Style Saturday {I heart MK}

I love, love, love Michael Kors designs.  Especially his watches and handbags.  Since recently becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve certainly been doing more admiring than acquiring.  But that’s okay, I can still appreciate the beauty!  I’m dying over the new camo handbags!   MKV0GEP_mh MKV0JND_mh MKV0JNG_mn MKV0JPP_mn MKV0JQQ_mn MKV0JRK_mh MKV0KUP_mn MKV0KUR_mh MKY0A5P_mh MKY0DX7_mh MKY0DXE_mh MKY0DXJ_mh MKY0FB0_mh MKY0FC0_mh MKY0FYB_mh MKY0FYD_mh MKY0FYE_mh MKY0H67_mh MKY02X0_mh MKY05LU_mh MKY08VA_mh MKY046K_mh *all images via Michael Kors.

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  1. I just adore MK. His things are beautiful!

    Your blog is gorgeous! I have so enjoyed peeking around at some of your older posts!


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