  13. Thanks girls! It was fun and my hubby and I got a great laugh out of it! You know how it is with the blogging and what the hubby's think! Thank you for all the wonderful comments!! and…thank you Megan for having me over! You are such a doll and I was so humbled by your kind, kind words! What a treat! Have a wonderful day everyone!

  14. Looks so good – you made me laugh about how your husband puts the containers away – my boyfriend is the same!!
    Rachie xo

  15. OK my friend…you did the organizing, it looks great, I love those little drawers! Thank you for sharing, it's inspiring.
    Hope you can visit me too, you're very welcome. Thank you in advance.


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