My Closet {The Inside Scoop}

The “Mom Cave” post about my closet was one of the most commented on posts I’ve written to date.  Thank you!!  I must admit, at first I felt a little bit silly admitting that my closet was my mom cave, but it really is a space I love.  I truly really appreciate having the space in our home for this dream closet.  
Coming from a townhouse with small closets, where I had to be very creative in utilizing every square inch, I knew that when we had the opportunity to build our home that a nice-sized closet with lots of storage space would be a dream come true. 


I worked with our builder to design a closet that was just off of our bathroom and measured 9’4 x 13’2!  When people looked at our floor plan, sometimes they’d point to the space for my closet and remark, “oh, another small bedroom?”  Um, no, that’s going to be my closet. 


We designed the closet to include an island with cubbies in the middle, a shoe rack, built-in dresser, adjustable hanging shelves, and shelves for purses.

image image

Adding windows would give the room some natural light.  I knew from the get-go, much to my husband’s chagrin, that I’d love to have a really cool Murray Feiss Lucia Oval Chandelier
 in the closet. 


After the carpet was installed, wood was painted, and shelves were installed, it looked like this, my closet heaven!


One of the keys to organizing my closet is editing.  I am constantly reviewing what I have and donating or giving away what I’m not wearing or doesn’t fit.  Even though post-baby, not everything fits yet (but almost:), and my “work” clothes are patiently waiting to see the light of day, I feel that displaying them in a nice way honors them and keeps them happy. 
Lightweight sweaters are hung using children’s white plastic hangers from Target.  I like folding them over the hanger versus hanging them because it keeps the shoulders from getting annoying points.   Yes, that’s my wedding dress in the back.  What do you do with that??  The Tory Burch bags are empty, I just like the pattern.



Pants are hung on wire hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond and jeans are on small felt hangers that won’t bow in the middle. 


Before the shoe rack was built, I counted my shoes to see how much space I’d need.  Then I had the top shelf taken out so I could put boots there. 


On the right side of the island, I keep my tank tops, casual long sleeve shirts, and shorts/capri pants. 


On the left, storage bins from Target hold belts, bikinis, and scarves.  The zebra ottoman is from Hobby Lobby.


The flower vase and candy jar are from Home Goods, the runner from World Market, and the clear bin holding my makeup is from The Container Store. 


The pretty make up holders are from Anthropology.   And inside the candy jar . . . Hershey Kisses Meltaway:)

image  Closet 094

Inside the dresser drawers are jewelry, undies, gym clothes, and sleepwear.  The full-length mirror to the left of the dresser is where I plop down and do my makeup each day.


I created the necklace holder behind the door using Command hooks.  Purses are stored on shelves.

Closet 017

The clothes hamper is from Crate & Barrel, and the monogrammed liner is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.

Closet 049

The light fixture we chose is from Lighting, Inc. in Houston, Texas. 


Wishing you a happy weekend! 
See more closet updates here
keep in touch! 

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. OMG, I am insanely jealous! I love your robe, though I would only have enough clothes to fill one section of it!

  2. What a clever way to hang sweaters! I never know what to do with them, hang or fold. Thanks!

    And I've said this before but I'll say it again, I'm in love with your closet and everything in it! Love your shoes and handbags!

  3. *sigh* I would be happy if you never posted anything BUT this closet… haha, just kidding.

    But, seriously, I'm in LOVE. The chandelier makes the room, but everything in there makes me happy! One day…

  4. Still drooling… your wedding dress looks alot like mine. My sis is turning hers into throw pillows but it doesn't have all the lace and beading mine does. My moms has been sealed in a box for 30 years, never to be seen. I would hate for that to happen with mine

  5. Don't think this closet wasn't a topic of conversation at the Post event tonight! 🙂 Everyone loves it!!
    Emily Hewett

  6. Yes, your closet is to die for…but, the way you have organized things is REALLY what makes it! I plan to incorporate a few of your ides into ours. Love that you hung your sweaters the way you did. It's funny, I do that to hang dry them but never thought to LEAVE them that way (hate those annoying points!). I am curious though…what are your favorite clothing stores because I am loving what I see!!

  7. Beautiful– something for me to aspire to one of these days! I love that your accessories are from budget-friendly stores. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Honestly this is my dream closet! I die for that chandelier! and you are so right, editing is key. I love how organized you are. Also love the idea for folding sweaters over the hangers, mine are folded but hard to see, so I am going to hang them now! Hope you have a great weekend! Btw my husband looked at your blog last night and was like I really like this blog, she seems like a nice down to earth girl and her son is so cute! He never comments on babies, so you know James is super cute!

