Ina Garten’s New Cookbook

In her interview with House Beautiful, Ina says that this time, she challenged herself to make even easier recipes with deep, fabulous flavor.  I’m happy to see that she also shares entertaining tips in the new book, which, according to Amazon, comes out October 26. image The Barefoot Contessa is one of the first people (besides my Grandma!) that inspired me to cook.  I love her easy-going and approachable nature and how cute she and Jeffrey (her husband) are.  When I first got married, I bought every one of Ina’s cookbooks and spent hours reading them cover to cover.  I also recorded and saved all her television shows until we moved and I lost them- I think I had somewhere around 60 saved!  I love how she always does a dessert and often features a table setting or some other element of entertaining with her real friends.  I’m nowhere near a great cook, but I’m learning and trying.  image In fact, this past weekend, I made several Ina dishes, and they came out pretty well.  I will warn you that the photos of the food are not mine!  See image credits below. Friday Night:   Chicken with Herbed Goat Cheese and Basil; Mustard Roasted Potatoes; and Garlic and Herb Tomatoes.  We eat a lot of roasted vegetables around here.  This was a fancier version of the typical grilled chicken we normally do and so easy, just put a piece of goat cheese and basil under the skin and bake.  image Saturday Morning:  Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  I love, love, love this coffee cake.  It uses sifted cake flour, which makes the batter so light and fluffy.  It’s especially wonderful in the morning with a hot cup of coffee.  Of course, it’s got enough calories for the entire day, so I don’t make it too often-  but I try not to think about that while I’m eating it:) And by the way, as I write this, there is only one piece left! image  Saturday Night:  Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.  The recipe calls for sweet sausage, but this time I used hot and it was really good.  I also halved the recipe and it was just enough for Jimmy and me.   I’ve made this at holiday dinners and everyone who likes mushrooms loves them.  We ate them with the left over potatoes. image Outrageous Brownies.   I didn’t make these this weekend, but have made them in the past and they are delish!  They are brownies with chocolate chips in them.  Yum!!  image And an honorable mention goes to Ina’s Whipped Hot Chocolate, that I used to make nightly (from scratch, on the stove), with skim or 1% milk and minus the half and half.  image Do you love Ina too?  Have a favorite recipe?  Images: Ina Cookbook:  House Beautiful Chicken: Image via “Mommy I’m Hungry” Potatoes:  Beantown Baker Tomatoes:  Food Network Mushrooms:  Handle Heat’s Flicker Photostream Brownies:  Domestifluff Hot Chocolate: Val City Girl

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  1. I have watched her show, and she is lovely. I do not own any of her cookbooks however, might be making a trip to the bookstore! Those recipes look super yummy…we loved vegetables around here (although, I am the only one who will eat mushrooms, sigh…) The coffee cake looks similar to the one I make for Christmas morning every year, it's tradition. Will have to keep an eye out for her new book.

  2. Um, can I come over for dinner sometime? 😉 I love to cook and bake, but T is super picky. He sort of took the joy out of cooking awhile ago. 🙁 Every so often, I'll do something new and he'll really love it, but it's a thin line! 😉

  3. I love Ina!! I am so excited for her new book. Being that she is from Long Island (as am I) she holds a special place in my heart. I hvae visited some of the stores that she features in her show!

  4. Omg! I love INA! She actually makes recipes that are pretty simple, but so good. I'm trying to make all of her "Back to Basics" recipes- which so far all have turned out amazing!

  5. I have to confess, I have never herd of her before but after reading the food you made this weekend I think I'm going to get to know Ina very well. The food sounds amazing.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. I love Ina! I watch her all the time. Her and Jeffrey are just the cutest!! She makes the some of the most amazing food so simple.

    I made her Roasted Winter Vegetables for dinner last night and tonight will be turning the leftovers in the Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup. They were delicious!

  7. I'm absolutely an Ina fan … As you said, she just seems like the sweetest, most approachable person, and I love that about her! Loved this post.

  8. OHMYGOSH…you are a cooking machine! You don't actually eat that stuff, you're too tee-nincy?! When are you having me over for dinner?!

    My cookbooks are more like "Pantry to Table in 10 minutes"! I 'prepare' more than I 'cook' But if I had your kitchen, who knows what I could do!

  9. I have never tired her recipes, but my kiddos and I LOVE watching her cook. Think you have inspired me to get her new book . . .especially because I heard the word "eaiser!" You must have a very happy hubby with all that cooking going on!

  10. I am in love with Ina as well…tons of downloaded recipes but sadly no cookbooks…I need to get on that!

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