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Home Tour (Sis-n-Law's House)

All married folks know, when you get married, you also inherit your spouse's family.  I happen to have hit the jackpot with my husband's only sibling.  My sister-in-law ("Sista") as we affectionately call each other.  She is a one of those people who everyone immediately likes.  She's really funny, sarcastic and a terrific cook.  I'm so thankful to have such an awesome sista (especially since I only have brothers).  We visit with their family pretty often and I'm also fond of her husband, and especially their kiddos, an 11 year-old boy who is just the best, the kind of kid you want to visit with, and their sassy little girl, just 6 months younger than James.  And the newest addition, Baby V, who is just a week old! Oh, and they have three crazy dogs.  It's never a dull moment at their house and I love it.  In every home they have lived in, they have always entertained and had people over and my Sis is a natural at making people feel relaxed and right at home.  Might be the margaritas she makes!  

They moved into their current home, a new build, over a year ago and decorated it basically from scratch.  My sista and her husband are an example of a couple who decorate together, since he has a good eye and a strong opinion about how things look.  (Pretty much of the opposite of my hubby- the strong opinion part:) They are great at pulling looks together from a variety of stores and she is a DIY wiz.

I'm always admiring their home and, on a recent visit, took a few photos that they said I could share here.  I'm thrilled to share a part of their home with you.  Please let me know what you think in the comments- I know she'd love to hear your feedback on their style:) And I included links to sources where I could find them in case you are interested in some of the pieces.  Some of the links are affiliate links.

the foyer
When you first enter their home, you are greeted by a personally curated gallery wall, full of precious family photos and decorative objects.  The 'M' stands for their last name.  The deer head, owl garden stool, and large basket were found at Homegoods and the console is the Pottery Barn Tivoli Media Console Table as well as the Pottery Barn Park Hill Lanterns.  I think they did a great job of hanging everything in a way that looks sort of random, but cohesive. 

Can you tell how cute my nephew is?!  

the dining room
This dining room is where we have enjoyed many delicious holiday family meals.  More casual dinners are shared at the kitchen bar or breakfast table just off the kitchen.  In this room, they have a 6-8 person dining table and chairs from Z Gallerie (sadly, no longer available- the chairs are super comfortable).  What I love most about this room is how they used the World Market Emerson Shelves as added storage as well as a focal point for that large wall.  The Mr. styled those shelves!  Good job! 

The animal art is from Z Gallerie (pig, cow, fish)  and the antlers are real.  I'm happy to see the owl cookie jar we gave them on the shelf too:)  And those chevron curtains are so cool- West Elm Cotton Canvas Zigzag Curtain- Blue Lagoon.  The large silver fork and spoon wall decor is from Pier 1. 

Their dining room jute boucle rug - flax is currently on sale at West Elm. 

the stairway
How cool is this owl art?  It's from Z Gallerie (Nocturnal - Glass Coat). Can't believe they hung it themselves- it's super high. 

the mantel 
I mentioned my sis is really great at making things, for example the wooden sticks were picked up at Joanne's and she tied raffia around them for a decorative touch.  She also wrapped the candles with burlap and decorative tacks. Super cute!  I love how she layered the empty wooden frame against the larger leaning mirror (from Homegoods).  Makes me wish we had a mantel!

the nook
And how cute is this art display she made?!  She found a frame and greenery at Hobby Lobby and vases at CB2.  This is such a fun spot in their house- totally unexpected and really interesting.  I could see her changing out the greenery if she wants a new look too. 

the playroom
This cheerful room is an area just for the kids where they can play, draw, read or be alone.  You can see into this room from the living room, so you can still keep an eye out while being in separate rooms.  My Sis made the 'Play' and 'Read' signs with wainscot (from Lowe') and letters from Hobby Lobby.  The shelves are the ever-popular Ikea Expedit.

the baby's room
I only got to snap a single shot in the new baby's room, but I adore the direction they are going with it.  The Preppy Shark Sheet Set is on sale now at Pottery Barn Kids.  

The rest of their home is equally amazing- I especially love the layout and design of the kitchen into the living room and breakfast room.  I didn't get to photograph those areas though, maybe for a future post if you want to see more.  Let me know!

And thanks to my Sista for letting me share your home here! 


Animal Art | pigcowfish

Silver Fork and Spoon Wall Decor

Playroom shelving- Ikea

Play & Read signs - DIY project

Large basket, Owl Garden Stool, Mirror on mantel - Homegoods

Dining Table and Chairs - Z Gallerie (no longer available)


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  1. Love! I can't wait to use ideas like these in my house. Redecoration will commence next year!

  2. You did a fantastic job! I really enjoy when you feature this type of work. While I realize that you definitely choose different finishes based on sell-ability, it's really nice that you at least go way better than the standard "builder grade" stuff that's been seen. You've got my dream job- I'd love to pick finishes like this! Anyway, great job.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I loved every room! If you'd like to share more, that would be fun! Morgan

  4. Love her style!! Always inspiring to see DIY decor! Would love to see more in the future.

  5. She did a really great job. I love how she incorporated things she did herself rather than just buying everything that way. I also really love the rug in the dinning room!

  6. Beautiful home! I love how they did their nook, I have one too and I always struggle on how to decorate it

  7. Beautiful home! Love all the details. And, love that they decorate it together. I always ask my hubby for his input as well. After all, we share the home together. And, sometimes he has better ideas than mine (but don't tell him I said that ;)

  8. Love their home! So many fun details. I have the same lanterns from the first pictures and I love them! So fun seeing them elsewhere! :)

  9. They have a beautiful home. She is a talented lady! I love features like this, so I hope you show us more of their house. :)

  10. Their home looks so beautiful and inviting at the same time! I love her decorative style and the way she used little pieces to make each space complete!

  11. Love the decor esp the shelves from World Market. I was actually going to visit the store today with Marli to see if we can find some good dining chairs or counter stools. I am on a mission to finish decorating our home...after 2 years. haha :)

  12. I love their style! Such a beautiful home, it looks so inviting and comfy. I'd love to see more. :)

  13. Her home is gorgeous! I love the foyer especially!

  14. Their home is absolutely beautiful and all of the DIY is so inspiring! I especially love the kids playroom, being so colorful yet also functional. Would definitely love to see more!

  15. Beautiful home. Would love to see more (kitchen...hint, hint ;) Love the décor posts! (and paper posts, I'm a planner and office supply nerd. I just implemented your Master List that I keep stapled in my planner)

  16. Love it all!! Kudos to her husband,he does have a great eye!

  17. I love her home! Your SIL has great style!

  18. LOVE that West Elm rug! Just curious though, does it shed? Thanks!

    Laura @ Everyday Confetti

  19. Absolutely love that owl art! Really beautiful home all around and, no, I would not be disappointed if you showed some more of it.... :)

  20. I have the exact same fireplace- I bet we share the same builder. Is your sisinlaws home built by Perry Homes?


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