  9. You already know I love your closet and find it inspiring, but thank you for sharing more information. My hubby is finally on board with talking about how to lay out our future space, so I am definitely using some of your ideas for a reference!! Also you are truly great at editing, I suck at this and need to get better!

  10. Your closet is fabulous, Megan. I think we all dream of having our own space and the only thing I would add to this is a cot!

    I got a lot of organizational ideas from you that would make getting ready in the morning so much easier and faster. Thanks for the share!


  11. Hello Megan…
    I'll be using your closet layout for a reference if I ever get the opportunity to design my own Cave!
    You certainly covered all the bases…
    the details are wonderful,
    Glad to have found you via Rhoda.
    Fabulous closet!

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  12. Love it!! I am so with you on the wedding dress- what on earth do you do with it?? I feel bad getting rid of it or selling it, but what do you do? 🙂

  13. I love your mom cave! I don't know if I commented about it before or not, but it is beautiful. I also follow Southern Hospitality's blog and saw that you're from Houston, me too. Our weather is finally getting nice. I posted on my blog how we have 1 real season – HOT – Summer! It's finally getting cooler! Have a great weekend!


  14. Your closet is just so beautiful. I can't wait to see you win one of the HomeGoods contests – you deserve it!! My wedding dress – from 14 1/2 yrs ago! – is in a preservation box on the top shelf of my closet.

  15. Coming here from Rhoda's and what a delight, just spent too much time peeping in your closet. I too have a large closet and just dream that I would have been able to design it. I want to completely re-do it so that it makes sense like yours. You have given me the inspiration girl…I'm on it (the design part anyway)!

  16. Oh so dreamy!! I can only one day hope to have a dream closet as pretty as yours. I love the idea of small windows for natural light, genius! Are the windows on the front, side or back of the house?

    Congrats on your feature post today at Rhoda's! Hope you have a fab weekend!

  17. Ok, so I'm oozing with jealousy right now! What an amazing closet! It's every girls dream to have a closet that amazing. And what a sweet husband you have for letting you girl it all up! Really awesome!

  18. dreamy. I am loving the idea of the lightweight sweaters over those hangers. Such a great idea. I have mine stacked in a drawer but would love to do that instead! happy weekend, girl!

  19. I can't even say anything else about this closet. But good for you for designing exactly what you wanted…that's the point in building your own home, right?! You didn't have to 'make do' with what previous owners created.

    Love the idea of hanging little cardis over child hangers.

    And I'm laughing a little at the last pic…picturing your tiny self climbing up on the island to get the shot! 🙂

    good talk last night friend! xo

  20. Just like everyone else, I am swooning over your closet. Absolutely gorgeous. I do have one question, though, about the windows. My daughters had a window in their closet at one time. The sun faded their clothes in just the spot where the light hit the shoulders of their dresses. Do you have a solution for that? Or does the sun not shine directly in from that direction? I'd really like to know, because I am contemplating making a small bedroom into a closet and, of course,it has a window! It faces north, so it may not be a problem?

  21. What an amazing closet. I loved the idea of hanging the light-weight sweaters on the kid hangers.

    I'm new to your site—Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality introduced me. I look forward to following your great ideas for living and decor.


  22. OMG it's goregous!!! We have a pretty big closet but we have yet to install a professional oragnizing system – in our last house we installed PAX wardrobe system from IKEA and we loved it. We're considering a different system this time around and I can't wait!!! Yours will definitely be my inspiration photo! happy weekend!

  23. I like how this is a space you actual use daily, not just an ostentatious closet. You go within, apply makeup, choose your outfit, and prepare for the day.

    My favorite aspect is the unique lighting fixtures, it's absolutely beautiful.

    I have a tiny closet but I like it this way, it forces me to edit and downsize.

  24. i think if i added up all the closets in my house, they still wouldn't it in there!! you have it so beautiful and organized. happy new follower!

  25. gorgeous… I also designed a huge closet in our new house, but I have to share with my hubby 🙁 and it isn't as gorgeous as yours by any means!

    I am a new follower – feel free to check me out 🙂

  26. Oh dear friend….just answer me this — Will you help me one day with my mom cave er…closet? Please???

    {I am soooo pathetic}


  27. Your closet is just making me swoon! I've got to show it to my hubby ~ he thought I was bonkers when I added a tabletop chandelier to my closet! :0)

    I found you thru Rhoda's blog, so please stop by and meet me sometime ~ I'm here in TX, too!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Um, can I live in your closet??!! I LOVE it!

