Getting Fit in the New Year & A Healthy/Fit Pregnancy

Along with getting organized, getting healthy and fit probably tops most of our lists in terms of things we’d like to accomplish or make improvements to in the new year.  This year, I competed in my second bikini contest and, although I also blog about home and fashion, my fitness posts were the most popular. That really surprised me- I didn’t realize how often those posts had been read until I looked back at the end of the year.  Chronicling my fitness journey here helped keep me accountable and, hopefully, also showed you what kind of results are achievable in just 12 weeks with a specific meal and exercise plan.


I started my fitness journey in April and competed in July.   You can read my weekly progress posts below and the pictures correspond to how many weeks out I was from my contest.  I felt felt like the results really started to show after about six weeks, so if you’re starting something new, stick with it! Consistency pays off!  You may not notice the difference right away, but over time (and not that long!), you WILL see, and better yet, FEEL the changes!


Getting bikini contest ready in 12 weeks, see the transformation here. You can do it!


Bikini Contest Prep – 10 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep – 9 Weeks Out 
Bikini Contest Prep – 8 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep – 7 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep – 6 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep – 5 Weeks Out 
Bikini Contest Prep – 4 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep – 3 Weeks out
Bikini Contest Prep – Last 2 Weeks

The Meal Plan I followed consisted of a combo of lean protein, carbs, and veggies on repeat day in and out for 12 weeks.  Although I ‘messed up’ and had several cheats along the way when I wasn’t supposed to, I still saw great results and I know I wouldn’t have stuck to the diet nearly as well if I wouldn’t have committed to that contest date.
Bikini Prep Meal Plan
I pre-prepped most of my meals to save time (see How to Perfectly Cook Chicken here) and it really helped that my husband ate this way the majority of the time also so I didn’t have to do double cooking.It also helps to have good workout clothes when you’re spending so much time in them.  And a good workout bra and shoes are a must!  You don’t need to run out and buy a whole new exercise wardrobe, in fact, if you invest in just a few key pieces, they will last a long time if you take care of them and wash according to directions.

Getting healthy and fit - with tips on getting in bikini ready shape by summer!
Below are some of my favorite exercise clothes and shoes. Click the arrow on the right to see them all and then click the picture to go to the site.

If you are plus size and have trouble finding quality workout clothes, look at Zella’s plus-size line. Good options!


I found out just a few days before the competition that I was 5 weeks pregnant!  I went ahead and competed, but was still in a state of shock and overjoyed with excitement.  We are beyond thrilled with the news!

Pregnancy Announcement - cutest metallic moccasins ever!
Our Pregnancy Announcement 
So very excited that our son will be getting a sibling.
Staying healthy and fit during pregnancy - 13 weeks pregnant and continuing to workout with the doctor's approval
13 Week Baby Bump Update :: shoes (similar) | sports bra | socks / phone case
Those shorts are getting really tight!
Maternity style- you don't have to look frumpy during pregnancy- 20 week baby bump
20 Week Baby Bump Update | dress | necklace | watch
Can you tell I’m just loving being pregnant?!  I was so uncomfortable and huge with my first and didn’t workout at all, so I knew if ever given the opportunity again, I’d try my hardest to do it differently. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy!
Gender reveal idea - It's a Girl with pink balloons and chalkboard sign
It’s a Girl – Our Gender Reveal | similar maternity jeans | similar top here & here | booties
Being a boy mom for so long, I suddenly feel like I have no idea what to do with a girl! I know the gender doesn’t really matter, but I’m getting very fond of the idea of having another lady around here.

Staying healthy and fit during pregnancy - 26 weeks pregnant and continuing to workout with the doctor's approval
Growing, growing! Of course I didn’t know I was 1 week pregnant at the time, but I went back and found this photo from when I was prepping for the contest.
Maternity style - dressing the bump
28 Week Baby Bump Update :: cardigan | boots | necklace | ring
Sometimes people would say, “I can barely tell you’re pregnant” until they get a better look at this belly!
Staying healthy and fit during pregnancy - 31 weeks pregnant and continuing to workout with the doctor's approval
31 Weeks Pregnant :: GAPfit top (non maternity) | ASICS shoes 


I’ve continued working out (with my doctor’s approval) and eating relatively healthy this entire pregnancy and I can tell you I’m so glad I have.  It’s made a world of difference in how I feel.  I’ve welcomed the changes to my body this time and I know I’ll be able to get back to pre-pregnancy shape in due time after the baby comes.I plan to do another bump update in about a month or so – things are starting to get uncomfortable around here and I do feel the aches and pains of gaining 28 pounds so far.  Not to mention all the bathroom breaks, heartburn, and getting winded so easily.  I realize I don’t have the stamina I’m used to!

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Here’s to a healthy YOU this year! 
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