Pantry Party

One of the things at the top of my “to do” list is organize my pantry.   When we moved into our home in July, I quickly unloaded the pantry boxes, but didn’t really organize the contents because there seemed to be so many other areas of the house that needed attention.  Now that we’re pretty well settled in, it’s certainly time to give the pantry some much-needed attention.  And the thing is, we have a huge pantry.  So there’s no excuse for it not to be clean, clutter-free, and well-organized.  But, I don’t want to stop there.  I want to beautify it with some pretty paint, wallpaper, or fabric, like some of my favorite bloggers have done in their homes.  I am so inspired.  ********** House of Smiths.    This is the first pantry image I saw that just made my draw drop.  Shelley painted the pantry walls, then used quatrefoil vinyl {which, by the way, she sells from her shop Wonderfully Wordy} to line her walls.  The design certainly adds a chic element to their pantry.  And the pretty jars and labels make my inner-OCD child sing with delight. image Cre8ive Designs Inc.  Stephanie used starch to apply the gorgeous damask fabric to the walls and painted a coordinating color on the opposite wall.  So feminine and pretty.  I just love her fabric and color choices.  image Decor Chick.  Emily has got to be genius.  Not only did she add totally high-quality, super-functional carousels to her pantry, she made molding and wallpapered the walls with beadboard paper.  Truly delightful.  And I love the wreath! image Amber Lane Living.  Danielle’s gorgeous yellow, grey and pink fabric was mod podged onto contact paper, then applied to the walls.  So creative!  She used scrapbook paper and decorative molding to create the look you see on the top shelf.  image  These 4 great pantries were each created in a different way {vinyl; fabric and starch; wallpaper; mod podged fabric onto contact paper}.   I’m leaning toward using the fabric and liquid starch method for my pantry.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions?  Have you done any decorative sprucing to the walls in your pantry?

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  1. I am super organized, and I'd like to think my 3 (yes 3) pantries are as well…but pretty? ummm…NO! Organized, functional, yes. If I told Hubs I was going to wallpaper the pantry to make it pretty…I seriously think he would commit me!! LOL However, I love all the pretty pantries!!

  2. Anything that is beautifully organised makes my heart go flip flop…love it..great examples too..will have to wait for the one day dream that I can build the one day dream pantry…great pics x

  3. All I've got are cupboards but they do need to be organized (esp. before the little one makes his appearance – any day now!)
    I'm inspired…thanks for getting me moving 🙂

  4. Ha! My pantry consists of of a double door cabinet (it is tall, but def NOT walk in!) My sprucing consists of Ikea containers for the essentials, Ikea wire baskets nailed to the sides to hold the 'little stuff', and cork tiles applied to the inside doors for all the crap I feel like I need to tack up.

    I'm sure your pantry has fabulous windows and a stunning pendant light. 😉

    xoxo, cass

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