    So jealous!

    We are about to add on a bathroom, and I'm hoping we can put in a new closet. Probably won't be quite as awesome as yours…but it's definitely inspiration!

  29. I am quite a bit older than you but TOTALLY jealous of this closet! Even though I am of a "certain age" I am in no way DOWNSIZING and I have my clothes in 4 closets right now. I obviously need to EDIT….bad! You have given me the impetus to do that and donate all the things I don't wear anymore. I love the sweater idea. Also have you heard of a product called "Downy Wrinkle Release"? It is GREAT!!! If you have something that is wrinkled you just lay it flat or hang it on a hanger and spray the wrinkles out!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! I love it! I will follow your blog now, came over from Rhoda's. Have a great weekend! XO, Pinky

  30. The chandelier is called: Lucia Oval Chandelier, if you're interested.

    To keep organized in my former small closet, I used those hangers that held 5 shirts or 5 pair of pants/skirts. I found the hangers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  31. OMG I'm in lust with your closet. This is the most amazing thing in the whole world! I love how the blueprint said "Megan's Closet" what a cool hubby!

  32. OMG Megan, this closet is a dream come true. You are a lucky woman to be able to build your dream closet. I must go to my meager closet and do a makeover. It would help a tiny bit. HA!

    I just came over from Rhoda's blog and your home is lovely too. I am happy to meet you.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  33. This closet is a dream for anyone who hoards…I mean own clothes. Id love to have a custom closet soon.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  34. Hi Megan! Oh, I'm jealous! Look at your closet! It's so marvelous! I could live in there too! You're blessed, Dear One. I've just discovered your blog through Rhoda at Southern Hospitality!
    I live in Galveston so we're almost neighbors. I've been scrolling your blog and your little James is adorable. We've just had our first grandbaby and she'll be 8 months Nov. 15th!
    Hope you'll pop in sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  35. Seriously wow! This is soooo very dreamy! I don't think I would ever leave my closet 🙂 I am so glad you stopped over to my blog, I'm loving yours, you have so many beautiful spaces, I'm your newest follower 🙂

  36. WOW! The mom cave to die for! You have done a fabulous job with the whole house but this closet to really gorgeous. I just happened to clean my closet last night. But you have given me even more inspirtaion to go back in and beautify it up!love it and you blog too.
    Debbie @ moore from the heart

  37. Found you through Centsational Girl today…I have to say, this closet is AMAZING! It looks like something a celebrity would show off in InStyle magazine. You are one lucky girl to have that much space (and such an incredible shoe collection). Your styling is impeccable!

  38. Okay, I am in love with your closet. Whenever I design my dream home… it's going to have a similar haven (aka closet). I love everything about it.

    Your idea of hanging lightweight sweaters over hangers is fantastic! I had not thought of that before, and I suffer from annoying shoulder points on my sweaters… I might have to switch them up. Do you find that they come off of the hanger wrinkly? Is there a certain way that you fold them so they fit on the hanger and stay smooth?

    p.s. that chandelier is to die for! 🙂

  39. OK, you MUST do a follow-up post titled, "How to Convince Him you Need a Mom Cave"
    Seriously, this is PERFECT!

    Good job, Momma!

    alison g.

  40. I got the chills when I looked at this! You and your contractor did an incredible job my dear!! From the shelving for the shoes and skivvies, to the rods for the perfectly hanging clothes, to your gorgeous wedding dress, this mom cave is amazing.

  41. Would you mind sharing the info on your chandelier? I love it! I would like to find out about it for my home.


  42. Amazing closet!!!! So jealous, but happy to see I am not the only one who organizes her closet by type of clothing and then color! 🙂 I'll let my husband know I am not neurotic! 🙂

    I had my wedding dress made into a Christening gown for my children, a bit pricey, but hopefully it will become a family heirloom.

  43. Um..seriously? no fair!! So jealous right now. I'm going to save this picture for my future house/closet. Haha!

  44. So amazing…my plan is when the 8 month old is big enough to move upstairs into a room with the big kids. Mom gets her closet cave…she has a decent size bedroom and I love how you planned it out….might have to use some of your ideas. I love that you arrange your clothes according to color. I do that as well but I also have to do it according to sleeve length…my kids hate when I go near their closets. lol Great job!

