Christmas 2010

Yes, it was even more fun celebrating Christmas with a little baby!  And having lots of family around is just the best.  On Christmas Eve, James made sure to wear his Santa pajamas in anticipation of Mr. Claus’ arrival. image He read Frosty the Snowman before bed. image On Christmas Eve, I prepared Barefoot Contessa’s sour cream coffee cake so that I could just pop it in the oven in the morning to bake. image I think this will become a family tradition for years to come. image Santa brought James two presents- a dinosaur walker and a workbench.  Of course, this year mama had to help unwrap the gifts.  image image image We managed to get a good family picture in front of the tree before heading over to my parents’ house. image The Grandparents had plenty of presents waiting under the tree. image And the table festively set. image James tried his first pancakes made by Grandpa. image and got lots of presents. image Why do they package these toys so crazy?!  image There we go! image Little Golden Books- I remember those! image image image image Then we came back home for a get together and gift exchange with more family.  Did your living room look something like this too? image Jimmy’s sister made this two-sided UT blanket by cutting the ends of the fabric and tying them together.  So cute and cozy! image Then they gave James this UT tricycle- for when he’s older.  image I think he likes it! image image But even with all those new presents, he was still most interested in his little niece’s vibrating ladybug toy that’s attached to her car seat!  He always finds it whenever they come over. image On the Christmas dinner menu was honey glazed ham, scallop potatoes, green beans with toasted almonds, cornbread dressing, caprese salad, and honey wheat rolls.  The meal was ended with homemade cheesecake with raspberries.  So yummy!! image The perfect ending to a perfect day spent with family.  I hope your day was wonderful too!

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  1. I love the UT blanket and tricycle. How fun! James seems to have really enjoyed himself! And the picture of the 3 of you is great!

  2. happy new year megan!

    our little guy got a similar blanket but this time with disney characters in it, made by hubby's cousin!

  3. Looks like a great holiday for your family and I SO agree the packages are CRAZY with all the little ties, etc… I think they adult proof them! 🙂

  4. Looks like the perfect day! (and can we talk about your amazing hair?!) Kids woke us at 730, I popped the coffeecake in the oven (Twinkie), then my moms by 11am, my aunts at 2p, john's parents at 5p…home at 11pm!!! Ridiculous! I've got to find a way out of that somehow. That's the reason we didn't change out of jammies for two days after! 🙂 sweet sweet day you had with your sweet family!

  5. I love seeing those pictures! I am cracking up over Woody in the bumbo chair. James looks like he is in heaven. So funny as my brother opened a fleece Cowboys blanket made by his wife. {James' shirt is too darn cute}. And yes, our living room looked like a bomb went off! So glad you had such a wonderful day. oxox Your family picture is beautiful.

  6. Looks like such a fun day with lots of memories! I bet he'll love his work bench! And what a great family photo (: Cassie's right- you have beautiful hair!! Our living room looked very similar…paper and bows and gifts everywhere…so fun!

  7. omg you're hair looks amazing!! I'm inspired to actually get dressed today while he's napping- hehehe 🙂
    Looks like it was fun for all! Sour cream coffee cake AND homemade cheesecake??? my faves!!!!!!!

  8. I am glad you had a great time! Our living room looked like a toy story scene:)Both my little girl and my boy wanted toy story figures!

  9. Isn't it a wonderful thing to watch your child experience the excitement of Christmas? I had to laugh at your expression when you were trying to open the toy up…I had the same one most of the day. 😉 Just wait until next year when he really starts to *get* it!!

  10. Awww…looks like y'all had a great day! Love all the pictures!! He is sooo stinkin' caute! Okay, and if that is your mom…I see where you get the looks from…just gorgeous! Love the fleece blankets, we make them all the time for gifts. They are super easy and everyone loves them.

  11. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I can't wait to become a regular reader.


  12. So true Christmas is so much more fun with a little one!! Great family picture your hair looks amazing!!! I am having major hair envy! Love all the pics of James. Santa brought us a new camera so I need to figure out how to upload my pics now:)

  13. It looks like you had a wonderful day and yes, my living room looked like a bomb just went off but it was worth it- there's nothing like Christmas with little ones- so fun! And you little guy is so so precious!

  14. Those pictures were great. I'm glad you had a good Christmas!

    P.S. I've made that coffee cake and it is amazing!!!!

  15. Christmas is so much more fun when you have children! It looks like your little one is all set, at least for a few more months 😉

  16. james looks like such a stud dressed in his color shirt, sweater, and rolled jeans!

    looks like christmas was a success at your house!

  17. Looks like the perfect day!

    My living room looked like that x10! I said I felt like I was in an episode of hoarders haha


  18. There is nothing like celebrating Christmas through the eyes of a child. Your little guys is darling.

    Wishing you a joyful 2011!


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