Christmas Wreath

Man, this weekend went fast! I hope you enjoyed yours.  And thank you so much for all the anniversary wishes!  We had a really nice date night at Morton’s, home of our first date.  It was great to have some alone time and get to talk and laugh, uninterrupted, for several hours!   Back at casa de Honey We’re Home, more holiday decor has occurred.  While there may be no pretty white lights strung neatly on our roof and around the perimeter of our home (I begged and begged but couldn’t convince the hubs to do it, and my research revealed that the professionals cost nearly $1,000 to install and uninstall- um, no thanks!), we do have two wreaths on the door to add a little Christmas charm.  image Since we have a pretty colorful holiday palette of aqua, silver, white and red happening inside our home, I wanted to go with a neutral and natural look elsewhere.  These wreaths were super easy to make, and cost very little- just how I like my projects! The Supplies: imageimage image Here’s how I made my wreath. image 1.  I used a 10- inch wire framed wreath from Wal-Mart.  I figured creating the wreath while it hung on the door would be a good idea so I could see how it was coming along as I went. 2.  A large and smaller pinecone were placed on the lower right and held in place with a decorative pinecone wire stick. 3.  A few poinsettia flowers and pinecone sticks were added. 4.  Another pinecone went in the upper right and a strip of burlap from Hobby Lobby was tied into a small bow and affixed to the wreath with a wire ornament hook. Of course, since we have two doors, I had to make two wreaths.  I made them both with the same items, just configured them slightly differently so they wouldn’t be identical. image I would love to hang wreaths on all of our windows like Simply LKJ did, but don’t think it’s gonna happen this year.  So, for now, we welcome Santa with our Christmas wreaths! image Do you put lights on your house for Christmas?  Can I come over and admire since we don’t have any:(  ********** I’m sharing this post with Sarah, Thrifty Decor Chick.

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  1. OF COURSE we were both making wreaths this weekend, my little SL! 😉 Too bad we couldn't have had that wreath party together! 🙁

    Your front doors are gorgeous…love the burlap ribbon…and you are a seriously good bow-tyer, tier, tye-er. Whatever…you know what I mean!

    We had those netted lights that easily throw over bushes (twss), but they were dead when we pulled them out this year. I have lit garland around the front doors, and John has 'ideas' to swag the same over the other large front windows. We'll see. This weekend came and went without it happening.


  2. Your wreaths are beautiful Megan! I love the little burlap bows you added, nice touch. Thanks for the mention. I do love our wreaths on each of the windows (except when it's time to make new bows for all of them!) Our garland around the front door is lit, as well as the topiaries. We also put a few white lights just on the top of the bushes surrounding the entry on both sides, it casts a warm glow. We use spotlights to highlight all the wreaths as well. While I love it, we go back and forth every year about doing it all. It is a lot of work.

  3. megan-

    the only lights i have are on the tree.

    our husbands must be of the same ilk. i've been begging mine for 7 years..and each year our house sits dark.

    plus, I'm only 5 feet tall…there's no way I'm going to get on a ladder!

    that's why my indoor decor is starting to channel the bling of Nordy's…lol…

  4. Those look great, so classic! Too funny I begged my husband all weekend to hang lights with no luck. I may try and tackle it myself this week- not the roof of course but have columns I think I oculd manage to wrap the lights around. The wreaths are gorgeous!

  5. Simple and Tasteful, Love it! And 2 is just often better than one! We have been admiring the not so tasteful lighting displays in our surrounding areas when we drive at night, Although I am sure yours would have been fabulous, many other lighting displays are not, hello 3 different types and colors of lights!

  6. I never thought of creating a wreath while hanging it on the door so you could see what it looks like, duh! That's such a great idea.

    I really like that you used burlap to make a bow instead of ribbon!!

    The finished products look fab! Would have never guessed you made them : )


  7. You may not have any lights, but those are some really nice wreaths:) Beautiful!! Definitely gives the place a holiday feel!

  8. I think your wreaths are the perfect touch! Just enough holiday charm. 🙂

    We don't have lights on our exterior either and it kills me every year. Our house is from the 1940's and there are some serious electrical restraints.

    Have a great day!

  9. Very pretty! I bet the lighter colored bows make them more visible at night. 🙂 We have "candles" in each window on the front of the house, but no lights. 🙁 The house around the corner from us is pretty much the same model, and they have a wreath in each window, and it's so pretty!

  10. Dont have lights either!! I want some too! Loving the festive wreaths – so stylish and am also a lover of your doors – very jealous!
    Rachie xo

  11. Super cute…it is my first year in my new home too and I BEGGED and bought all of the lights I HAD to have hung up outside. I literally thought my husband was gonna kill me when we adjusted the lights for the upteenth time 🙂
    But finally, I am happy with them! Your entrance looks very welcoming for Santa!

  12. We were going to do lights, and then hubs didnt think he would have time for it so i didnt buy any and wouldnt you know, we came home from florida and EVERYONE else on the street had their lights up… so i think I might go buy some and try to get them up w/o hubby.

  13. Megan they look great. What a gorgeous front door, too! Can you come make some more for me? We just have some lights around our front porch . . . no professionally strung lights here either {oh wait, hubby might be offended by that!}

  14. Megan, I love those wreaths!! They are so pretty hanging on your gorgeous door!

    we just sway some garland on our porch with white lights wrapped in…it goes on really fast.

  15. Hi lovely lady I also love your front doors with your Holiday Wreaths so Beautiful sweet lady. Im your newest follower. Maybe you can come over to my new Blog and be one of my follower for me, Thanks so much.

  16. I had the same husband problems with my lights. My solution was not to go professional – just another man. If you are not going complicated and just want lights up – ask another man in the neighborhood and pay 10 – 20 dollars an hour (depending on what it is worth to you and him). Or ask a teenage boy – they are always looking to make a few bucks. OR if you don't know anyone in the neighborhood willing, you can easily put an add on craigslist for a "handyman" to hang Christmas lights. Actually, on craigslist in my area there are several out-of-work dads who have posted their hand-man services (putting up lights, christmas trees etc) so they can make some money for the holidays. It is a nice middle ground between destroying your marriage and professionals 🙂

  17. The wreaths look gorgeous! I love the burlap bow.

    We have some lights on our house, well not on our house, but they're outside. We have the lighted nets that you can quickly and easily throw over our outside bushes, and hubby took a few strands of white lights and spun them around the trunk of our big tree in the front yard. Nice and simple.


  18. Beautiful wreaths, Megan! The white poinsettias and burlap bow are the perfect touch. It makes for a very welcoming entrance to your home. We do put some lights up every year. We keep it simple since it is a big job for my husband but he loves to do it.

  19. And the thing is, our house was made with special outlets for the very purpose of Christmas lights! I think I may do with 65th Ave did and just wrap the columns on the front porch.

  20. I always wondered what the professionals charge. I wonder how much they charge to decorate the inside?? Your doors are sooo pretty! The wreaths look great. I like the natural look.

  21. Love the double wreaths! We have only one sad little string of lights around our garage door so far… NEED MORE!!!

  22. Beyond gorgeous!!! {and I am NOT surprised} Great job my dear. I think they look lovely.


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