  45. WOWZA!!! I can't believe how awesome this is!!! That chandelier is to die for! The whole room is perfect!

  46. ARE. YOU .KIdding me?!! I have some SERIOUS closet envy right now. Is that a thing? Closet envy? 🙂 Well, it is now!

    You are one lucky lady!!!

  47. Wow! No other words come to mind, just WOW! I'm a new follower just on the off-chance you invite us to a party in your "Mom Cave."

  48. I love how organized everything is. I, too, am fortunate to have a spacious closet, albeit not as big as yours. But, it is in no way this neat and tidy. I need to edit – BADLY.

    By the way, my mom sent my dress off after my wedding (22 years ago) and had it preserved and sealed in a box. I can open the outer box and take a peek from time to time through a clear "window" in the inner box. It will be there until my own daughter decides to use it (or part of it) when she marries.

    So glad to have found you. I'll be back.

  49. It's the loveliest closet I've ever seen! I like it even more than Oprah's, which I saw on her show one day a few years ago. 🙂 Great job designing!

  50. WOW! I'm not kidding when I say I could seriously LIVE in this closet. It's bigger than the room both my boys share!

    We are *hopefully* building our new home this year and I am bookmarking this post to show to our builder. I need a "Molly" closet 😉

  51. I am using your "mom cave" as an inspiration for my new closet. I wanted to find out what the one "must have" for your closet is and the one thing you would change??? Just trying to make sure I think of everything!!!

  52. My closet is my favorite place too! It's not as big and dreamy as yours but I love it all the same. Your closet is every girls dream come true! As for your wedding dress, if you are thinking of maybe parting ways with it, there are some amazing charaties that take wedding dresses and resell them to brides with or who have had cancer and the profit goes to cancer. That is what I did with mine several years ago.

  53. Megan,

    I have been a huge fan of your blog for a while and have never found the courage to comment until today 🙂 Your closest in so inspirational and incredible and fabulous and chic and ORGANIZED in so many ways!! My closest which is about one miniscule of the size of yours is sort of organized the same way hehe by colour and items but goodness your closest is phenom, girl. One day I will have one just the same and I Will be sure to share photos with you!!

    XO Rhi

  54. Awesome! Our closet is new and I designed it…I do love it but your finishing touches like the chandelier are spectacular!
    Mary Ann

  55. I LOVE your closet!! The chandelier is beautiful!
    I'm designing a his/hers walk in now that is a little bit smaller than yours but still a good size. Do you have any resources that would be helpful with layout (ie this many pairs of jeans will fit in 24")?

  56. I'd like to make a reservation. party of 1. please let me know if there is availability. I will leave shoes as payment. CL or MB- whichever you prefer. lol.

    INSANELY GORGEOUS (and I do NOT use those words frequently)

    Did I tell you that I was born and raised Houston Texas? I think I just saw that you are in Houston. I am in Nashville, TN now, but Houston was home for the first 18 years of my life! Gotta love the shopping and restaurants! xoxo Shelli

  57. WOW! I think you are living in my dream home!! I am a new blogger and you are SO inspiring!!!MY friend Lauren Ashby from whimsylane told me about you 🙂 your home is BEAUTIFUL! oh yeah, and I am pretty sure I LOVE all your shoes…I def share your shoe fettish! 🙂

  58. This closet is SICK! Honestly, its beautiful. I'm jealous. And I am now plotting to see if i can just do away with our study and turn it into a closet! Bravo and beautiful job…

  59. I seriously don't know how I have missed your closet post all these months! It is just amazing! I so wish I had a closet of this size! I just gave away like 5 bags of clothes because I don't have a place for them all! You did a gorgeous job! Fabulous!

  60. Do you happen to know the name of your chandelier? I have looked on the Lighting, Inc. webpage but have been unable to find it. Thanks so much!

  61. Georgeous closet!!!! It's simple and so organized! I love the extra bling of the Chaney too! I'm making over mine, little by little, starting with changing out al my hangers, hope someday, it can be as good looking as yours!

  62. Wow, just stumbled upon your site via pinterest and am blown away!! You are blessed to not only have a closet this size but a home to surround it and enough clothes etc. to need it's size. Your organization is amazing! ~Kriss~

  63. This is the best walk-in closet I have ever seen! I am probably one of the biggest fans of closets Bergen and now I’ve added your closet design to my list. I love how so much can be stored. Since shopping is a hobby, I am getting squished in my room. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely incorporate these ideas in my room soon.

  64. What do you do with hooded sweatshirts and tshirts? I don't wear them often and need to figure out a solution. I am also post baby body and wondering if you have any tips on how to organize so I can figure out what fits each morning.

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