Thursday, May 16, 2013

Living Room Before & After (Danielle Moss)

I'm a big fan of Danielle Moss (Breakfast at Toast/The Everygirl) and really appreciate how honest she is about not just the successes in her life, but the struggles too.  We all have them, trust me.  But, blogs are generally our "happy place" so let's enjoy her gorgeous apartment!  Have you seen it already??  So bright and full of personality in the little details.

In true Danielle style, I love how she shares the unglamorous "before" photos.

*all images via Breakfast at Toast

Amazing what some paint and styling can do to a room!  And I'm reminded to "enjoy the process"!


  1. Absolutely, it's ALL about the process and putting your TLC into it. I love this room!
    xo Nancy

  2. I too love her apartment! Yes, it always gets worse before better, but is so worth it!

  3. WOW that is such a huge looks amazing!

  4. Gorgeous space!!! Before and Afters are so much fun!

  5. WOW this is amazing! I love all the white, so much more bright & happy!

  6. Wow! Just WOW!


  7. Danielle's apartment is so beautiful. She did an amazing job. It's so light, bright, fresh and fun!

  8. Loved her home tour and adore her writing and perspective. So refreshing.

  9. Interior decoration plays very important part in your homes environment, it keeps you feeling happy.
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