Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dressing Your Man

Y'all know I love shopping at Nordstrom for myself and also my son, but you might not know that I also browse the men's clothing and grab things for my husband now and then.  It's nice to surprise him with a new shirt or pair of jeans, especially since he hardly ever shops for himself.  If it were up to him, he'd probably wear short and shirts with sports logos most of the time.  But, I know he appreciates looking good and having something nice to pull out of the closet when it's time to go out.  

The key to successfully shopping for your man is knowing his style and not trying to force him into something that he won't feel good in.  I know it'd be a cold day in hell before I ever get my man to wear skinny jeans (not that I've tried) or a cardigan (okay, so maybe I tried), so I don't go there.  But, he looks great in a nice pair of Hudson or Joe's jeans and a colorful button-down shirt, so I'll often choose those for him.  If the style I bought doesn't fit (or he's not a fan), it's no problem to return since Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns.  

Does your guy feel most comfortable in a t-shirt?  Then get him a few you'd like to see him in.  I love those worn-in type tees and found a cool one featuring our home state (similar here and here) and also a cozy flannel shirt (similar) for fall that go great with two of his Joe's jeans (here and here).  

I admit to being crazy for a guy's baseball tee and have no idea why.  Mine got the red and grey one below recently.  They go great with a relaxed jean (here and here) and sneakers for a clean look.

For a casual outfit that's more dressed-up, you can go with a darker wash jean (here and here) and a button-down shirt.  Sneakers can be worn with almost anything these days, but loafers feel like you're giving your outfit a bit more effort.  These navy Toms got great reviews and they come in other colors.  

For date night, a black pair of jeans (here and here) says nighttime and looks great with a button-down and nice pair of black shoes. 

Do you shop for your man?  Does he like what you pick out? 

I'm proud to partner with Nordstrom on this post.


  1. Ha, my girls tell my hubby all the time he has a "uniform". In spring summer, cargo shorts with a baylor t-shirt, in fall winter, loose fitting jeans and a baylor tee or sweatshirt! LOL We try.

  2. Jeans? I'm so jealous that you can buy your husband jeans. Mine is so picky!

  3. I love those baseball tees! Adding some to my Christmas gifts list and might even snag one for myself 😊

  4. If these are things you buy your hubby, then I think our guys would get along just fine :) I love raglans and henleys too, esp on guys! My hubby always wears tennis shoes (usually Adidas), but he has mentioned he would like a pair of Toms so I might pick out a pair for his bday which is coming up. Great post Megan!

    1. Those Toms I showed had a crazy amount of good reviews- the guys must like em!

  5. I've been trying to upgrade my husbands wardrobe for months! I will definitely use these tips, thanks. He's managed to agree with the fact that he needs new clothes, and he's agreed to no longer dressing like a boy, he wan't to feel like a classy Man- to which I am not complaining. Nothing turns a wife on more than her husband put together looking spiffy. I will show him this post and maybe he will gain more motivation to get shopping. :)


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