Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pins of the Week

Part of the reason I love Pinterest so much is because it allows me to track and organize all of my pins and then use my boards as a resource for home projects, future blog posts, and food/fashion ideas.  I most often pin to these boards:  Yummy (526 pins); Crafty (409 pins); Christmas (350 pins); Love & Fashion, Beauty, Hair (tied at 308 pins); Yes Please (282 pins); Paper and Things (180 pins); and Organization and Cleaning (126 pins).

I also love to see what y'all are repinning- this lets me know what you are most interested in and what you like.  

The Pins of the Week are:

And look what I saw last night pinned onto MARTHA STEWART'S Organization & Storage board:  

Are you still digging Pinterest?  I really don't think I'll ever tire of it, although some days I find better content than others or more things that pique my interest.  I still pin a lot from outside sources, but also repin straight from Pinterest.  It's sometimes tiresome to see things pinned repeatedly, but I understand good ideas are popular and repinned often.  I also like a good mix of just photos without graphics- let the photo speak for itself with a caption, right?.  Crazy graphics make me kinda anxious.  What do you think?
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  1. You have some great pins. I am following you now. Thanks! .....if I can only find the time to do them! lol!

  2. I love that nail polish organizer!!! And Cassie's post on Martha Stewart's board...AWESOME!

  3. I am still loving Pinterest oh so much! Especially with wedding planning and teaching resources! I love all the Pinterest idea that you have in this post!

  4. Way to go Cassie! I only get on pinterest if I am looking for something specific (teaching ideas, etc).

  5. I'm loving your lovely pins!

    I'm kind of addicted to Pinterest there's so many wonderful ideas out there.

  6. I heart Pinterest. There isn't another resource out there with such a variety of information. Those folks were genius to think of it. And yay for Cassie getting pinned onto MARTHA's board! Awesome!

  7. Those makeup organization pins are great! Maybe I should create an account with Pinterest? ;)

  8. I'm a total pin-aholic! I probably spend way too much time on there. But it's usually for very specific things like my daughters first birthday :) Those tacos look great!

  9. Love it!

  10. Awesome pins! I definitely need some of that bathroom organization!

  11. Thank you so much for including my hair tutorial! I am so addicted to pinterest lately! The best part obviously is making or doing something from there and having it work out great! Its just all the more encouraging to pin more:)

    Have a great day!



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