Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I mentioned recently how our evening routines have changed lately.  I used to be so bad about burying my head in the computer as soon as my son went to bed, but now I'm shutting it down earlier and having more relaxing evenings. Said evenings often include The Voice (#teamGwen!),  Parenthood, and the occasional New Jersey, OC, and/or Beverly Hills Housewives episodes (#hangsheadinshame).  One thing I'm not embarrassed to admit is that I love to create a soothing space to do this relaxing in.  I spend a few minutes picking up toys and throwing them into baskets and then light a few candles to set the mood.  I'm a big night owl, so dimming the lights in the evening is actually helpful in getting me to bed at a decent hour. 

Since it's fall, I assembled some pumpkins, pinecones, apples, walnuts and acorns into my favorite dough bowl and added a few candles.  These little decorative ribbons tied around the candles are a sweet (if girly) touch.  

I must have Thanksgiving on the brain, because as I looked at my little candle set-up, I thought it would also make a great centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table.  It's perfect because it's low in height, so you don't have to look at your family through a tall vase of flowers.  And flickering candles are always a great addition to a nice dinner.

I clipped a few leaves from the tree in our front yard and tucked them underneath the fillings.  That simple addition made me love this centerpiece all the more.  

This centerpiece doesn't cost a penny if you use what you have on hand and will last way longer than your average vase of flowers.  


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  1. Tis centerpiece is amazing, smple and perfect also to create with kids!!!

  2. I'm the same way--I always tidy up after the kids are in bed, dim the lights and snuggle up to watch TV with my hubby. And, candles definitely help with that cozy feeling. I love the pumpkins with apples here!

    1. I need to get my son helping more with the tidying up though! :)

  3. You're right, this would be a perfect table centerpiece! It's beautiful and elegant while still being simple and easy to see around! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, it would be a beautiful centerpiece. Fabulous pictures Megan!!

    1. Thanks Lauren, shooting was interrupted by school pick-up, but then I came back to it. ;)

  5. Love this Megan!! And so glad you're enjoying your evenings more now! Xo!


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