Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Organizing & Cleaning Tips from the I Heart Organizing Team

Thank you so much for the kind words on how James' book nook turned out!  I finally got a chance to see what everyone else came up with and I must say there are some pretty lucky kids out there with very creative mamas!  You can vote daily until June 23, 2013 and the winning blogger gets to give one of her readers a $500 gift card to Pottery Barn!  

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If you're looking for answers to some of your most asked organizing/cleaning questions head on over to I Heart Organizing to see the I Heart Team's Answers.  We tackled everything from our favorite organizing products, how we organize our kid's art supplies, our organizing/cleaning routine (including laundry, and counter clutter)!

Photo Credit // I Heart Organizing Contributors

p.s. working on the blog's technical issues today! :/

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  1. Ha! I woke up to blog issues! No header and all of my pin it buttons were photobucket ads. Lovely! Good luck with the tech issues.

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